The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 15


When Mike got home, he started to contemplate Mrs. Hamada again. Just the thought of what he could do with her made his penis verystiff, but the potential fallout was so bad he was reluctant toeven try. In his fantasies, he imagined Jennifer Hamada tied up andgagged and watching him have his way with her daughter. He neverpondered a scenario whereby he would ravish Jennifer while Jessicawatched because he knew that Jessica would in no way accept it. Butwith Jennifer, who he didn't  know nearly as well, he could projecton to her what he would want to happen. He even thought about anincest scene where Jennifer would lick her daughter's pussy for himwhile Jessica was bound and blindfolded. He turned over in his mind,too, more trifling questions such as whether Jennifer shaved herpubic hair, trimmed it or had the full 70's porno bush going on andwhat the shape of her tits might be. Were they round, teardropshaped, floppy, or what? Are her nipples inverted or prominent? Doesshe swallow? Was Mr. Hamada doing some of the things to her thatMike himself wanted to?

He could conceivably ditch school one day and go over to the Hamadaresidence, order Jennifer down to her knees and have her suck him. But then there is the conflict of two different drives. Would theguilt Jennifer could potentially feel overcome the submission shewanted from Mike? If she told her husband because of lingering innerregret that she did something sexual with Mike the whole familywould implode and Jessica would hate him forever, not to mention thepossibility, though admittedly probably not high, that Carl wouldstick a gun into Mike's mouth and pull the trigger. Or use somealternative means of fucking him up real bad.

Mike had a history of being a bit of a thrillseeker, but alwayspulled back when things seemed too dicey or his gut was telling himthat his number was just about up. The thing is, though, thatJessica was going to be there to use for sex even when he pulledback from the precipice but the only way Jennifer would be availableis if he decided to dive off the cliff and hope that he would flyand not crash land. There was no Hobson's Choice here.

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   The onlyconflict was between being happy with what you got, which was verygood indeed, and sexual greed making you want more because there isa forbidden fruit you are curious to taste.

And to complicate all that, he really didn't know what Jennifer'slimits were and that made her something of a landmine. For example,maybe she would suck him but not want to fuck him. He didn't need togive her that slap in the face that says, "this guy isn't for youand maybe he isn't for your daughter, either. " Evenwith Jessica, he really hadn't pushed things that far. He hadn'twhipped or flogged her, had her service other men, had anal sex withher, had her sleep with other women, modified her body withpiercings, branding or tattoos, or engaged in hardcore publichumiliation of her. And really, he wasn't interested in that stuffexcept for the lesbian sex thing and even that he didn't care THATmuch about. So what is a mildly kinky horndog to do?

The next day after Mike basically tried to turn Jessica into hispersonal ice cream sundae, she got her period. Mike  hung out with herfor a while, but then went home to play guitar. Monday, though,  he cameover again and when Mrs. Hamada answered the door, he told her tochange into a bikini and then bring drinks to him and Jessica. Again,something inside of Jennifer stopped her from asking where Mike got theballs to ask something like that and she meekly went to her bedroom tochange. While Mike was cuddling up with Jessica, Jennifer knocked on thedoor and then came in with cokes for both Mike and her daughter.

Mike 's eyes riveted on his girlfriend's mother's body. Not a hint ofsag and her breasts were shaped just like Jessica's.

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   Jennifer was alittle soft in the stomach area, but Mike thought it was kinda sexy. Herlegs were still long and slim with no cellulite. As Jennifer turned toleave, Jessica wondered why her mom was dressing like that all of asudden. "Jesus Jessica, your mom's gorgeous!" Mike declared. "What's upwith you and my mom?" Jessica giggled. "Just sayin'" was all Mike couldanswer her with, smiling mischievously. Jessica jokingly pushed him andlet it go at that.

By Thursday, Jessica was back to normal and she even rehearsed with theband that night. Mike had organized a gig at an American Legion hall inthe northern part of the county. the week before they would play thestreet fair His parents also told him that they were going to spend theFourth of July weekend at Lake Havasu and wouldn't be back until thefollowing Wednesday.

The parents left early the following morning and Mike was over atJessica's a few hours later . When Mrs. Hamada answered the door, Mikeordered her to allow Jessica to spend the weekend with him. Again, Jennifer got that glazed look in her eyes as Mike very assertively toldher what he wanted and she gave the permission Mike sought. "Good girl,Jennifer," he approved, a smile emerging on her face.

