The Tuition Teacher


Some time back I posted a incident involving Seetha my friend Shanker's  sister, a real slut. It was very late that I came to know that I was not the only guy she had other than Shanker’s father, Shanker himself has had her multiple times a couple of his friends also has done her.


Adhi one of our common friend, on a Friday totally drunk blurt out then entire episode with Seetha dhidi.


Maths have always been a weak subject for Adhi and often scored just above pass marks. Exams ere approaching and his parents were tensed they knew Seetha dhidi used to take math’s tuitions from a couple of Shanker’s friends and some neighborhood boys there we about 10 boys. Adhi’s parents sent him also to her for tutions.


It was summer, the final exam results were just out. All the guys were very happy with the results, Dhidi’s tuition really helped all of them,  all of them scored well above 75% marks and their overall % was also really great. Now of them expected to get these marks, it was party time like any boys then went out on the town. It was now about 9 pm and couple of drinks in when suddenly one of them said, “Let us go and surprise Seetha di with some ice creams” – “great plan, lets go” was a unanimous decision. They went to the nearby Baskin Robbins, packed up some cool ice creams and drove to Seetha’s place. It was 10 pm by now, they were not sure if her uncle the police man was at home as it was very late. All of them parked their bikes in the corner of the street, Adhi decided to walk up to the house and take a closer look.


Adhi was right in front of the gate when he noticed that both the bikes were not there, Shanker nor his father was there it was very clear the Seetha di was alone at home. Adhi signaled his friends to come over.  Adhi now knocked the front door they didn’t want to ring the bell as it was very loud one and did not want to wake up the neighbours.

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   Adhi knocked couple of time no one answered the door, disappointed all of them decided to return home and started walking back to their bikes. Adhi decide to give one last try but instead of knocking on the door he walked back around the house, he saw light in di’s room , climbed up the steps then over the balcony of dihi’s room and slowly peeped in to see if she was there…. . Adhi just stood solid frozen, there looking through the window


He watched here as she shed her clothes. Her body was perfect and his mind started to wander. He watched as her bra fell to the carpet, revealing her perfect breasts. He just stared at her. “Come on babe, get those clothes off!”. She pulled her panties down her thighs and stepped out of them. She had a trimmed mound. Very sexy!. She slid her hands up her body and lightly cupped her tits in her hands, gently rolling the nipples in between her nimble fingers.


She giggled lightly and went to her dresser. She pulled something out of a drawer and grabbed the small mirror off the top of her dresser.


Seetha sat down, Spread her legs and put the mirror under her pussy.


   Taking her index finger and rubbing it around her outer lips in a circle and with each pass going a little deeper into her pussy.


Looking at her pussy in the mirror she circled it with her finger. Moving slowly, getting to know here pussy and how it feels. She moved slowly into the lips of her pussy, Andi watched her intensely as her fingers circled around her clit, rubbing it. She was enjoying the pleasure.


She slowly put the vibrator she pulled from the drawer, putting it in slowly and working it around, she had slipped the vibrator in the vibrator easily penetrated deep into her tight pussy. Seetha sped up the vibrator and her pumping; rocking hips followed. Her nipples were becoming hard.

She started playing with her nipples, she rolled her nipples between her fingers. Andi could feel that pussy was dripping wet all over the slick vibrator.


Andi was enjoying the show, rubbing himself – he wanted to get in there but…. Suddenly Seetha saw in his direction and their eyes meet, Andi did not try to hide stood there ogling at Seetha. She signed him to come in, Andi quickly responded tried to find a way in, surprising the balcony door next to the window was open he opened it and stepped into the room.


It was a long time and Andi had not returned, his friends did not know what happen so they traced Adhi’s steps to the back of the house. Seeing light upstairs they too went up the steps, and one of them Raj reached and climbed on to the balcony.

