Female Bodybuilder Session


Having always been turned on my female bodybuilders, I decided to sign up for a "session" with one a few years ago. For those of you who don't follow this scene, there are a lot of female bodybuilders who offer sessions which might consist of wrestling, arm wrestling, muscle worship, or any variety of activities that show off the woman's strength.  

I was intrigued by Angela's (not her real name) offer for a topless session.   When I showed up at her door, she answered wearing a towel.   No sooner had she let me in the door, she let her towel drop, revealing a skimpy bikini.   She immediately struck a double bicep pose and said "Is this what you wanted to see?"

She suggested that we start out by wrestling.   I reminder her that she offered a topless session.   Her response:  "Topless, bottomless, whatever. "  As she stripped down to nothing, she said I was welcome to do the same.

  Being somewhat nervous, though, I kept my underwear on for the time being.

I was amazed by how strong she was.   She easily was able to get me in holds that I had no hope of escaping.   After a few falls that went her way, I was really horny and told her I had decided to remove my underwear.

Angela asked me to climb on top of her to see if I could hold her down.   My hard cock rubbed against her pussy.   "So what do you do with your girlfriends when you have them in this position?", she asked.

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    I told her that I would have sex with them.   "Well?," she said.  

I wish I could say that I then fucked her brains out, but this is a true story.   I said that I didn't feel comfortable with that.   She said she would be more than happy to give me a "hand release. "  Of course, I agreed to that!

Angela had me lie down on a mat while she went to get some baby oil.

  It felt amazing as she slid her hand up and down my cock as I felt her hard muscles, including her strained bicep.   I asked if it was ok for me to touch her pussy.   "Of course," she said.   I had never seen a clit so big in person before.   She said it was side effects due to steroid use.  

I manipulated her huge clit while she expertly stroked my dick.   As she stroked me, she told me about a man who recently tried to take advantage of her at the gym.   She said she had beat the shit out of him and then jacked him off in front of a crowd.   She said he tried not to cum but that her talents were too much for him.

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    With that, I shot a big load that went flying everywhere including onto her B cup tits.  

Angela got me towel so I could clean up.   We spent about ten to fifteen minutes talking while I felt up her biceps and tits before I left.   I have dated other bodybuilders since that time, but this first one always has special meaning for me.


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