My First Time with a Bulgarian Beauty


It was freshman year and I was staying after with Iva for math. . Iva was the definition of hot she had blonde hair, dangerous curves, and a flat stomach. Her tits were the perfect size and very stiff also she had an ass to die for. So I was bored so I decided to mess around with her I got my pencil and poked her tits asking if that was her nipple. "no!" she exclaimed in that cute European accent. but suddenly her nipples were erect and you could see it as clear as day. She was wearing skinny jeans and black vans but on the top she had a white thin sweater on and and pink tank top so her nipples were as clear as day.

So I decided to mess with her some more and I asked if she was a virgin "of course!" she replied. After I decided to mess with her some more so I threw my pencil at her and it landed right into her pink shirt. And I though oh fuck. But the she looked at me with a very seductive look and said you wanna get it out for me? hell yea I exclaimed so I reached right into her bra and got my pencil out and decided to risk it and started to reach under and rub her pussy thru her jeans. She let out a quiet moan and I continued to rub her under the desk all while the whole class was listening to the teacher. Then I felt her shake and her whole pants was wet she was quite a squirter!

Lets take this to the bathroom she whispered seductively in her beautiful European accent so we left the classroom and walked down the hall with me rubbing her ass while she started to rub my cock thru my jeans. Once we got to the boys bathroom I closed the door. And Iva jumped at me and we locked lips and started making out I pushed her to a wall and with her seductive eyes she said " lets take it all off" So we both stripped down to nothing not even shoes or socks.

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   And she knelt down and started to grab my cock and giving me a world class handjob while I rubbed her wet and tight pussy. Then she put her beautiful small lips on my 8 inch cock and started sucking like a boss and I started to finger her wet pussy. "Thats right you Bulgarian bitch suck my dick" I said "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM" was all she could say. Soon I felt an orgasm building up and I told her I was about to cum "Give it to me please" she said in that seductive European accident so I shoved he hear back into my dick and started to jizz in her mouth she took most of it but gagged and it started to come out her mouth.

She got back up and looked at me again with those seductive eyes with her mouth dripping with my cum and said clean my mouth please? I picked her up and put her on the sink and she crossed her sexy legs around my waist I kept my cock under the sink and I started to make out with her yet again licking my own cum and putting it back into her tongue. I started to rub my cock on her pussy and she murmured "not yet I want you to eat my pussy out!" But first I started to play with her tits and sucking on her nipples she let out a loud moan of pure excitement and I started to go down and lick her clit she wrapped her legs around my head forcing my head straight into her pussy. "MMMMMMM suck my clit PLEASE!" she moaned and that I did sucking and slurping her pussy like no tomorrow. "AAAAAAAA" She cried in her sexy european accent and squirted her cum all over my mouth.

I got up and looked straight into those beautiful seductive blue eyes and we started to make out again with a passion with Iva licking her own cum off my lips and tongue. "fuck me. . " she whispered in my ear with her seductive European accent I grabbed my dick and slowly rubbed it on her pussy "mmm stick that cock in me" she wisperd in my ear so slowly I pushed in and boy her pussy was tight! "AAA" she let out a cry of pain and I pushed it in more and felt her hymen break at that time both of us had lost our virginity. And then I started fucking her sowly and she used her fingers to tilt my chin up looked in my eyes and said "Fuck me harder" in that seductive European tone of hers and shoved her lips and pussy onto me and my dick. I started to pump faster and faster while I made out with the beautiful European. I picked her up and slammed her naked body onto the wall she wrapped her legs and feet over me and I started fucking and kissing her on the wall!

After 10 minutes of fucking we both said that we had to cum " Cum inside of me" she wispered in my ear and so at the same time she squirted cum out spraying it everywhere while I shot my sperm into her pussy our cum mixing with each other.


   "Did you like my European Pussy?" she asked laying on the ground with her legs open fingering herself and licking my cum off the lips of her pussy. "Fuck yeah I did" I exclaimed.

Then she got up and bent over on the dirty floor with her head on the floor and her beautiful perfect whitish tanned ass and she said ' Fuck me in my ass now" in her seductive European voice . Without a second though I shoved my wet dick full of Iva's wet cum right into her ass making the perfect lube. I felt it ripping her small hole. "AAAAA" she yelped in pain" And when I finally broke thru I started Fucking her Brains out again and grabbing her bouncy tits andpinched her nipples "MMMMM that feels good!" she said. I trailed my hands down tracing her curves and started smacking her beautiful ass.

"Oh my gosh I'm going to cum she said and started to squirt her cum all over the dirty bathroom floor after seeing her beautiful naked body lying on the floor I had an intense Orgasm and started cumming filling her asshole up with my cum. "MMM that felt even better now its my turn" she said she got up and pointed at the toilets so we got into the biggest stall and she used two fingers and gently pushed me right onto the toilet seat! then she started giving me a full lapdance showing me her cum filled pussy and ass. She started to grind her ass cheeks on my cock and then she turned around facing me and started to rub her pussy lips on my dick. The feeling of wanting to fuck her grew intense and I started to push my dick into her pussy but she got up and said "no no no my turn to fuck you in that seductive voice. She bended over and we made out real quick.

Then She got on top of me facing towards megiving me a full view of her pussy and she sat right down onto my hard cock "MMMMMMM" she said and locked her arms around my neck and started to kiss me her pussy staying idle with my dick in her both of us not moving just kissing. Then she wispered "Now let me fuck you" And started to go up and down on my pussy while I sucked her beautiful nipples and played with her tits. "MMMMMMMM do you like my pussy on your dick like this" she wispered in that seductive voice still pumping my dick with her pussy.

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   "Yes!" I told her "Of course you do she said" "AAAAAA" she moaned cumming for the third time and i was just about to cum too so I squirted my semen right into her pussy again.

"MMMMMMM" she whispered that was nice so after that we both got dressed and made out by the hall again and she grabbed my cock and said " I want it again sometime" and she winked and walked off towards the parking lot towards her ride with my cum in her pussy and ass wobbling a bit while she walked I smiled and walked towards the buses to go home after an extremely fun day.