Munching After Work


They told me to go home at 3 a. m. so I headed towards the door as if I was leaving work.   But I made a detour and climbed up into the ceiling area, perching myself above my bosses office.   Thirty minutes later my blond bombshell boss Misty came into the room followed by a redhead named Joni.   These proved to be the only white girls for six Mexican ladies followed them.   They were the 200 pound Becky, the short chubby Matilda, the older lady Violet, the athletic looking Betty, the slutty Serafina and Misty's lead helper Shonnie.   Misty took a seat as did her assistant Shonnie, the in-shape Betty and the older lady Violet.   The white redhead Joni stood before Misty.   The little whore Serafina stood before Shonnie.   The overweight Becky stood before the aging Violet and the little tubby Matilda before the well kept Betty.   The boss Misty then gave the command for the standing women to kneel and eat pussy.
I already had my dick out as I first watched the freckled redhead Joni remove Misty's tight fitting jeans to my hungry gaze.   Her panties followed revealing Misty's furry blond twat in between those voluptuous thighs.   Joni seemed to be in a trance at her bosses blond bush, so at Misty's gentle nudging of her head forward she swiftly commenced to wildly sucking her off.
I shifted my eyes next to her helper Shonnie whose dark brown Mexican skin had a light skinned Mexican slut before her.


    Serafina was sucking Shonnie's round titties as Shonnie loudly issued orders:  "Yeah, suck my nipples good.   Your little whore mouth sucks dick all over the warehouse, now let's see what it can do to me. "  Shonnie then pushed Serafina's sucking mouth right down on her hirsuite pussy and commanded "Eat my hairy pussy good little bitch!"
I then watched the fat ass Becky kissing the skinny legs of the old lady Violet.   Becky was a medium toned brown compared to the light complected latin skin of Violet.   Also, Violet was probably Becky's mother's age, causing me to spank my monkey a little faster.   Violet held her slit open with a landing strip of hair above it.   Becky was timid about going down on the old woman.   Violet cradled her head and pushed her pelvic region into Becky's mouth.   As Becky's eyes squinched in utter disdain Violet's salty cunt was rubbing all over her mouth.
Last but not least I viewed Matilda eagerly slurping her good friend Betty's cooze.   Betty was in excellent physical shape and had a nice triangle of dark brown pussy hair.   She was loving the oral pleasure her chubby little friend gave her.   "Does it feel good Betty?" Matilda asked.   "Oh hell yes," Betty moaned "you're sucking my pussy so good. "  Betty hunched her hips slowly back and forth into Matilda's thirsty mouth.

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    Betty's eyes were shut tight and her hands were interwoven into Matilda's shoulder length black hair.   "I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Betty whimpered and then exploded into her young friend's munching mouth.   I was beating my meat good now.
Looking over to the loud Shonnie now I saw her thick matted pie pressed tightly to the slut queen Serafina's mouth.   "That's it cunt!  Swallow all my hot sticky secretions!  Oh I'm cumming all over your dyke face!"  Surprisingly, Betty was now eating the elderly Violet's quim at a quick pace.   The old lady lost it completely in a terrific orgasm, flooding the chubby face of a girl young enough to be her daughter, enticing me to stroke my stiff joint a little faster.
After all four women had reached their sexual peak Misty ordered the four kneeling women to clock out and leave work.   As soon as they left Misty told her helper Shonnie "Get down on your knees between my legs. "  Shonnie did so with a big smile.   The athletic Betty asked the older lady Violet "Are you gonna put up a fuss over this?"  "What if I am?" Violet asked.   "Then you're gonna have to learn the hard way!" Betty snapped, springing to her feet in a flash and leaping on Violet.   Scared to death now, Violet accepted defeat and bowed before the tip-top shaped Betty.
Misty held Shonnie's dark hair in her hands and let out a horny sigh of relief as Shonnie attacked her thick lipped vagina with gusto.   "Suck my blond hair pussy good in your wet Mexican mouth. "  Shonnie is complying and stops to ask "Will you quench my thirst with hot pussy cum?"  Misty nods yes and spreads her thick thighs wider apart for Shonnie's mouth.

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    I was getting into this and cupped my balls full of hot sperm.   Meanwhile, sporty Betty is almost raping Violet's old face with her brown beaver.   Betty has the old wench put a finger in her while she sucks her slit.   In no time Betty is going over the edge and drenching the face of the mature nymph Violet.   Misty's fat twat also erupts over the dark skinned face of Shonnie.   I thought I could actually see some white cream clinging to the Mexican's face.   Someone told me that could be yeast infection.
After the room settled down Misty told Shonnie and Violet to clock out and leave work.   She and the muscular Betty now sat in silence.   Breaking the silence, Misty instructed Betty "Get over here and eat your bosses pussy. "  But Betty refused and the two women began to scuffle.   "You fucking bitch!  I'm your boss and what I say goes!"  Misty screamed.   "Not this time you honky ass cunt!" Betty answered.   Then with a sweeping leg behind her blond boss Betty tripped her, making her fall hard on her back and knocking the wind out of her.   Betty quickly hopped on her chest as Misty struggled to recover her breath.

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    "Now what you gonna do you blond bimbo?  I've got you right where I want you," Betty taunted.   "I give up.   I'll do whatever you want Betty," Misty said with regret.   This cat fight shit was getting good as I held my cum.   Raising her pussy up Betty mounted her bosses mouth.   "Suck that hot pussy of mine you fucking cracker!"  Misty ate her spicy latin hole as it leaked thick gobs of honey.   I started spewing my nut all over the place as Betty came only to have her boss Misty begging for more.


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