Opening Laurie


                ÂOpening Laurie

 Terri and I had been married for about seven years when, out of the blue, she left me. ÂI had no idea why. ÂShe returned about a month later. Â
 During the marriage counseling sessions that followed, we spent many hours talking with a psychologist. ÂTerri said she didn’t know who she was. ÂShe also told the shrink, I wouldn’t let her be her. Â
 What the hell does that mean?ÂI have what the psychologist called a "concrete personality. "ÂI prefer the term realist. ÂThat means I see most things in black and white with few shades of gray. ÂI had told Terri to, “. . . look on your driver’s license. ÂThat’ll tell you who you are. ”
 Anyway, I remained hurt and angry for quite some time. ÂThough I tried my best to keep it inside and not let it show, I soon found I was weak.

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  ÂI was too weak to resist a sweet temptation when it presented itself.

              ÂMeeting Laurie
 A short time after returning home, Terri took a job at a local hair salon. ÂA few weeks later, she brought a young, single, friend, and co-worker home for dinner.
 Laurie seemed friendly and outgoing, and she knew how to play chess. ÂChess is my favorite game, and Terri didn't play. ÂShe had tried playing a few times, but she just couldn’t grasp the game, didn’t like it, and quickly gave up trying to learn.
Therefore, I took full advantage whenever an opponent became available. ÂSo, Laurie instantly became a friend and competitor. Â Â Â
 Laurie was only 19-years-old, and she was built very similar to Terri. ÂShe was 5’5”, a little on the heavy side, and had a hugh set of tits. ÂHer cute round face always seemed to be smiling. ÂI was fascinated by her.
 After dinner, Terri left us to take a shower, and Laurie and I set up the chess board. ÂSeveral hours later, Terri had gone to bed, and I had beaten Laurie in three out of five hard fought games. ÂI then took Laurie home, and she promised to return soon for a rematch.

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 Over the next several weeks, Laurie came by to play chess many times. ÂOur relationship seemed to be getting friendlier as time went on.

               ÂGetting Closer
 Later that summer, Terri and I planned on attending a rodeo held in the northeastern mountains of Arizona. ÂTerri had told Laurie about the event, and Laurie wanted to go with us. ÂShe had never seen a live rodeo. ÂOf course, I said yes. ÂI called Laurie to make sure she knew we would be leaving very early the following Saturday and confirmed she still wanted to go with us. ÂI made sure she understood the rodeo would be a long day's event, and we would be returning very late that night. Â
 Well before dawn the following Saturday morning, Terri and I picked Laurie up and headed for the rodeo. Â
 The ride up was uneventful. ÂThe rodeo was exciting and the three of us had a great time. ÂThe bull riders seemed to really excite Laurie, and she was jumping out of her seat with every ride. ÂEvery time she jumped, her hugh tits would nearly hit her in the chin. Â
 I became excited as well, but not over the bull riders.
 After the rodeo, we stopped for dinner at a local joint.

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  ÂWhen dinner was finished, we began the four to five hour drive home. Â
 Terri said she was tired and got into the back seat. ÂShe was fast asleep within a half an hour. ÂLaurie was soon nodding off too. ÂShe was sitting in the front passenger seat and leaning against her door. ÂWith every bump in the road, she bounced her head off the passenger door window. ÂWhen I suggested she put her head in my lap, she quickly agreed. ÂAs she tried to get comfortable, I gave her a light pat on her right side.
 As she lay in my lap, Laurie began rubbing the inside of my right leg. ÂIt wasn’t long before I started getting a hard-on. ÂSo here I was, traveling down a dark highway, Terri asleep in the back seat, and Laurie making me horny. ÂWhat’s a guy to do. Â
 I began gently rubbing Laurie’s side and gradually pulled her blouse out of her jeans. ÂTo make sure Laurie knew what she had started, I reached down, grabbed a hand full of jeans-covered ass and squeezed firmly. Â
 Laurie gave a soft moan.

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  ÂShe responded by returning my squeeze. ÂAs she squeezed my leg, she pushed the back of her head into my hardening cock. Â
 I returned to stroking her now bare midriff and worked my way up to those big tits. ÂWe still had a three or four hours to ride, and I was in no hurry. ÂI massaged her tits and gently pinched her nipples through her bra for quite some time. ÂOccasionally, I’d squeeze or pat her ass. Â
 Getting bolder, I reached down and slid my hand inside her jeans. ÂThey were too tight to get more than my fingers under her waistband. ÂA quick snap, and a zip, and I was easily rubbing her ass through her panties. Â
 Laurie, in the mean time, had slightly rolled onto her right side and started rubbing my dick through my pants. ÂMy hard-on was at full staff by then. ÂShe was moaning almost constantly. ÂÂ
 With Laurie on her right side, I took the opportunity to unhooked her bra. ÂWhen I reached around and took a firm hold of her right tit, she loudly gasped. ÂShe put her hand on mine and pushed it hard into her tit.

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  ÂHer tits turned out to be one of her most sensitive erogenous area. ÂWhen I found her nipple and gently pinched it, she put her hand into her pants and began rubbing her pussy through her panties. Â
 Whispering, I told her, “Here, let me help you with that. "ÂI reached down inside her jeans and began stroking the length of her outer pussy lips through her panties. ÂThey were soon soaked with her juices. ÂShe rolled onto her back and spread her legs as wide as she could, given her confined location. ÂReaching into her panties, I slightly opened her pussy and continued slowly stroking. She began firmly kneading her own tits with both hands. ÂI began alternately dipping a finger into her tight hole and gently rubbing her clit. ÂWhen she seemed to be near orgasm, I curled my finger so it was constantly rubbing her clit and still in her hole to the second knuckle. ÂAlmost immediately, Laurie closed her eyes, slammed her legs together, raised her hips off the seat, and mashed her tits together. Â
 When she calmed down, in a breathless voice she asked, “What was that?”
 “Haven’t you ever had an orgasm before?” I asked. Â
 “I guess not!” she replied. Â
 “I think you have now!ÂHaven’t you ever petted yourself or let a boyfriend pet you?”
 She said, “Yes, I've played with myself, but nothing like that ever happened, and I don't have a boyfriend. ÂNever had one.

