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True Story

This is my first story, hopefully you guys like it. I have been told I look like JFK Jr,
Megan is a brunette, 5'6" beautiful as hell. She has an amazing rack, her breast
size is a 36 DD, and an ass to die for. She can be a girl you can find
in a magazine.
It was Sunday morning and Megan called,
“What are you up too today”.
“Just resting today, because I am starting a night shift tonight”, I said.
“OK, I will let you go so you can rest and sleep, talk to you later” Megan said .
“ Sounds good, have a great Sunday, bye”. I said
With that we hung up the phone and I went about the my day and got ready for work.
started work around 7:00pm that night, not think about the short call
this morning, work was boring, pretty much hurry up and wait for my
co-workers to catch up.
Around 10:30 pm I get a text from Megan,
“What are you up too”
“Not much, just being bored at work, what are you up too” I responded.
“ Just soaking in the tub”
“ Sounds nice, I wish I was there to see you soaking in the tub. ”
“Well, you are working, and can’t leave early”
“ Don’t remind me, but I will have that picture of you soaking in the tub in my mind all night”
“Ha Ha, well have fun with that on”
“ I will, I have over active imagination”
“Really, what would you do first if you were here”
“Well first, I will undress and enter the bath tub behind you, and start to massage your shoulders and neck”
“That’s sounds good, I can feel your hands on my shoulders right now, mmm”
“ Then I would work my hands down towards your chest, massaging as I go”
“That sounds really good”
“Then, I would massage your breasts softly, and end at
your nipples with a slight pinch”
“Your making me all hot and bothered”
“ Where is your free hand at”
“ Kneading my left breast, and pinching my nipple, wishing it was your hand”
“You like your nipples pinched hard”
“Yes I do”
I was thinking to myself, this is the first time we ever talked like this before.
“Nice to know that, can you feel me pinching your nipple harder”
“Yes I can and I love it, harder”
“I am pinching both your nipples harder know”
“Yes, yes”
“ My right hand starts to wonder down towards your navel, I feel you shaking in anticipation”
“Oh god”
“Where is your hand at”
“Between my legs, I am so wet”
“Really, how wet”
“soaking wet”
At this point I have a massive hard on, it is hard to cover it up. I text Megan back
“Are you playing with yourself”
“What are you thinking about”

“what about”
“your hand were my hand is at”
“I would love for my hand to be there”
“I can feel your strong hands between my legs”
“ Can you feel my finger, slip inside of you”
“feel it move in and out of “
“ I pull my finger out and slip in a second”
“ know my left hand is pinching your left nipple”
“oh god, oh god”
“then I nibble your neck”
I could sense that Megan was close to an orgasm.
“ I reach my left hand down to your clit and start to lightly rub it”
“ I rub it as a little faster”
“ I’m going to cum”
“ I insert a third finger, feel my fingers inside of you”
A few minutes go by and no response from Megan.

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I text her back
“are you ok”
few more minutes pass and nothing. I said to myself , she must of
cummed and enjoying it. Some time had passed since she responded to me.
All this time I was moving some heavy equipment around and was happy I
didn’t have to stand up. There was no way I could have hide my boner,
11:30pm rolls around and I asked my boss if I can leave early, seeing
we were almost done with what we had to do. He said “sure thing”. With
that, I left in a hurry.
During my drive home I was thinking of going over to Megan’s house to see how she was doing.
I knock on Megan’s door, she answered the door in a bath robe. She was surprised to see me this late.
“Are you suppose to be working” she asked me
“Yes, I got sent home early” I answered
“ Want to come in” she said in a excited voice
“want anything to drink”
“a beer sounds good”
She hands me a beer and I follow Megan to the living room. We sit down on the sofa and I ask her
“How you doing”
“Tired and excited”
“why are you excited”
“it’s a secret”
is going on“ I am wondering to myself, I feel a little nervous, but
excited in a way. We get to talking about different things, how work is
going and stuff like that. Then out of the blue
" have you ever been tied up in bed"
"No, I have not, why do you ask"
Megan gets this devilish look in her eyes and a wicked smile comes across her face
She stands up and faces me, she unties her robe, and lets it fall to the ground. She is wearing a Flyaway baby doll.

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“God, your looking hot”
“thanks, I bought today, you like it”
“hell yes”
walks over to me and straddles my lap and kisses me. You break the kiss
and start to pull my shirt off. I raise up my arms to make it easier to
take my shirt of. I try to take your baby doll, you slap my hands away.
“ Keep your hands to yourself”
“ If I don’t, what happens”
“ I will tie your hands behind your back”
“I am in charge“
"I start my hands from you waist and raise u them up to take off your baby doll again to finally see your breasts naked"
You slap my hands again,
“You don’t listen to well”
“ not when my little head is doing the thinking”
You get off of me and stand up, offering me a hand to stand up. I am standing in front of you.
“take your pants off”
I undo my belt and pants and take my pants off leaving my boxers on.
“Nice Charlie Brown boxers”
“follow me”
I follow you to your bedroom, as we enter your room’
“on your back”
jump on your bed and position myself in the middle of the bed, the you
quickly jump on me. We start to kiss some more, I can feel you reaching
under your pillows. You stop kissing me and stand up and proceed to
take of your panties, after taking off your panties you walk towards my
shoulders and look down at me. You start to lower yourself towards my
head and say
“eat me”
“would love too”
With that you sit on my
face, will I was giving her oral she grad my left hand raised it up
towards the head board she tie my hand to it and she did the same to
the right hand. When she finished tying me up, Megan began to rock back
an forth on my tongue. I felt her clit in my mouth and I started to
suck on it, which made her moan loudly.
Megan rode my face to an
orgasm. She got up and laid down next to me.

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   When she caught her breath
she started to kiss my body with light little kisses.
“that feel’s so good. ” I said
“ you like that”
“Oh yes”
She stopped kissing my body and she came up to my face and kissed me.
again she reach under her pillow and grab a blindfold. Megan blindfold
me, I cannot see a thing. I feel her on me and she starts to lick
around my nipples, then I feel her tongue run towards my boxers. Then
Megan reaches under my boxers,
“what do I have here”
“my love stick”
"I am going to enjoying this”
“so am I”
takes my penis out of my boxers, and engulf my penis head. My eyes roll
into the back of my head. While she is giving me a blow job she moves
her legs over me to get into the 69 position. We stayed like that for a
little while. Then she jumps off of me,
“I need you inside me”
just like that she is riding me like there was no tomorrow. Megan was
fucking me hard and fast. The bed was squeaking, and her moans grew
loader as her orgasm came closer.
“are you close” Megan asked
“yes I am”
“ oh god” I said
I start to thrust my hips in tune with Megan’s and with a few thrust of my hips
She screams out “ I am cumming”
“me too” I shout out
Megan keeps riding me through her orgasm, after a little bit she collapse on me.
are both breathing heavily.

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   She laid on top of me until I fell out of
her. Megan laid on my chest until we fell asleep. I was awaken by Megan
sucking on my penis. My vision was blocked by a blindfold. I felt a
second pair of lips on my inner thigh. The second pair of lips moves up
on inner thigh,.