How I caught my wife cheating ,Chapter 1 Before we met

True Story

I don’t know where to begin, I am Chuck a 53 year old married man with a bit of a belly I am 5’9” and weigh 245 lbs. at least 10 years ago the hair on the top of my head parted company never to be seen again. My wife Kim is 47 years old a little over weight but I never noticed she is 5’4” and weighs about 210 lbs. Her measurements are 44-30-46 her hair color is the flavor of the week and moderately short and usually spiky. We have been married for about 19 years I thought they were good years even though we had some hard times I never stopped loving my wife. Don’t let me make you think everything was rosé we had our moments but sometimes making up makes fighting worth it.

Let me start at the beginning I met Kim while I was working in a Physical Therapy office in the city of Chicago. I had been working there for about 3 years prior and had established myself as a person who could handle about any situation that I was placed into. The front office was staffed by three young girls 18-20 years old; the clinical staff was made up of four very pretty therapists one who was the office manager and I. When I started here I promised myself that I would do the best that I could and advance through the ranks in to a management position. So I buried myself into my work this started the entire adventure. I drew the late shift since I was the last hired so many nights I would escort the girl that worked the front desk to her car. The harder I worked and focused on work and not the people I worked with the more attractive I became to these women.

It was a hot August night when Jenney who was 18 the youngest of the front desk girls, she was no empty headed kid, she had graduated high school two years early and was taking pre-med classes in the mornings , kept making trips from her work station the treatment area soon after the others left. I thought it was my tired mind playing tricks on me but each time she came back her dress was getting shorter. By the time we were ready to close the hem of her dress was almost to the point you could see her black lace panties.

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  She had the legs that could pull off a short dress like that. I was developing a hard on that was getting harder and harder to conceal and forget about concentrating on work as she crossed the room. After the last client left and I was putting equipment away Jenny came walking back to find out what I was doing. She was rubbing her neck and shoulder so I asked her what happened and she said she pulled a muscle lifting files and if there were any thing I could do the help her out.

I told her to hop up on the treatment table in the booth while I finished putting things away, she stated that she locked the door after the last client left and turned off the lobby lights. When I came into the booth Jenny was face down on the table with a towel across her slender buttocks all her clothes were neatly folded across the chair. When I came into the booth she must have sensed my shock as to her state of dress or lack of. She quickly stated that laying on the tables make her sweat and she did not want to get her silk dress wet. Once I got past the initial surprise I got to work massaging out the knots in her shoulder and neck. Within a few minutes she was cooing and AH-ing with each stroke. Her breathing was becoming more rapid and deeper she asked me to work onto her lower back , so I gradually moved from her shoulder to her mid-back adding warm massage lotion as I started working on her lower back. With each stroke along her spine she would begin to rock her pelvis, grinding her hips into the table. As I worked on her lower pack the towel shifted reviling she had also removed her panties allowing me an unobstructed view of her well muscled buttocks. Her response to my massage was having an effect on me as well; I could feel my cock straining against my boxers and a wet spot forming at the tip from pre-cum. I was just hoping that my dress pants would not start to form a wet spot as well.

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  I readjusted the towel to properly cover her and with that I heard jenny let out a frustrated sigh. I moved to her feet applied a few drops of lotion to my hands and began to work the bottoms of her feet and toes with each stroke she would giggle and wiggle because she was ticklish. As I moved from her feet to her calves I noticed the towel had shifted again but this time I was afforded a clear view of her glistening pussy clean shaven.

When I looked up I saw jenny looking down at me starring at her pussy she just smiled and winked at me. What was a minute of terror thinking I was caught unprofessionally peeping changed to excited erotic sensation. To this point I didn’t know if what was happening was a 34 year old male imagination or reality. As I gradually work my ministrations up first the left leg then the right Jenny would take a deep breaths followed by low moans. She moved her legs further apart making it impossible not to see that her juices were flowing and that her lips of her labia were parted and the delicate pink opening was exposed. I slowly reached her mid thigh when she said “higher”. I continued working my way up to the crease of her buttocks she arched her back and repeated “Higher”.