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   Mike then went toJessica's room and announced what was going to happen. Jessica wassurprised, to say the least,  but also elated. "Thanks mom!" shechirped. "Be good kids!" Jennifer countered. Mike and Jessica loaded acouple of guitars, her pedal board and amp head into his car and then hecame back for the cab a little while later.

When Carl got home and was informed of where Jessica would be for thenext three days, he was miffed hat he hadn't been consulted about it. "Jesus Carl, they're both going to be 18 in a couple of months andthey've been going out more than a year. He also told me that he seesher as wife material and works harder in school to impress her. So takeit easy honey. She's just growing up. It was bound to happen," JenniferHamada told Jessica's father.

The band assembled just after noon to rehearse and just fuck around. Dennis, though, broke the news that he was aiming to go to Harvard oranother Ivy League school and that his time with the group was coming toan end in a few months. This hit Mike hard because not only had he beenfriends with Dennis since fourth grade, but good bass players don'texactly grow on trees. That also made Mike reflect on the other bandmembers.

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   They probably weren't going to be holding on to Travis verylong because he was just too good a singer to get stuck in a band thatgigged infrequently without some other combo trying to pick him off fortheir own. Jessica was going to attend university locally, but how muchtime was she going to be able to give him for music? Reality sucks likethat sometimes.

After dinner, Mike pulled out the sofa bed in the game/music room and hecommanded Jessica to strip while he rid himself of his own clothes. Helocked the nipple rings back on to her and he played with the now erectmilk nubs while Jessica sucked his cock, Mike's eyes watching how hishard dick slipped in and out of her red lipsticked mouth and how his rodglistened with her saliva. "That's it fucktoy, fuckkkkkk," he gasped asJessica chased him closer and closer to release. He grabbed the back ofher head and held it down with his meat stick now lodged in her throat,enjoying the sensation of her esophagus squeezing it. "Ohhhhshiiiiiit!" he sighed, before letting Jessica gulp some more air. "Suckit harder  fucktoy, suck it!" he growled and she concentrated onbringing as much pressure and sensation to his John Thomas as she couldand his grunting and rapid breathing gave away that he was about toerupt. "Fuck yeah bitch, suck that cock! Show me how much you likehaving your mouth on that dick!" he lusted before he felt his cock spasmand gush his cum into her mouth. " Mike let out a sound that was a longhalf grunt and half sigh as the endorphins flooded his brain. Jessicaheld his cum on her tongue and waited for him to open his eyes. When hedid, she swallowed it down and smiled at him for approval. "Good girl,fucktoy," he complimented, pulling her close to him. It then crossed hismind that he wondered if Jennifer could give the kind of good head herdaughter did. "I'm glad Master's happy," she smiled.

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He rolled her over on her back and kissed her while he rubbed her clitwith his fingers, her bald cunt already luminous with her juices. Shefelt that pleasurable tension in her clit  as it became increasinglystiff under his fingers as he moved his mouth down to suck on herchocolate nipples. She moaned with every distention of her milk duct,stroking the back of his head as he harassed it with his lips andtongue. "God Master, that feels so good, ohhhhhh," she dreamily noted. He increased the speed with which his fingers were now flicking andnudging her clit and the heat was mounting inside of her, pushed harderby the feelings emanating from her nipples. He scooted down near thefoot of the sofa bed and put his mouth over her clit while he knifed twofingers into her humid slit, her juices sneaking through his lips andon to his tongue as they pulled and battered her love button before shewent over the edge, the pleasure adding more voltage to the sensitivityof her endorphin-soaked nervous system.

Mike was hard again and got on top of her and forced his cock throughher opening, Jessica's instinct telling her, "this is what you've beenwaiting for. " He began with long, slow strokes into and out of hertender love tunnel before ratcheting up the tempo, causing Jessica tomoan louder and dig her nails into his back. Suddenly, the door to theroom opened and Mike's 13 year old brother got a bigtime gander at notjust big brother pounding his dick into his girlfriend, but the entiretyof Jessica's body. "Hey you little asshole, get out of here!" Mikeangrily barked. Little bro let out an "oh shit!" and scurried downstairsto his room, where he jacked off to what he had just witnessed, hismind editing the sight down to just Jessica and her tits, face andpussy. His brain crossreferenced that with the time he peered throughthe ajar door at the pair's sex action and the total effect of thatimagery soon saw little brother spooging all over himself.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Mike laughed it off and he resumed porking her,rebuilding the temporarily interrupted friction inside of her as shetook Mike's cock as far into her as she could, her pubic muscles,trained by the benwa balls, now clamping tighter on his flesh hammerthan they ever had before, making geometrically more vivid the level ofstimulation she felt. The orgasm she had because of it was unreal, herbreathing totally erratic and irrhythmic. Mike's cock was enjoying thetighter sensation too and he was close, desperately thrusting in to herbefore uncorking another sticky load of his sperm into her.

