When I Was Young

True Story

I Will not put the age that this happened but I will say that my chest was only a 34B cup at the time. I now have very natural 40EE so that will tell you that I blossomed at an early age. I was staying with my Aunt Maggie (as she was called, and that is her real name) on the other side of the state for the Summer. I had brought a nice 2 piece bathing suit with me and expected to have a great Summer since there were two lakes near my Aunt's house. Her and Uncle Eugene were nice relatives and so I did not mind going to stay while my parents did some things that they had to do. I had been masturbating a lot since my breasts had began to get bigger than most all the other girls my age. One or two came over to play sometimes and they all wanted to feel mine and that always made me wet even though, for a while I did not know all the whys of it, I just knew it felt good to have them sucked on too.

Well, there was a nice breeze coming in the window of the bedroom I had on the second floor and I was just out of the shower and had dried off and sat on the bed, then my hands began to roam and soon my fingers were teasing my breasts and pussy. I was slowly building up to what I had found out was an orgasm and was just laying back with my eyes closed when my Aunt's voice came into my wonderful world. "Oh my, sorry Brenda, I will come back later. " she had said and the door closed again and I was afraid that I was in trouble. I dressed and went downstairs and was very nervous having been caught playing with myself and I did not know what was to happen. Was my life over or worse?

I went to the kitchen where Aunt Maggie was fixing salads and tea for us and that was why she had come to ask if I was hungry. "Oh, there you are, are you feeling better now?" she asked me. "Well, I was just worried, about, well, about. .

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  . " I stammered. "about getting caught playing Hun?" she said. "Well, yes. " I said. "Oh Hun, don't worry, just between us girls, okay?" she said smiling. The relief I felt was amazing and I sat down the eat. She put some creamy ranch dressing on her salad and was really enjoying it a lot and finally she said, "This dressing reminds me of your Uncle Eugene. " she said smiling again. "Why is that?" I asked her. "Well, again, just between us girls, it is like his cum dear. " she said watching me. I turned red and heat went all over my body. "Wow, really" I said and she let some slip out of her mouth just a little on her lips, "Yes, it does not taste the same but it feels like it. " then she licked it from her lips.

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   I just sat there with my eyes wide and mouth hanging open. "Hun you need to close that mouth before someone puts something in it. " she said and I closed it.

We ate the rest of the salad and I sipped my tea and we just sat there while she did some reading. Finally she said, "Let's go for a swim. " and I said "Okay" and started to my room to get my suit. She said to meet her at the car in a few seconds and we were gone for the rest of the day. I put on my suit and a shirt over it and brought a towel sandals and lotion so I would not burn since this was my first time out for the Summer. She was waiting in the car when I got there and I got in and we drove off. We went past several parks that had swimming areas and I asked where we were going "Oh, I have a nice private place I go a lot. Not too many people come there. We were out in the sticks when a road came up on the right. There was a gate and we went to it and a person asked for who we were. Aunt Maggie gave the voice her name and mine and I was a guest. We drove on to a place that was surrounded by trees and the lake was beautiful.

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   There was a grassy place at the edge and we spread a blanket out there. Aunt Maggie still had on a sun dress and sandals and so I guessed she was going to change somewhere but she sat next to me after I took off my t shirt, "You are really a lovely girl" she said and was close to me, more thananyone normally was. The buttons on her sundress were opening as she undid them and I saw the view between her breasts and she had no bra on. The dress came open and she was totally naked now with the dress laying next to her. I never wear a suit" she said, "Do you mind?" "No, I guess not. " I said looking at her lovely body. Even though she is my aunt at the time she was still in her early 30s and had a nice shape.

She looked at me, "So ou going to get naked too" she said and I shook my head yes. She reached over and undid my top and it fell the the grass and then I slipped my bottom off but had to lay down to do it and when I lifted my hips to pull the off she helped me. "I am so sorry that I interrupted you this morning. " she said leaning over me so that I could not sit up without making contact with her. I laid there, "That is okay. " I said and had a feeling that something really special was going to happen. "Do you want to finish now?" she said and I looked at her, "Well, yeah, I suppose so. " I said but my hands were already on my nipples and one was going towards my pussy.

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   "Good, I will watch out so no one interrupts this time. " she said and I closed my eyes and began pinching my nipples and my fingers found my clit and I was moving my hips so that they had the best feeling I could get. All at once I knew that she was closer and opened my eyes. She looked at me and her mouth went to my nipples and sucked them making me sigh loud, "Oh yes, that is so good. " I said. Her hand was on mine and so her fingers slipped around in my juices and then my hand moved to let her hand take over. Her fingers slipped around and then one slipped inside my pussy making it hurt some. Her mouth came off my nipple and then looking me in the eyes her mouth covered mine and her tongue was inside tickling my tongue. Now she was fingering my pussy and going from my mouth to my nipples with her mouth and soon I felt an orgasm building up and my hips were bucking against her hand driving her finger deeper. I exploded and soaked her hand and she moaned and rolled over on me and was on top of me feeding me her tits.

