The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 25


Once Carl left, Jessica and Jennifer took their clothes off to wait forMike. Jessica buckled Jennifer's training collar on her neck and alsoinserted the butt plug into her mother's anus as well as the benwa ballsinto her pussy and locked the nipple rings on to her milk ducts. Within15 minutes, Jennifer's nipples were thumping and her cunt was drenchedin her natural lube and she wanted to masturbate. Jessica, though,forbade it because only Mike could approve that. Jessica then orderedthat her mother practice her deep throat technique with the toothbrush.

When Mike arrived at the Hamada residence, he ordered his two chargesinto Jennifer's bedroom. Jessica reported that Jennifer had finishedwith her deep throating and benwa ball workouts. "Excellent worksupervising trainee, fucktoy," Mike complimented.

Mike unzipped his bag of goodies and pulled out four red leather cuffsand put them on Jennifer. Then he had Jennifer sit with her back to theheadboard and told her to spread her legs. Mike pulled out several smalllengths of rope and fastened Jennifer's right wrist to one bedpost andand then her left to the other. With Jessica's help, Mike attachedJennifer's right leg to the cuff on her right wrist and then her leftleg to her left wrist. This left Jennifer splayed wide open hanging onthe bedpost with her pussy evident front and center. Jennifer'sheartbeat accelerated. Mike then extracted from his bag somethingwrapped in plastic. It was a strap on dildo harness.

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   "Would fucktoy liketo fuck her mother? he asked her. Jessica had some doubts about themorality of ramming her mom with a gel phallus attached to some leatherpanties, but since she wanted to help her mom become the best sub forher husband as she could, she assented to Mike's demand and began to putthe strap on harness on. "Hold on, fucktoy," Mike interdicted. Mikepulled a vibrating egg out of his bag and popped it into her lovechannel and then allowed Jessica to finish pulling the harness on. Mikeattached the vibrating nipple clamps to Jennifer's pulsating milk dudsand then turned the vibrators for the clamps and the butt plug on athalf strength.

Jennifer remained there silently pinioned to the headboard while thevibrators hummed inside of her ass and on her nipples. Jessica scootedup to her mother on her knees and rose up slightly to line the head ofthe artificial cock up with Jennifer's pink taco and gradually pushed itin, all eight inches of it, Jennifer feeling it right in front of hercervix. "Does that feel good to trainee?" Jessica inquired. "YesMistress," Jennifer responded breathily. Jessica put her hands onJennifer's hips for leverage and then began to pump the dildo in and outof her mom's twat. "Oh God Mistress," Jennifer started before her voicetrailed off as she got the first injection of that endorphin that makesa sub feel as if she is being drugged. Jessica looked into her mom'seyes and saw them glazing over while the friction built inside of herbit by bit, her nipples aching and her vaginal walls instinctivelygripping the man made dick Jessica was pounding into her. Jennifer wasbeing packed up and mailed to sub space by the restraints and Jessica'sthrusting of the dildo into her. After turning the vibrators up to full,Mike stripped and was stroking his cock as he observed themother-daughter pair engaging in the kind of play most would findshocking to, in large part, make him happy and also because they had ayen for being conquered. Jennifer was panting and gasping, her bodyfeeling hot and flushed, fully open and vulnerable.

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   If Mike wanted tobring in the local junior college football team to screw Jennifer therewas nothing keeping him from doing so. She was at his mercy and her mindand body was loving it as her daughter continued her assault on hermother's virtue.

In her own pussy, Jessica felt the egg rattling her vaginal walls and itwas a bit of a struggle to concentrate on bringing it to her mom whileher clit was at full extension and hot, making her moan even as her hipspushed and pulled the dildo into and out of Jennifer.

Jennifer, her eyes closed now, felt so warm and cozy in her thoughtlessparadise, the surrender swaddling her like she was an infant in herfuzzy pajamas. That tranquility was suddenly broken by convulsions frombelow and losing control of her breathing, then a feeling her entirebody was going numb at once and a sudden burst of intense sensationrising out of that, hurtling Jennifer further into pleasurableseclusion. "Good job fucktoy, your mom is really out of it. Keepdrilling her until I tell you to stop. " "Yes Master," Jessica obeyed,her own clit resonating with the vibrations of the egg and letting outoccasional gasps.

Jessica looked into the lovely calm of her mother's countenance as shekept on spiking her pussy with the dildo. Jessica was looking foranything that might be reflective of her own submission, wanting toshare with the one who brought her into this world the ecstasy she knewto cement their bond ever tighter. Five minutes after her first orgasm,Jennifer's body was shuddering as her daughter enthusiastically porkedher and help her attain a form of nirvana as the orgasm ruffledseemingly every nerve ending in her body.

While all  this was occurring, Mike continued to tease his stiff organwith his fingers and it was becoming more and more sensitive as timepassed while his eyes consumed the sight before him. Finally, hecouldn't stand it anymore and jumped on the bed and walked over to justone side of Jessica, turned her mother's head toward his turgid tool andsplattered her face with his semen. It was a measure of just how far inthe ether Jennifer was that she didn't even flinch as his man goolittered her pretty cheeks, mouth, forehead and nose. Mike then jumpedoff the bed so that Jessica could keep her invasion of her parent goingand two minutes hence, Mrs.