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   Jessicahugged him tight as he fell on to her. "God Master, that was wonderful,"she whimpered. "Fucktoy's beauty is always inspirational to herMaster," he disclosed with a pleasant smile.

Saturday morning, Mike and Jessica were eating breakfast when Mike'sbrother appeared. "Hey pervert!" Mike needled. "Shut up Mike!" herejoindered. The brother's eyes then feasted on Jessica, who was in herbikini, trying to look into the cups of the top in hopes of catchingsome nipple. The brother sat down without being invited and then justasked, "so how do I find a girlfriend like you Jessica?" Jessica wastaken aback and giggled derisively. Mike intervened with a "what thefuck is wrong with you?" "I want a hot girlfriend, too, but I can 'tseem to get one," he revealed. "It's not that easy," Jessica said. "Ididn't expect that Mike had any interest in me when circumstances justkinda threw us together. But it all started with Mike asking me to joinhis band and then it  kinda snowballed from there. So maybe learn toplay and start a band and ask girls to join it?" she proposed, laughing. "Sometimes you're most likely to find a relationship when you aren't sodesperate to get into one. Girls don't really like guys who seem needythat way," she taught.

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"Look dude," Mike intensely contributed, "there aren't many girls likeJessica anywhere. Most girls are huge pains in the ass and, to behonest, aren't worth the hassle and bullshit. " Should I just look forAsian girls?" brother wondered. "Oh fuck, you really are stupid," Mikespat. "There is no such thing as a typical Asian girl," Jessicapointedly inculcated. "Almost all the so-called Asian women you're goingto run into are Americans anyway, just with Asian faces. So you shouldbe looking at any girl who fits what you're looking for and notpigeonhole yourself into being with one ethnicity. The wider you castyour net the more likely it is you will catch something worth keeping atsome point," she said. And you may be better off going with the girlswho aren't typically considered hot anyway. Nobody talked to me at allfrom when I was 12 until I was 16 because I was in a wheelchair. So I'mmore appreciative, I think, of Mike's love for me than some of the richbitches you see around here who hop from guy to guy, depending on howmuch they'll spend on her. "

"The other thing you're faced with is that girls your age, becauseyou're not grown up yet, change with the wind, which makes keeping arelationship together almost impossible. You might be able to saveyourself a lot of heartache and aggravation by just waiting a while. Besides, if you're kind of aloof and willful, girls find that moreattractive than guys who desperately hit on anything with a vagina,"Jessica highlighted. "Just like yourself first, have some content, andthen find someone who will add something to your life rather than makingher the be all and end all.

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"And listen dude, I keep telling you, chicks don't like game geeks. You're better off spending your time learning to play guitar thangaming. No girl has ever thrown her panties at a gamer unless they have awhole number with six or seven zeroes attached to it in their bankaccount and you know how many of those there are? Almost none. If Ididn't  play guitar  I never would have met Jessica here. And shewouldn't have met me if she didn't play, either. Is this getting throughto your stupid ass brain?" "What Ma. . . er, Mike is trying to say is thatlife is short. Use it productively. " A smirk broke out on Mike's facebecause Jessica just missed calling him, "Master" in front of hisbrother. "If you want an easier route to playing in a band learn bass. Agood bass player, and I mean a good one, not somebody who just wants toplay root notes all night, is never short of good gigs, especially ifthey can sing. You won't get as much ass as the guitarist and singer do,but you'll get more than the drummer, hahahahaha. "

"So how long have you guys been having sex?" the brother abruptlyinterrogated.

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   "That's not only none of your business, but I will make itso that you will never be able to have sex if you don't get the fuckout of here," Mike said. "Little fucking bastard," Mike muttered as thebrother departed. The brother went back up to his room and jacked offagain while thinking of fucking Jessica, the scenario being Jessicapersonally teaching him about sex.