She was moving on top of me and then I felt something that was out of place between my legs and she smiled, "I brought a toy dear, I hope you don't mind. " she said and I looked down and she had a strap on dildo on and it was really big. Before I said anything she had her mouth on mine and she got on top of me and her hips were between my legs now and the fake cock was between my legs. She rubbed against my clit with it making me have another orgasm and then as I was finishing it she slipped it between my pussy lips and about and inch or so inside me. "Ready for Aunt Maggie dear?" she said.

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   "Yes" was all I could get out and then she began slipping in and out slowly and deeper each time. Soon it was stretching me out and hurt but felt great at the same time. She stopped when I was close to an orgasm and I opened my eyes, "What?" I said and she said, "What do you want Aunt Maggie to do Brenda?" she said and I looked at her, "Fuck me please. " I blurted out and she pulled to dildo out till only the head was inside then she rammed it deep into me and did it again and again. I had one orgasm after another and she kept fucking me harder and harder.

Finally she rolled over and took off the dildo, "Now thank Aunt Maggie for the fuck dear. " she said and pulled my face to her tits and I began sucking them and she said, "Harder. " and I was sucking them until purple marks appeared on them. "Now eat me. " she said and moved my face between her legs. She was shaved short and them my mouth found her huge clit and the lips that were so full of passion and swelled. She told me what to do as I fingered first one then my hand inside her and made her have several orgasms. After a couple hours we laid there in each other's arms almost sleeping. "Well, looks like you two are happy. " a voice said and Uncle Eugene was walking towards us.

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   I forgot that we were naked and then he took off his pants and shirt and underwear and his cock was standing straight up. Aunt Maggie said she was hungry and sucked it down her throat as I watched and was amazed that suck a huge cock was disappear ring into her throat. I was inches from it watching Aunt Maggie suck him. Then her tensed and she pushed it all the way in and he filled her throat with his cum and she pulled some out so that there was cum in her mouth too. She let some drip out on her lips and kissed me. She had some in her mouth and now it was in mine and I swallowed it and licked my lips. "Told ya" she said, "Just like the dressing. " and we laughed.

"Time for you to really have that pussy taken care of. " Aunt Maggie said and she laid me down and Uncle Eugene laid next to me and kissed me deep. Hands were all over me pinching my nipples and slipping into my pussy. Uncle Eugene was now on top of me between my legs and his cock was slipping around bet wen my legs. "Hun, take care of that will ya?" he said and Aunt Maggie took his cock and slipped it into the lips of my pussy. I felt the heat and then he began doing just like Aunt Maggie had done with the dildo and soon I was stuffed with a real cock that was bigger than the dildo. Uncle Eugene was on me and he was being kissed my Aunt Maggie and she was kissing me too when she found a place.

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   My pussy got tight and I felt it go crazy and sprayed an orgasm all over and Aunt Maggie was licking my legs and his. After I had that orgasm Uncle Eugen got tense and he drove deep into my pussy and I felt it swell and filled my with his cum. It made me cum again and now we all three just laid there worn out. Eugene slipped out and laid on his back and Maggie said, "Come her Hun, never leave a man all slippery, clean him up after he had given you a good fucking. " and so I began licking the cum from his cock and balls. He caressed my head and soon the cock came back to life and I slipped the head into my mouth. It filled it up but I really wanted more so I kept trying to get it deeper and then it it the gag place and I pulled out some. "That is okay" Uncle Eugene said, "I can fix that problem. " and Aunt Maggie came next to me, "Go ahead Hun, suck it some more and take it deeper slowly each time. "

I was getting about half of it in and Uncle Eugene told us he was getting close and so I was getting ready to take all his cum in my mouth and just as he began Aunt Maggie pushed my face down on his cock and it went all the way in past my gag reflex and into my throat. He was cumming like crazy and I was trying to get air. I never had any on my mouth and so after he finished I gasped for air. "Soon you will learn to do that like a pro" Maggie laughed then they both began kissing and sucking and probing all over my body. Again Uncle Eugene was fucking me and Aunt Maggie was sucking and kissing all over us. Again he filled my pussy with his cum and I laid there worn out.

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   "Well, we have all Summer" Aunt Maggie said as she helped me up, "No reason to do it all at one time. " she said and we walked to the car, all of us naked and cum dripping from my pussy and Aunt Maggie too. We got in the car and drove out and then I saw it was a nudist camp and so we dressed after leaving.

Thant night Aunt Maggie gave me some video tapes and said to watch them and see what I thought. I was in my room and put them in one at a time and saw Aunt Maggie and Uncle with men and women and fucking and everything I could imagine at that time. At one time Aunt Maggie had like 8 or so men all doing her. They all found some place to cum wither on her or in her and it all just made her hotter. It was now Tuesday and Maggie (she told me to stop calling her aunt) said, "did you like the tapes?" I told her that I liked all of them a lot. "We are having a party this weekend, would you like to join us?" she said. "Yeah, that is great. " I almost shouted. "Good, there will be one more girl that is your age there. It will be her first party too. " All week I waited for he party and also got lots of time with Maggie and Eugene.
More later everyone,

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