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We were walking to the little out grove of rocks we found, they hang over the rest of them, affording us some shade and protection from the rains that come out of nowhere in our area of upper Washington state. We were nearly there when we heard voices so we walked cautiously and found that it was a group of boy scouts out for there merit badges, no Amy was walking without her shirt on and really didn't care if anyone of them saw her, so we walked on, we never over took them, but could here them up ahead, they were talking about girls and there achievements with them and lack of success, she let out a giggle and when I saw the smile on her face, I knew we were going to have them for at least dinner.
We finally got to our place, the guys were up above us and unless you knew the way to us, you would never find the over hang, so we were what we thought as safe from them, they stayed the night and moved on, then that's when it all broke loose, she stripped down totally and stayed that way the whole time like she likes to go, so I went that way too, having sex all the time, and then swim for a bit to cool down, she loves this spot because it is so private, well until that next day, the boy scouts came back through and found us swimming in the pool, we got out and the guys nearly came in there pants, there Amy stood, butt naked and not ashamed of covering up, the leader asked the guys to come on and leave us alone, but they weren't listening, and Amy wasn't helping out any, she was giggling and making sure they saw all of her treasures. Finally the leader said oh hell with it and they set up camp for the night, and while they were above us, and Amy was really turned on by the fact we could be seen and were caught naked, this made her even more horny. I gave her all I had and she wanted more, I smiled and said well there is unlimited supply of cocks up above us, she smiled and said you sure your ok with that, I smiled and said well yea, it's not like I haven't tried to keep up with you, so go for it, I'll either go with you, or you can go by yourself, she said oh please, come with me, so I said ok, we threw our clothes back on, she slipped her top on and tied it just below her tits, it was a nut busting show on her part, she was about ready to fall out of her shirt, and that was the whole plan, she always wears these little short shorts, and they look like there painted on, so it really shows off her assets. We get near the camp and I yell out hey in camp, mind if we come in, and we hear come ahead, so we do, the head man says I haven't heard that call in I'm not really sure, you must have been trained a long time ago, I chuckled and said yea, my uncle was a ridge runner in Kentucky, so I know how to come into a strangers camp, he chuckled and we introduced ourselves. Now at this point all the guys are busting a nut to go to talk to Amy, and she is loving it, Hank, the leader asks whats going on, I said oh nothing much, just found it strange to find anyone out this far from the road, thought we would be the only ones out here, he smiled and said yea, we know and saw, I laughed and said well my girlfriend doesn't like clothes, so we come out here to be free, he smiled and looked at her, he said I don't blame you one bit, she is a lovely thing, I smiled and said yea, and very, very horny, she is wearing me out, and since she saw all you guys.
She is really revved up, he looked at me and I said well that's why we came up, she was hoping, just hoping you guys could help her out, she needs more guys to relieve her tension, his jaw just about fell to the ground, he smiled and said troop, come here, NOW he yelled, they snapped to and came over, he got them to huddle around him, they all took turns looking over there shoulders and over each other at her, then you heard a loud oh hell yea, and they broke, Hank said well it's 100% yes, so yes we can, it's our motto to help others, I smiled and said ok, she's ll yours, do your best, I believe that's also your motto, he smiled and said oh yea. She went into one of the tents, I said ok, here's what she is looking for, two at a time, she loves it in all her holes, so nothing is taboo, she loves to suck cock, so if three go in, it's ok, but it will go quicker and you guys can have even more fun if only two go in, so buddy up, and have fun, I'll come back in the morning to fetch her, ok, they all smiled and said we'll take very good care of her, I said good enough, I hope she doesn't wear you guys out completely, she'll do that you know, they all cheered and I left.
Now from my camp I could here her cumming numerous time, she even yelled out with joy a few times, she was in total heaven and when morning came she was sound asleep in the tent, and two guys were next to her, I nudged her and she said go away, I just got to sleep, I'll come back down in a little while, Hank came out of his tent, he was all smiles, I said sorry for coming up so early, but I was just coming to get her, he chuckled and said well the guys just got through with her, she really is a wildcat in the sack, she came so many times, I thought she would pass out, but it made her even more horny, I said you're telling me, she's a true nympho, he shook his head yes. I went back down, made coffee and some bacon and eggs, we eat good the first day, then it's what ever I can scrounge up the rest of the time, usually fish or berries and nuts, she is a true out doors person. Well the coffee got Hank down to camp, he called out, I told him to come ahead, I held out a cup, he smiled and took it, he said damn, that's good, I said yea, growing up in the hills has it's advantages, he smiled and said I can see.

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I offered him some bacon and eggs, I said I really don't think Amy will be awake none to soon to eat them, he accepted and we talked while we ate. It was getting nearly 11am when he went back up, I went with him and got her, she was covered in cum, it was all over the tent and she was full in all her holes, but she was totally fine with that, she went into the woods and pissed it out and let the rest just drip out of her ass and pussy, when she got back down to our camp, she dove into the lake and washed off, she was totally spent, she crawled back into our sleeping bags and fell asleep again, I just let her sleep, Hank and the group came by to say bye and to thank us for the good time, I said your welcome, but remember, what happens out her, stays out here, understand guys, no bragging about having sex out here, it's not cool ok, they all hesitantly said ok, I said good, you never know, you might get her again when you see her in town, but you have to keep it quite, they all smiled and said ok, and they all left out. Well that didn't happen, they spread the word about what happened, so the whole town knew of her, we finally had to leave the town and move into the woods. We made us a cabin out of the trees around, we lived in our tent until we got it done, and when we did, it was much nicer, and we lived there in peace and quite, that is until there was a big deal about wild life endangerment and a news crew came out to do a news piece, well it was a female reporter and a cameraman and helper, they came out to find the wild life that was being hunted down for sport, well they didn't find anything except us, they found us fucking in the woods one day, I mean we were going at it, I had her in the doggy position and fucking the hell out of her, and we were caught on camera, we found out later that is made the six o'clock news and even though they masked our faces, we were caught in the act, now this brought more reporters and more nosy people around, we couldn't even go for a walk without running into people wanting to see us fucking, we had hunters trying to find us to get into the act, we had to abandon our cabin and move further south, we got to the lower part of Washington state and set up again, it was the most remote part of the state, the area was steep and the rocks afforded us a lot of privacy, so we set up there, I went into the little town about forty miles away and asked about it at the local library, it seems no one was interested in it, the local Indians didn't even go there, there was nothing of value there so that's where we moved into to.
It was hard the first year until we got another cabin built, we have since had many years of peace and quite, we have two kids and they love the area as mush as we do. Amy teaches them there lessons and I find the food, we are living out our dreams, we still have sex all the time, the kids have caught us and just giggle, we all don't wear clothing during the summer and warmer weather, but we differently do during the winter months and late autumn and spring, it gets really cold up there, but we adapt, and love our life style, hopefully, and I do mean hopefully, no one finds our little home, it would really mean moving again, and I don't want to, would you?
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