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Okay! first time writing a story! Enjoy!

Amber kissed her boyfriend tenderly. "I love you Amber!" Josh said still kissing her. "I love you too Josh!" The two were seniors in high school. It was prom night and they were in Josh's car. "I want you. I need you! Suck me Amber!" he said. Her hand went down to his crotch in his tuxedo pants. She squeezed his crotch a few times. She felt him get hard. She opened his pants and took out his manhood. She wanted to go far this time.
They were both still virgins. Josh moaned with pleasure as her lips connected with his cock. It was getting hard. She tickled his twins. It was a major turn on.


   Josh made her wet manually by sticking his fingers in her wettining pussy. Amber took off her pink silk prom dress to reveal no bra. Her DD tits jiggled freely. Josh touched them. He suckled them. Amber moaned with ecstacy. "Are you reay to do this?" Josh said stopping. She nodded excitedly. He continued to grope her tits. "Ready?" he asked stopping touching her. She nodded getting onto his lap. He stuck his manhood in her flower. Her flower broke and she moaned in pain and pleasure.
Josh started out slow, taking it easy for his partner's sake. Fuck! He should have brought a condom! He got faster and both of them moaned simultaneously.

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   Amber felt her self climaxing. Josh felt something rise too his dick. He cummed in Amber's swett tight little pussy. Amber felt her juices go all over his cock. Josh pulled out and stuck his cock in her mouth. Their first time was short, but amazing. "lets do it again" Amber said and they did!.

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