I began to stroke her upper inner thigh and ever so gently brushed her Labia Minora with the back of my hand, and with that she pushed down against my hand with her pussy. I turned my hand over and allowed my middle finger to probe inside Jennies opening. Jenny instinctively raised her hips up into the air and as she did the towel fell away. I removed my finger and inserted my thumb allowing me to follow the slit of her cunt slightly further up to the hooded head of her clit. With each thrust of my thumb into her pussy I rubbed her clit until it was engorged and fully exposed.

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  Then I drove my thumb deep into her and held it there as I gently stroked her clit bringing her to a convulsive organism.

She crumpled to her side with her pussy still clamped down on my thumb. Her breathing was still heavy panting as I ever so softly caressed her cheek with my free hand. Her eyes remained closed as though she were dreaming. I slowly brought my hand down her neck until it came to rest on her small but firm breast. I placed her erect nipple under the center of my palm as I gradually applied pressure and rubbing her breast in small circles. The stimulation of her breast caused involuntary contractions of her pussy on my thumb. This action started her second wave of shuddering organisms. She clamped her knees together trapping and holding my hand still with my thumb buried within her. Jenny ran her hands through her hair on either side of her head until the organism started to subside. I softly kissed first her right knee then her left I slowly kissed the inner side of her knee progressing up her thigh until I was able to slip my thumb out of her pussy and spread her leg wide fully exposing her pussy sopping wet with her own lubricating fluids as I bent to place a soft kiss to the lips of her pussy she reached down and pulled my face deep into her cunt. I repeatedly dipped my tongue as deep as I could possibly penetrate her as I lapped up her sweat nectar. Then without warning she grasped her knees and curled up as if she were doing a sit up. I was shocked as I was sprayed with a clear fluid from deep within her pussy getting my shirt soaked as she had her third and strongest organism yet.

Jenny was just weeping and sobbing I am thinking that things had just gone too far.

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   Jenny removed her hands from her face to revel not tears of pain or sadness but joy and happiness. By this time my erection is so hard that it hurts to stand straight up. Jenny with a smile on her face as though she just swallowed the canary drops to her knees in front of me pushing my buttocks against the table. She opened my belt and she deafly unbuttons and lowered my fly, dropping my pants to my knees with one clean motion my boxers are at my knees and jenny was licking my nuts. I can feel the head of my cock begin to pulse and bob on its own in sync with Jennies actions. She begins to suck the length the length of my 7 inch cock until she reaches the mushroom head of my penis only after a few tongue lashings of the head; I began to shoot a large jet of cum onto her face. Jenny takes her finger and scraped the cum, from her face and sucks it off her finger, then proceeds to clean out any remaining in my penis. I was embarrassed because I only lasted a few minutes after she started licking the head of my penis. Jenny said not to think twice about that, she has known all evening that she was getting to me, that’s why she kept rolling the waist of her skirt higher and higher all night.

Jenny proceeds to take my now limp dick and suck it into her mouth. With each stroke my dick starts to come back to life. Finally she is able to get me hard again she pushes me back onto the table and lay flat on my back she proceeds to straddle me and is about to impale herself on my erect dick, when I come to my senses and stop her telling her I can’t I don’t have a condom she smiles and reaches under her clothes and pulls out several colored ones. I started to reach for one when she says” NO it’s my turn”, she removed the condom from its wrapper and places into her mouth. I am wondering what the hell is she doing, she then places her mouth over the head of my penis and slides down over it unrolling the condom as she deep throats my penis. Jennie resumes her cow girl position slowly lowering herself on my penis.

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   Once I got past the opening of her vagina I began to feel pressure against the head of my penis and obvious discomfort on jennies face I ask her if everything was ok when she tells me she has never gone this far before with a guy. She said that she lost her virginity to a brush handle while masturbating. She gets this determined look on her face and allows her body to just settle onto my penis as she pushes through what is left of her hymen. Once buried to the hilt jenny starts to slowly rock forward and back reacting with pain with each stroke. After about five to ten minutes the pain diminished and it was replaced with a tingling sensation building to a final organism together. After holding each other for about a half hour we gathered our clothes and made our selves presentable I walked Jenny to her car and saw her off while I walked to my car.

The next day I entered the office and Jenny and Carmen were deep into conversation I said hello and get smiles and knowing glances from the Carmen all day. I didn’t ask jenny not to say anything to the others I just assumed her silence now I have to worry if Barb the manager finds out I will get fired. But this starts the next chapter.

Let me know what you think be gentle it’s my first attempt.