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Raj could see Adhi in the room, Seetha bhabi was kissing him passionately and she was slowly moving her hands down his body till her hands reached the top of his jeans. She slowly undone the button on his pants and ran her fingers over top of the zipper gently teasing his hardening cock. By now all the 10 guys were on the balcony watching the show.


She slowly kissed down his body as his hand went behind her head grasping her hair as she took the zipper between her teeth unzipping it with her mouth. Then she ran her hands up his chest slowly bringing her nails back down pulling his pants down enough that his hard cock flopped out.


She was amazed by the size and how hard he was already as she too her soft and gentle hands rubbing it up and down slowly as her mouth was ready for it.


He looked at her his eyes passionately wanting her mouth around his hard cock.


She slowly took the tip of his cock into her mouth using her tongue ring to tease the tip of it swirling it round the head. She took it deeper into her mouth sucking gently as she stroked what was not in her mouth. Slowly she felt his grip tighten as he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth.


She moaned sending the vibrations of her throat threw to his cock. She slowly took it more and more into her mouth until he gae a small groan and pushed his cock all the way down her throat. She gagged a little bit but it was with pleasure as she loved to deep throat his cock.


As she kept sucking on his cock bobbing her head up and down she reached on of her hand down under her and gently started rubbing her clit. She felt how hot and damp her pussy was as she made small circles around her pussy making her even more wet.

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His hand pushed her head down on his cock where her lips were touching the base of his dick as he pulled and pushed his cock in and out of her mouth quickly, her fingers exploring her wet dripping pussy.


He let go of her head as she pulled his cock out of her mouth; she gently licked and sucked on his balls.


He smiled as he kissed her, his hands moving over her outer thighs up her. His hands ventured over her hips up her breasts in his hands as they kissed. By now the boys had found their way in to the room. They all sat down on the couch watching the action unfold in front of them.


Soon deedhi invited them to join the party. Ram and dharampal was the first out of their cloths. The came over and lifted Seetha and put her on the study table, lot of excitement and they fucked her for complete 1 hr. After an hr others took chances of fucking my her, she was all slutty and was ready for another bang however within couple of minutes it ended and the last group of 2 boys mounted her and started ramming her one of them who was ramming her pussy said " salii itna chudney key baad bhi bahut tight hai"


The one who was screwing her ass hole said oh! yeh toh jannat hai bhai , aisa lag raha hai ki kutia kabhi chudi hi nahi hai gaand mein" and everyone started to laugh , they fucked her for another hr and then again Ram and Dharmpal screwed her changing their position where Ram fucked her in her plump pussy and dharampal rode her like a cowboy in her ass he was ramming her ass with full might and said " deedhi ji Kya mast gaand hai aapki jitna chodo dil hi nahi bharta " after humping for a good half an hr he arched his back and gave long jerks. Then rest of the 4 men also took turns and made Seetha a well-satisfied whore. They all were tired however the boys were still squeezing her boobs and fingering her pussy and ass at regular intervals.

Then Ram took his still rock solid dick and shoved it in her mouth between her plump rosy lips which had lipstick speared all over and literally began mouth fucking her, he held her hair tightly from the back of her head and was jabbing his monster in her sexy mouth.


Ram said " kutia key sare ched mein apna lace chodunga tab jakey santusht hogi randi " listening this everyone laughed and everyone’s dick becoming erect again anticipating a mouth fuck for everyone, she though now was fucked like a real kutia between these hungry dogs however she did'nt like the idea of a dick in her mouth.


Ram's speedy jerks changed to long blows, everyone knew that is the sign of his load going to be released in Seetha’s mouth , she realized it and her eyes widened ,  ram tighten his grip on her hair and pushed his dick deep in her throat , though her mouth was open however, She had no option to take out all the cum his cock leaked in her mouth and she gulped it down her throat , then everyone including Dharampal mouth fucked her till their dicks became limp.

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   Finally they kissed Seetha good-bye and left for their homes. Seetha got up from the floor with lot of effort because her pussy and asshole was rammed without mercy.

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