The Early Afternoon Fuck Session


Part I+: The Reveal

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Part III: Gill and Abe's Adventures, Pt. III  (for now)

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The next morning, Abe was trying to figure out what to do as he stayed at his friend, Gill’s apartment.   He had spent the whole night having sex with Louisa at the recreational center in a secret bath house part of the shower room, and had thoroughly enjoyed himself.   He had even gone shirtless while going undetected from his newfound girlfriend.   But in the daytime, the transman’s breasts rise back to a  C-cup, as he binds his breasts again, after taking the binder off last night to sleep in his bed.  

Gill asks, “Abe, so you were telling me about your past.   But if you also had vaginal intercourse with several men and thoroughly enjoyed it, why do you refuse intercourse with men entirely now?  So, are you straight now?” 

Abe replies, “Because I want to be seen as a man.   I don’t want to be dominated.   I actually prefer to rub my clitoris beneath my prosthetic dick and balls strapped over my crotch and between my legs, because I want to be a young boy.   I want to be a straight young male, who possesses some gay thoughts.   As that okay with you?”

Gill replies hesitantly, “That’s perfectly okay with me.   As long as we’re best buds, I’m cool.

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    I like having you as a friend. ” 

Abe replies, “Thanks. ” 

Gill replies, “But is the relationship with Louisa going to hold up?  I mean, if you used to be with several men and women before, then there would be no way that you can just date exclusively women and/or transguys now, right?” 

Abe replies, “Well, yes, Louisa is great!  And I actually prefer women and some transguys.     And no, maybe I’m not straight, per se, but I prefer making love with people who have vaginas.   I like to rub mine, and I really do want to put a vibrator in my pussy to make myself cum, but I must remember…I’m a man now, and I must resist the temptation.   So, as corny as it seems, I pull out playboy magazines of nude girls to masturbate to. “

Abe replies, “Whoa.   That's entirely too much information for me. ” 

Later that morning, Louisa calls Abe.  

Louisa says, “Abe!  How’s the morning treating you, hun?  Last night was fun, right?  We should meet up sometime today.   How’s the gym working for you?” 

Gill shakes his head, and writes down another idea.

Abe replies, “How about I meet at your house first?”

Louisa says, “Great!  Then, we’ll both go to the gym together as well!”

Abe replies, “That’s cool.   We can do that later.   Can I bring Gill, too?”

Louisa frowns and says, “Why do you want to bring Gill?  Charlotta’s not coming to the gym with us, because she has a photoshoot to do today.   If anything weird goes on between you and him, then I’m ending the relationship.

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Abe frets, “Well, I just need a friend to talk to in the car!  He’s like my adopted bro!”


Louisa replies smilingly, “Alright, I was just kidding.   You can bring your friend.   I’ll try to get Charlotta to come today, but she might have to go as Otto in order to not get gawked at. ”


Abe replies, “So does this mean you have to go in as Nathan?”


Louisa replies, “No silly!  I blend in like the normal people.   Unless…if you want me to. ”


Abe replies, “I think I’m intrigued by that. ”


Louisa repies coolly, “Okay. I’ll go wear some androgynous clothing and bring my Nathan ID. ”


Abe replies lovingly, “Alright.   You can go in as either gender. ”


Louisa laughs and replies, “Hahahaha.   I love being a runty boy, and going in the men’s room. ”


Abe laughs and enjoys himself.  


Meanwhile Louisa continues, “But first, you should stop by my house, where you can meet me and Otto. ”


Meanwhile, Abe eats his cereal, and asks his friend, Gill about Otto.

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Abe asks, “So Gill, how are things with Otto?  You guys had a pleasant night the other day. ”


Gill says, “Everything’s all good.   I texted her. . . . I mean him, and we had a fun conversation.   How’s your binder?  Is it riding up on you?”


Abe replies, “Yes!  My binder is stifling my breathing a bit, but I’m okay with it.   It’s hard to hide my chest area, but I want to present myself as a lovely young boy.   At least you don’t have to do what I have to do, which is to conceal my chest. ”


Gill laughs.   He replies, “Well, at least you’re enjoying yourself.   We’re going to meet them at a club later today, so don’t do anything too stupid.   Just don’t smile at the other men in the gym or clubs, and just be normal. ”


Abe replies, “Okay.

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    I won’t try to be girly.   But I like being all sissy, and femmy.   But you’re right.   In order for me to be a boy, I must act like one.   Ugh.   Breast binding is difficult, I wish we didn’t have to go to the gym today. ”


Gill replies, “Well, we don’t have to do, if that’s not what you want to do.   You’re the boss.    Does Louisa know about your biological gender?”


Abe replies, “No, she doesn’t, and I don’t plan on telling her until the time is right.   I want to be seen and treated like a man, and all that could end if I get discovered!”


 Gill replies, “Well Abe, you don’t have anything to worry about.   Louisa sounds like a great gal.   She’ll love you no matter what, even though you are a transman.   And you’re like a cool, younger brother to me. ”

Abe replies graciously, “Aww, thanks. ”

 Abe leaves his apartment and goes to Louisa/Nathan’s house.

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    As Abe leaves, he’s wearing a white shirt while wearing a binder concealing his breasts underneath, with dark blue men’s jeans, and a dark blue, sweater vest to go along with his sneakers.  


Outwardly, he presents as a normal, young male with blonde hair and a dark brown goatee, with a smooth chest, as the only hint of him not being seen as a male would be in the eyeliner and slight makeup he forgot to take off around his eyes, which gives him a more feminine, but an androgynously, goth appearance.


