A careless one night stand in France

True Story

My sister studied in France for 2 years and when she was there I visited her several times. In one occasion I followed her in a party. It was in a huge house that although they were about 100 people it looked empty.
She was enjoying herself but I was bored. I was 17 at the time and all the guests where much older than me and they all spoke French. Nothing exciting was happening, relaxing background music was playing, the people were gathered in circles and they were talking all the time. Three hours later some people started to leave and I was hoping that we would the same because I was bored to death. My sister didn’t want to leave and was annoyed when I insisted. Eventually she introduced me to a friend of her to keep me company.
His name was Chris; he was 37, half German and half American. He took me away from the crowd and we sat in a kitchen by ourselves, drinking wine. We had drunk a bottle and a half when he became bolder and made his move. He kissed me in the mouth and grubbed my breasts, pushed my dress up, removed my knickers and without fear he went down on me. I was very relaxed and I loved, it was the first time someone had done oral sex to me.
After a while we began looking for a more private room. The house was huge and Chris was pulling me from one room to another.

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   We stopped in a big room on the upper floor. I remember that it had two big dirty couches, it was dark and we couldn’t hear the music any more.
Chris hugged me and started kissing me only this time we were standing. I had left my knickers at the kitchen, I took my clothes off and Chris took off his trousers and his pants. He placed pillows on the floor and I dropped in all fours. Immediately he got inside me and begun riding hard. It was intense fucking, he was going in all the way and I heard and felt his balls banging against my pussy but he didn’t last long and finished inside me before I had the chance to come.
We got up and got dressed without saying much. All I could think was that I had unprotected sex with a man I just met. Who knows if he had a disease and I could get pregnant. I found to bathroom and cleaned myself the best I could. By the time I was ready my sister was looking for me and left, I don’t know if Chris had left before or after us.
Nothing bad came from that night. Sometimes I ask my sister if she has news from Chris. I can see that she wonders why Chris left such a big impression on me but she never asks me directly.

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   And I have to confess I kind like teasing her with this.