Mike and Jessica hung out in the hot tub for a while and then they movedto the pool. She sat on the steps with Mike behind her. Mike untied herbikini top and she felt the cool water caressing her boobs and erectnipples, making her moan. Mike reached up under the floating top tofondle her tits. "This so peaceful and relaxing," she thought toherself. Mike's index fingers flicked and stroked those stiff nippleswhile he kept a lookout to ensure that the neighbors or his littlebrother weren't  looking at them. Not that he actually cared aboutpeople watching them, just somebody freaking out and turning a littlebit of sexy fun into a legal matter. "God, I hate prudes," Mike thoughtto himself. Jessica insinuated her hand under Mike's swim trunks andbegan massaging his penis. The mass of the water made it hard for her togenerate any real speed to get him off, instead making him settle for agradual rub while her soft globes floated and bobbed. They were both ina kind of dream state, swaddled by the water as they reclinedwordlessly.

Mike turned her around and picked her up so that her chest was in hisface and he sucked on her right nipple, tasting the chlorinated waterdripping off of it, and then stuck his mouth into her cleavage, kissing,sucking and licking it before his mouth moved on to her left nipple.


  Jessica giggled and moaned as she hugged his head to steady herselfagainst him before he dropped her onto his lap and passionately kissedher. They moved to the poolside lounge chairs. "Fucktoy will remove herbikini," he intoned. Jessica, trusting him, did so, her body now open tothe sun and the eyes of anyone with the right vantage point, whereuponhe immediately picked her up and carried her inside while she nervouslygiggled up a storm. As she sat there without a stitch on, Mike doled outsome ice cream in the kitchen while they continued talking to eachother. His brother came downstairs again and Jessica, who had her eyesdiverted toward the kitchen, didn't notice until the brother wasbasically on top of her. When Jessica saw him, she screamed, and triedto cover herself, the brother now with a big shit eating grin on hisface. "Hey Mike, I'm going to Sean's. See ya," he shouted, quicklymaking his exit before Mike had a chance to kick his ass. "Sorry aboutthat babe, I totally forgot he was in the house. " "Boy, he really got aneyeful!" Jessica giggled. "I hope he doesn't tell your parents," sheworried. "If he does I will bury him," Mike jokingly claimed in a reallybad Russian accent.

They finished off the ice cream and then Mike carried Jessica backupstairs. It was almost time for the rest of the band to come over andrehearse, so Mike told her she could dress in the same outfit she had onat the beach, a blouse and jean shorts, only she would be allowed tohave underwear.


   Mike contemplated letting them see Jessica's tits for aminute, but decided it would be a distraction, thus the permission forher to have a bra on. They had a long practice session, four hours,playing their entire list of Maiden songs, and then agreed to comebackand do it again Sunday.

When the other band members left, Mike and Jessica got on to the subjectof his brother and how to ween him off of video games. "How aboutgetting him a nice guitar to practice on and if he doesn't  practice asmuch as he should, you take it away and it's yours?" Jessica proposed. "Yeah, I  thought of that, too, but what if he doesn't take care of itand all I end up with is an unplayable instrument?" 'Yeah, I can seethat," Jessica confessed. "Had he ever been to any of your gigs beforewe met?" "No. He just wasn't interested. And I doubt suggesting he seeour next show when pretty much everybody there will have a peniswouldn't be much of an incentive. " "Buy him a hooker?" Mike laughed. "Okay, maybe not," he answered to his own idea. "Is he still playingbaseball/" Jessica asked. "Yeah, but that's one of those deals where myparents made him play to keep him busy. and get him out of the house sohe wouldn't become an obese teen. " "Did they do that with you, too?""No. They thought playing music was good for my mental development andthere was even a possibility I could make a living at it if I reallyapplied myself.

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   When I was just playing all the time, that pretty muchkept them from making me do sports. " "That was a good decision, wasn'tit?" Jessica laughed. "Yeah, I'd say that worked out pretty damn sweet,"Mike chuckled. "Just  think if they made you be a sports guy. I mightstill be a loner. " "I don't know, ip. You're such a good player somebodywould have invited you into another situation. Look at all the offersyou've gotten from your You Tube videos. " "Yeah, maybe. Just because youget an offer doesn't mean it will be a good fit, though. " "Yeah, that'strue. " Mike conceded. "For now, I guess all we can hope for is that hegrows out of it," Jessica remarked. "Yeah," Mike echoed.

"You know baby, I could try giving him a talk about  girls," Jessicasaid.

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   "Didn't we already do that today?" Mike questioned. "Only a littlebit, " Jessica responded. "If you think it would help," Mike approved. 'I don't know how much it would help, but at least he would have moreinformation than he did before," Jessica posited.

Shortly thereafter, Mike's brother came home for dinner. "Hey, I wantto  talk to you," Jessica informed him. "Uh, is it about seeing younaked this morning?" Jessica laughed and said, "no. I want to teach you afew things about girls. " "Sweet!" little bro enthused. "Now when youtry  to pick up a girl, what do you say to her?" "Uhhhhh. . . . " "Forexample, if you were going to hit on me, what would you say?" "I don' tknow. I'd probably tell you you're beautiful or something like that.

