The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 30


Mike pulled out of Jessica and Jessica withdrew her strap on fromJennifer. "Fucktoy will take off the strap on," Mike ordered. She did soand handed it to him and he put it aside so it could be cleaned later. Carl went to his wife's side and shook her lightly to reactivate herconsciousness. "How do you feel Jen?" Carl asked. "My butt is sore," shewanly described," "but otherwise I feel very relaxed. " "That's greathon," Carl said. Carl began to eye his nude 18 year old daughter. He hadgotten his hard on back watching Mike ravish her. "Come here Jessica,"he said, going to the side of the bed she was on. "Give me a hug and akiss," he requested. She hugged him enthusiastically and he gave her along kiss," causing her to look at him quizzically. "Hey kitten, pleasedon't hate me if I ask you this, but since you've slept with your motherand you're so beautiful, how about you give daddy some lovin' too?"

Jessica looked down at his thick cock and her pussy began to gushmoisture even as Mike's cum continued to drip out of her. "If it'salright with Master daddy then yes. But daddy, you're going to have towash your thing first. " "You're the king of this castle Mr.

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   Hamada andMaster will still love fucktoy until the end of time even if she has sexwith her father. At least she's keeping it in the family and I'm kindof responsible for this happening anyway. But Mr. Hamada and Jessica,how do you feel about me doing Jennifer?" "I kind of owe ya one Mike forimproving her bedroom performance and making her more submissive to me,so go for it. " "Jessica, how do you feel about that? I'll support yourdecision either way. " "Mike, you helped bring me closer to my mom and Iwould like to thank you for that, so go ahead and be with her. You'restill my future husband to me. " "So I guess we're all good then, huh?"Mike guessed. Everybody laughed at the understatement.  

The truth was that Carl had been fantasizing about fucking his daughtersince she was 14, when her boobs really grew, going from A cups to Ccups and adding another cup size over the succeeding year. However, hevowed he would never touch her and screw her life up, even if hesometimes thought about Jessica while having sex with his wife . But nowthat his daughter was an adult and more than capable of makingindependent decisions, then it was game on.

Carl went to the bathroom and lathered his main vain up withanti-bacterial soap, scrubbed it, and then rinsed it off. Mike stoodwith Jennifer, holding her hand as they saw Carl sliding into bed withJessica. He climbed on top of her and looked into her slit eyes whilestroking her cheek.

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   He surveyed the shape of her mouth and then her faceas a whole and was awestruck by what a gorgeous combination it meldedinto. He raised his head to get a gander at her heaving chest and themouth watering chocolate colored nipples she possessed. "Jessica, I loveyou so much. I will always be proud of you and it is a dream come truefor your daddy to do this with you," Carl bubbled. Jessica reached upand pulled him down to her and hugged him with all the strength her 87pound body could amass and he slipped his stout arms under her andwrapped her naked form in them. "Daddy, I love you, too. I hope thiswill be only the first time you make love to me. You're my hero. " Carl'scock twitched at her giving him permission to have sex with her in thefuture, too. "But daddy, I don 't do anal! Ewww!"

"Don't worry honey, as long as your daddy can have these moments withyou occasionally he will be a very happy man. " "Okay daddy. Now fuckme!" Jessica chirped with a wicked grin. Carl pulled her into him andkissed her deeply, feeling  her exposed body against his, how soft itwas, how she smelled, how her kiss tasted and how she communicated heraffection for him with them. His right hand ran through her hair, lovinghow fine it felt around his paws and forearms. She tilted her head sohe could nibble and kiss her neck, though her collar got in the way, herhands tousling his short, businessman's haircut.

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   The hand that had beenplaying with her hair drifted down to obtain a sense of the softnessand shape of her d-cups, his fingers pulling, rubbing and slightlypinching them, intensifying her excitement. His head soon followed andhis mouth set up a perimeter around her right nipple and sucked and bitit before forcing his tongue against the stiff duct. Jessica held hishead while he did this,  her moans music to his ears.