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   Hamada shook and bucked her pussy onJessica's cock as another orgasm surged through her being. "Okayfucktoy, you may cease your fucking of your mother," Mike announced.

Jessica and Mike leisurely eyed the state that Jennifer was now in,Mike's cum dripping off of her face and on to her breasts. One dropletwas substantial enough that it left a trail all the way down to hernavel, where it pooled inside of it. Mike carefully unshackled her andher butt settled heavily on to the bed. Jennifer reclined there as ifshe was a stuffed toy, completely oblivious to reality, and her brainclutching at the endorphins as if they were handfuls of gold.

Jessica wiped her mother's face off with some tissues and removed thevibrating nipple clamps from her. Jessica then began to suckle onJennifer's erect nipples, trying to maintain to a lesser degree thestupor her mother was currently in. Jessica aimed to inspire Jennifer towant to visit the head space she was now in as much as possible so thatshe would faithfully service her father and magnify the intimacy oftheir marriage. Jessica also now had enough mental room to allow thesensations from the egg nestled inside of her to become more telling inher consciousness and everytime she pulled her mouth off of Jennifer'snipples to get some air, it usually came with some panting and moans. Five minutes later, Mike delighted in the vision of his fucktoy cumming,emitting puffs of air with intermittent sighs as the orgasm wasdisseminated through her. Jessica held on tight to her mother and hermother automatically embraced her daughter, their naked bodies warmingone another further.  

Mike turned Jessica's vibrator off and he went to the bathroom while thetwo family members expressed their affection for each other. He wentinto Jessica's bedroom and played one of her guitars acoustically for afew minutes so that Jennifer and Jessica could enjoy their reverieundisturbed. Jessica had to admit to herself that she liked the feel ofher mother's exposed skin against hers and her softness, not to mentionhow good she smelled.

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   A half hour passed and Mrs. Hamada began to comeout of it. "Hi Jessica honey. I love you," Jennifer languidly declared,drawing her daughter closer to her bosom. "I love you, too, mom,"Jessica rejoindered. Jennifer started stroking her daughter's hair andlooked into her face with heavy lidded eyes. Mike noted how happy theyboth appeared. Jennifer peered up at Mike. "Come here Mike honey,"Jennifer wanted. Mike slid in to one side of the pair and he took themin his arms and they hugged each other tight. Jennifer kissed Mike verybriefly. "I love you Mike," Jennifer averred. "I love you, too,Jennifer," Mike reciprocated. "Do you love me enough to want to babysitthe kids that Jessica and I are going to have in a few years?" Mikejoked. "Honey," Jennifer said, "you better have some children for me tobabysit!" They all laughed.

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   "You would look so cute pregnant, Jessica,"Mike estimated. "You will be such a great dad," Jessica asserted.

"Jessica, your future husband's cock is hard. You might want to takecare of that," Jessica pointed out. "Okay mom," Jessica retorted,feigning exasperation with what she just said. Jessica fell on her backand then turned her body so that her righthand could stroke Mike'sinflated dick. Jennifer reached past Mike to the nightstand, where theflavored massage oil was left. "Here Jessica, use this," the elder womanencouraged. Jessica took the bottle from her mom and poured some of iton Mike's John Thomas. Jessica then enclosed his prong in her palm andfingers and glided it up and down his weapon. "How does that feel,Mike?" Jennifer interrogated. "Amazing," he blurted. "Taste the oil,Jessica. I think you'll  like it," Jennifer urged. Jessica scooted on toMike's left leg so that she could place her mouth over his love gun.

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  Her tongue, as it slathered his dangling digit, responded to the tasteof strawberries while her nose picked up the scent of same. "Mmm, I willnever look at a strawberry with a straight face again," Jessica smiledwickedly. They all laughed as Mike  watched her mouth sucking his shaftand her nails tantalizing his balls. Jennifer slid her arm under Mike'shead and cradled it, turning his head toward her for  a couple ofextended kisses.

That made Mike's heart beat like a baseball bat on a trash can lid andintensified his horniness. Jessica's mouth went all the way down hisshaft and the cockhead transgressed her throat while her mother watched. "Wow Jessica, how do you get your little mouth over the length of thatfat cock?" Jennifer wondered. Jessica pulled off of Mike's dick. "Practice mom and a desire to please my Master," Jessica informed her. "One day, you'll be doing that for Carl," Mike moaned. Mike was closenow and Jessica was frenetically bobbing her head on his spear,eventually milking his load out of his balls. She  showed that load inher mouth to both her mom and Mike and swallowed it with a giggle. "Thanks babe, That was a killer bj. " Jessica crawled on to him andkissed him deeply before she did the same with her mom.

"Jennifer, tomorrow we're going to test your asshole to see if you'reready for anal sex yet.

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   Your daughter will do the honors there. Irecommend, by the way, that you look into buying condoms so when you dostart allowing Carl to use that hole he can do it in a sanitary way andnot risk any infections. " "Yes Master. Thank you Master," Jenniferacknowledged. "You're welcome trainee. Fucktoy will check her mother toensure that there isn't any bleeding or any other injuries to her anusthat have been done by the plug inside of her. " "Yes Master," Jessicaagreed. "Fucktoy will remove the plug before Carl leaves work  today. . ""Yes Master," Jessica obeyed.

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