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  ""So you expect that by telling me you like the way I look I am magicallyjust supposed to be so stoked that I immediately toss all my clothes tothe floor and ask you to get into bed with me?" "Uhhhhh. . . . " "Theyou're beautiful thing any half decent looking girl has heard about 80billion times the past week. It shows no imagination and no effort. Youhave to do better than that. Your default shouldn't be kissing ass. Wehate that. It exhibits an utter lack of confidence. And you know whatthe sexiest thing about a guy is? Not the size of his dick, not the wayhe looks, but how confident he is. And that is confident without beingan arrogant asshole about it. When it becomes arrogance that screams,"insecure!"

"Uh, okay," Mike's brother answered. "Now invite me to your house to dosomething. " "You want to come to my house and play video games with me?"Mike's brother tried.

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   "Fail. Total, utter fail. No girl will ever go toyour house to play video games. Aside from the fact that gaming istotally not girl friendly, we don't get off on mowing down zombies orsome shit like that. Now if you played guitar and told her to come overbecause you wanted to play a song for her, and provided that you weren'ta creep, most girls would totally go for that, but only if you're good. Girls like to see competence. Even better, she's a  musician too andyou guys can play together. You have no idea how much I love playingwith Mike. When I watch him peeling off complex licks and then he getsoff on me doing the same it feels like there is mutual admiration goingon and I get validated beyond just having tits and a pussy. Do you getmy point?" "Yeah. So what should I say?"

"Okay, the first thing you do is just have the balls to go for what youwant. If you like a girl, just ask her out! Don't sit there in class dayafter day staring at her because after a while it gets creepy. If sheturns you down then it is easier to move on instead of everydaywondering, 'does she like me or doesn't she?' And don't put all of youreggs in one basket. That means, you seek to work all the girls whointerest you, not place all your bets on one. This does two things:first, we all compete with each other, so it makes us jealous; secondly,when you are seen with more women it makes women around them curious asto what this guy's got that has him showing up with so many girls.

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   Yousee what I'm driving at?"

"Mike just totally went for it when he had a chance. That is why we aretogether today. He had the balls to put his pride on the line and that'swhy we're together now. "

"Then you have to have a rap. For example, instead of climbing all overher and telling her how beautiful or nice or blah blah blah she is, justsay, 'you seem like you'd be interesting to have dinner with nextFriday. . ' That way, you've given her a soft compliment that doesn'tspeak to her having tits and a pussy, it doesn't sound needy and itseems to validate her qualities as a human being. Plus you just askedher out. Oh, and that is the other thing: you never ask a woman what shewants to do, you tell her what you're going to do. We like leadershipin a man. That  is something I like about Mike. He takes a leadershiprole, but yet knows when to ask for my input and then he makes the finaldecision. Mike has never asked me what I wanted for dinner. It'salways, 'here we are. Let's eat!' That's totally  hot.

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   Of course, longbeforehand, we discussed what kind of food we liked just as general getto know you conversation and that is the kind of preparation you use tothen make decisions with later on. "

"Wow son, you been schooled," Mike interjected ebonically. "No shit,"Mike's brother reacted. Jessica continued, "so think about it, becreative and have some guts. That is how you'll get girls. And don'ttake any girl's shit, either. If she creates a scene in public, she isgone right then and you have to be brutal about it. Because here is whatwill happen: she will cry to her girlfriends that you booted her assafter she got mad. That is a dog whistle to every other woman out there that this is a man who don't take shit. And we like that. Otherwise, ifyou put up with it, you will look like the amazing two inch dicked man. But that doesn't  mean you fly off the handle. Be cool, be collected,be the adult in the relationship. Again, we want the guy to lead. Do youunderstand sweety?" "Yeah," little bro nodded.

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"So here's some homework. Tomorrow morning, you hit on me and try to askme out. I will then tell you if your rap will get you a date or if youroverture is a fail. " "Okay. " "One other thing: read! Good  literaturewill expand your thinking and your vocabulary and you wouldn't be sodamned tongue tied. " "Good luck with that, ip. Like the Chris Rock line,a book is his kryptonite,. " Mike laughed. Jessica also cracked up atthat. "Sweety, think about what I told you and then apply it. I thinkyour girlfriend problem will be over in pretty short order. " "Okay,"Mike's little brother said, feeling back on his heels.

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