Now his hand was descending down her body to her vulva, groping for herclit. She widened the position of her legs so that his fingers wouldhave enough room to operate without chafing her inner thighs. He flickedthe hood of her miniature love stick back and forth. "Oh goddddddaddy,  keep doing that," she begged. The overhead light in the bedroommade her appear more nubile than she was, heightening the cute factor. The suction on her nipples and his abuse of her clit were having theirdesired effect and she was sighing contentedly. Carl wanted to eat thatsucculent pussy of hers, but lapping up the remnants of Mike's cumwasn't his idea of good eatin'.

Jessica, though, was definitely primed to be pumped. Carl stationedhimself between her legs and lined his hefty cockhead up at her openingand pushed it in to her. "Oh fuck daddy, God, your cock is thick," hervoice tightening. "You okay kitten?' Carl worried. "Just slide it inslow daddy," she pleaded.

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   He very gradually opened the entire length ofher vaginal vault with his flesh pipe and she could really feel thepressure of her sugar walls against his manhood. "Oh my God, my pussyfeels so stuffed!" she remarked. "Take it easy on me daddy," sheadvocated. He began to withdraw and then thrust it back in at an easypace. "Oh yes, that is feeling a lot better now," she reported andtreated her father to more of her moans. She raised her legs on his hipsand was enthralled by the vividness of the jolts of pleasure that werebeing dispatched to her brain.

Ohhhhhhhhh yessss daddy," she whimpered. "You're liking that now/" "OhGod yes daddy. Fuck me like you do mom!" "Okay you asked for it," Carlwarned her and was gaining momentum with his hip flexion, amping up thespeed with which his wide cock transgressed her state line and now herbreathing was more arbitrary and the depth of it just as variable. "Ohyes daddy, fuck me! Oh God oh God, your cock feels so good!" She dug hernails hard into his back and he was bumping her against the headboardwith each spearing of her humid, sloppy slot, provoking a long agonized,choked moan and then she screamed with each wave of pleasure that wasdisseminated through her while he aimed to gratify the pent up desire hehad for her. "Oh God daddy, oh fuck, your cock feels so amazing, ohJesus," she verbally peppered. "Don't stop daddy, God, I want more ofthis," she beseeched. "I want more of you, too, kitten," Mr. Hamadagrunted as his penis was being used as a piledriver and stopped meremillimeters short of her cervix. Her eyes rolled up into her head againas the pleasure built steadily.

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   "Harder, fuck me harder!" Jessica crieddesperately and then went right over the falls, flailing her bodyunderneath him to deal with the amount of sensation that overwhelmedher. Carl's breathing was more guttural now and Jessica's ear sresounded with the vociferous "OHHHHH FUCCCKKKK!" and then he Gatlinggunned the entrance to her womb. When he pulled out, his cock brought alot of cum with it and there was a lumpy pool of it underneath Jessica'sass.

"God daddy, that was sooo good!" Carl gathered Jessica in his arms andheld her. "Hey Mike, can you do me a favor? We want to spend a littlefamily time together right now. So if you could give us a littlewhile. . . . " "No prob. See you tomorrow Jessica," Mike said, turning tohead toward the door. "Woah, hold it Mike. I didn't mean go home. Gointo Jessica's room and play guitar for a while or something. We justwant to have a moment here.

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   She'll be with you again in a few. " "OkayMr. Hamada. " "Hey Jen, kill t he light and join us. "

The three Hamadas spent the next 20 minutes laying in bed and huggingand kissing each other. Jessica's cunt was actually smarting a littledue to the thickness of her dad's weapon, a sensation she hasn't feltsince Mike claimed her virginity. When Jessica rejoined Mike, Jenniferwas right behind her and gave him a big hug and a long, sensuous kiss. "I love you Mike," Jennifer said. The she did the same to Jessica andbid both of them goodnight. "Thanks for letting me do that, Master"Jessica complimented. "Fucktoy will continue to serve her parents aswell as me," Mike intoned. "Yes Master. "