Flight Diary


On the flight from London to New York, Mark finds time to updatehis diary with all the events of past few days. Emma, the blondbombshell sitting in the isle next to him steals his attention, hecan't quite decided if it is her slender legs, or her voluptuousbreasts which is having this affect on him. She has fallen asleepand has gotten herself into a position where a bit more of hercleavage is showing than what she would of liked. . . Mark decidesto stop perving and rather focus on updating his diary. Although Mark is only in his late twenties, he prefers to do thingsold school. His diary for instance is a leather bound notebook,which he weekly updates using only an HB pencil. These updateshe also only allows himself to do on a weekly basis. As he starts writing the caption for the week, the blond bombshellnext to him starts stirring a little. Mark focused on his diary doesnot notice this and continues to scribble down the past few daysevents in detail. What he is not an aware of is that the combinationof the pencil, paper and air pressure is having a very, VERYdesirable reaction on the blond. As he slowly moves the HB penciltip over the page, the friction causes a bizarre effect. An effect thatcan only be described as a slight vibration in her nether regions,a vibration which gets more and more intense as he continues toscribble. Emma, of course, has no idea what is causing this nor would thisbe what her mind would ever translate it to be. She slowly looksabout to see what could be causing this arousing effect on her.

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  The guy seated next to her is fast asleep, and as she has an aisleseat it could not possibly be the guy on the other side of the aisle,anyhow he is busy updating his dairy. At this time she pulls herblanket over herself and decides to continue enjoying the feeling. Her shaved pussy lips are getting moist, as the vibrations continueto run through her now erect clit. Her right hand grips the seathandle, her left hand however has moved to her voluptuous rightbreast. Teasing her nipple through her top while the vibrationscontinues. She bits her lip as she feels her heart rate suddenlyelevating. Mark continues to update diary, when he realizes that he just wrotedown something the wrong order. As he is pedantic about hisexperiences and dates, he scratches out the last sentence. Whensuddenly hears a funny moan coming from the blond. He has aquick glance over to her, and guesses she must of just woken froma funny dream probably caused by the turbulence. Emma on the other hand was busy biting her lip, and trying notblush too much. She has just has her first ever orgasm on board aplane, but not quite sure who to thank for it. After a while Mark gathered his thoughts again, and continues toupdate his diary. Rambling on about the museums and parks, hevisited whilst in London. Thinking that this mysterious vibration was a once-off thing Emmawas quite happy that it started up again.

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   Her shaven pussy lips arenow getting slightly swollen and even wetter than before. With herbest attempts to not look suspicious, she shyly looks around to seewhat he flying neighbors are doing. She was very glad to see thatsame as before, the one was sleeping and the other was updatinghis diary. Once again she was biting her lip, this time however itwas because she decided it was time to help things along a bit. Slowly she undoes the button on her shorts, she pulls down thezipper. It made a bit of a noise, which made her freeze for asecond. She makes sure no one noticed, happy that this is not thecase she slips her hand down her shorts, feeling her now damplacy g-string. She slowly starts to rub her swollen pussy lipsthrough the material. The combination of this and the mysteriousvibrations make her bit her lip even harder. It was not long beforeshe feels her heart rate elevating again. She takes a deep breathas her whole body seemed to explode in ecstasy from her secondmile high orgasm. The vibrations continue, making her wet swollen pussy even moresensitive. Stroking herself through the material was not, enoughanymore. She pulls her g-string away and parts her wet lips andstarts to rub her mysteriously vibrating clit. Slowly she rubs smallcircles over her clit.

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   As has pussy gets wetter, she slips her middlefinger deeper into her tight pussy. Fingering her g-spot with softcome here movements, she unknowingly starts moaning softly. Luckily for her, everyone around close by here is either as sleep orbusy watching the in-flight movie. It does not take long for the nextorgasm wave to arrive. This time she gives a bit of a louder moan. This time it is not only one orgasm, and Emma really has toconcentrate hard not to arouse suspicion. Mark hearing this moan is now getting curious. Look over toEmma, he notices her blushing and could swear her breast areslightly bigger than before. Being a gentleman he, gets back toupdating his diary. Making a mental note to add a note about thefunny moans her was hearing on this trip. The vibrations started again, this time however Emma did not likethem anymore. She could feel womanhood now was oversensitiveand the vibrations where making her uncomfortable. She decidesit is time to zip up and go ladies. While doing the normal shuffling ticket to get out of her chairEmma notices she was not the only one aiming to go to the ladies. She promptly exchanged a shy smile with at least three other girls,who seem to have the same blushed complexion.

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   As Emma walks past Mark, he decides enough is enough and haspacked away his diary and switched on the in-flight entertainment. .