For a while, he felt a bit of a strange attraction towards Gill.   But he decidedly felt more of an inclination to hold back his impulse and show more interest in girls, ftm crossdressers, and or pre-op transguys.    He decided against it at the last minute, as his mind prevails over the wants of his body, but Abe is starting to really regret it, as he wishes to have his crotch sucked, and is wanting to masturbate himself in the groin area.



At Louisa’s house, Louisa greets Abe, as she has her hair down, dressed in a tight black skirt and a tanktop revealing her rather large boobs.   Meanwhile, Otto is in the other room, pre-occupied with how he should dress and which gender he should appear as, all the while not knowing Abe is in the house.


Abe greets Louisa, as he says, “Wow, Louisa!  You look absolutely stunning.   I love your outfit, as you look great as always.   And how did you hide your rack yesterday?”


Louisa laughs, and replies, “Tips I got from an online site, and I have done drag shows.   I’m quite convincing as a man, aren’t I?”


Abe smiles and says, “Yes, you were, and your friend Otto looks a lot like your roommate, Charlotta. “


Louisa gives Abe an awkward look as she retorts, “Abe, I think you know that my roommate is right in the living room.   Anyways, where’s your sister, Lizzie?”


Abe gives Louisa a funny look and says, “Well…. I don’t know where she is, but I can speak for her, because I would know she’d be absolutely thrilled to be with you. ”


Louisa replies, “Aww, that’s sweet of her.

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    Meanwhile, you’re the hunkiest, sexiest young man I have ever laid eyes upon. ”


She tugs at Abe’s belt that lays atop of his jeans, while Ott enters the room.   Otto enters the room with short blonde hair in the form of a crew cut, while displaying a dark brown goatee and is shirtless in the living room, as he fully shows his large chest, with nipple rings attached to his tits.


Otto tells Louisa, “Honey, I have the urge to suck my own penis and masturbate myself repeatedly.

  But at the same time, I want to make love to you.   What should I do?”


Louisa looks at Otto and says, “Otto, you are quite possibly the gayest, straight man I’ve ever seen.   Why do you always strut your chest around the house?  But I must admit, that, you are a sexy, studly beast of a man, with the nicest ass ever.   And please, make love to me. ”


Louisa kisses Otto in the mouth, and grabs his prosthetic penis packer that lays inside his pants.


Meanwhile, Abe stares at Otto, and says, “Otto…. I have a question.   Are you, or are you not Charlotta?”


Otto replies, “Well, right now, I’m Otto.   Is that good enough for you?”


Abe replies, “Well, I like you no matter what gender you say you are. ”


Abe and Otto kiss, while Louisa kisses the both of them.   Both Abe and Otto are wearing their STP, penis packers beneath their sweatpants, while Louisa has now taken off her bra and top off, along with her skirt, showing her naked breasts and is only wearing a ladies’ underwear.

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Abe unzips his pants, and grabs Louisa’s ass, while Otto kisses Louisa in the mouth.   Meanwhile, Abe pulls his cock out and fucks Louisa in her vagina doggystyle, as Otto gets his cock out of his pants to hump Louisa while laying down.


Louisa gets humped by the two men, as she screams, “Yes, men!  Put your semen inside me!!!!!!  I want your babies!!!!!!!”


Meanwhile, Abe is thrusting his hips as he goes inside Louisa powerfully each time he thrusts, as waves of ecstasy and sensation go over the both of them each time.   Meanwhile, Otto is laying down and is thrusting his hips and butt, as he fucks Louisa powerfully and swiftly with each stroke he makes.


Later, Louisa says, “I love it when you fuck me this hard, Otto!   You, too Abe!”


Afterwards, Louisa sucks the two gentlemen off, as Otto and Abe cum into Louisa’s mouth, with Louisa loving every second of it.   While Otto is cumming on Louisa shirtless, Abe still has his tightly pressed sweater vest on, as he breathes loudly while spraying cum upon Louisa.


Louisa replies, “I love you, gentlemen!!!!!!!   Please cum on me harder, Abe!  I know you’re a real boy!”


Abe struggles to do so, but refuses to take his shirt off, as he denies himself the temptation to do so.


Afterwards, Abe and Otto masturbate themselves in the groin area, as they jerk their STP penis packers with one hand, while rubbing their moist vaginas beneath the strapon in the next hand, while Louisa dildoes herself.


All three relieve themselves, as Louisa cums in a falsetto voice.


She says, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I’m with two of the best men ever!!!!!”


 Meanwhile, Abe and Otto try to masturbate in masculine voices, with both struggle to do so, as they both end up orgasming like gay men.


Otto yells, “Omg!!!!!  This is sooo…. awesome!  Hold me, Abe!”


Later on, Abe zips up his pants, and lays atop Otto to kiss him, while Louisa kisses Abe’s back.   Then the two men, Abe and Otto both kiss Louisa, where the session is topped off.


At the end, they all wear their normal clothes, as Abe starts to leave to go back to Gill’s house.  


Louisa replies, “Abe, you’re the best boyfriend I’ve ever had.

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    Otto, you’re my favorite second boyfriend.   Great fuck session, guys. ”


Both Abe and Otto say thanks, as Otto goes back to his room, and Abe waves his friends good-bye.   Abe walks away, realizing that the early afternoon fuck was about as fun as last night’s.


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