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 “Then your a virgin?” I asked. Â
 She smiled up at me and said, “Yes!”
 She put her clothes back together and fell asleep in my lap. ÂThat’s where she stayed until I dropped her at her home.  Â
               ÂLaurie’s Opening
 Two weeks later, Laurie again came over for dinner and a game of chess. ÂAfter dinner, Laurie and I set up the chess board. ÂTerri went to take a shower. ÂWhile getting us something to drink, I decided to take a chance. ÂComing up behind Laurie, without warning, I reached over her shoulders and into her loose fitting blouse. I grabbed both tits and squeezed. ÂShe instantly gasped, brought her hands to mine, and held them there. ÂShe tipped her head back, and I gave her a deep passionate kiss. ÂWith another firm squeeze to both tits, I let her go and retrieved our drinks. ÂNothing further happened that night, but I could tell Laurie was on edge. ÂLater, with another passionate kiss, she left for home. Â
 A few days later, Laurie called and told me she had played with her self for hours after getting home after our last chess game.

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  ÂShe had been unable to get off like she had on the ride home from the rodeo.
 The next time I saw Laurie was a weekday afternoon. ÂShe had the day off while Terri worked. ÂShe arrived unannounced supposedly to play chess. ÂThe chess board never got set up.
 As we sat on the couch talking, we began petting each other. ÂLaurie was rubbing my thigh while I rubbed her clothed tits. ÂShe was soon rubbing my dick through my pants. ÂThat produced a ragging hard-on.                           Â
 She told me that after our ride home from the rodeo, she realized she knew practically nothing about sex. ÂHer parents had never spoken of the subject to her. ÂThey changed the subject whenever she asked questions. ÂSo, she had been reading every how-to book she could find on the subject. Â
 “What have you learned?” I asked.
 “Let me show you.

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 With that Laurie unzipped my pants and took out my hard dick. ÂWhat a relief. ÂShe stroked my dick and kissed its head. ÂShe then licked the entire shaft and sucked my balls. ÂThen, without a word, she took me into her mouth. ÂShe slowly slid her mouth up and down my dick stopping when she got to the entrance to her throat. ÂShe was sucking hard the whole time. Â
 In the mean time, I had unbuttoned her blouse and released her bra. ÂI was firmly squeezing her tits and pinching her hardening nipples.               Â
 It didn’t take long before I told her I was about to cum. ÂInstead of taking her mouth off my dick, she put it to the back of her mouth. ÂA couple of seconds later, she pushed down and swallowed my entire length down her throat. ÂAs soon as she had me completely in her throat, she pulled up to where only the head was still in her mouth. ÂWithout hesitation, she dove all the way back down on my dick. ÂShe repeatedly swallowed and pulled off my dick until I started cuming.

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  ÂEven then, she didn’t stop deep-throating me. ÂShe just bobbed up and down faster. ÂShe took my entire load down her throat. Â
 When I finished cuming, she pulled off my dick and licked me clean. Â
 “Wow!ÂThat was the best blow-job I have ever gotten. ÂWhere did you learn that?”
 With a giggle, she said, “Really? I told you I’ve been reading. ÂOne of the books I read was on oral sex. ÂI’ve been practicing with bananas and carrots. ÂI thought it sounded like fun. ”
 “Was it?”
 With a shy grin, her response was a simple “Uh hu,”
 “Well then, you’re going to love what happens next because it’s my turn to return the favor. ”
 With that, I took her hand and led Laurie to the bedroom. ÂWe finished undressing each other before lying down.
 I began by sucking and gently nipping her nipples until they were fully erect.   Laurie said, "Damn, my nipples have never been so hard. "Â
 I then licked my way down her belly, pausing at her belly-button to give it some attention.

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  ÂProceeding to kiss mey way down her plump body, I was soon at Laurie's virgin pussy. Â
 Laurie tentatively spread her legs, and I crawled up between them. Â
 As I began licking up and down her sweet slit, she slowly spread her legs wider and wider. ÂShe was already soaking wet with her lubricating juices. ÂI separated her outer pussy lips with my tongue, and she started moaning loudly. ÂWhen I reached her clit, I licked and sucked it until she placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled me firmly to her pussy. ÂAs I ground my lips and tongue into her hot hole and clit, Laurie had the second orgasm of her life. Â
 She wildly thrust her hips up to me while moaning, “Oh yes!ÂOh shit!ÂThat feels so good. ”
 I continued to minister to her pussy with my tongue as she slowly relaxed.
 I then moved up to lay beside her, and she licked her juices off my face. ÂHolding each other closely, Laurie asked, “Are you going to make love to me?”
 “Only if you want me to. ” I answered.
 “Will it hurt?”
 “Probably some. ” I told her.
 Laurie pulled on my arm to urge me on top of her, and said, “Please, be gentle.


 As I positioned my dick at the entrance of her virgin love hole, I could tell she was getting tense. ÂSo, I slid down and warmed her up a little more with my tongue. ÂShe raised her knees and was rapidly humping my tongue. ÂI again moved to position my dick at her hole. ÂShe smiled and closed her eyes. Â
 With a gentle push, I inserted the head of my dick into her opening. ÂTwo or three inches more and I was pushing at her hymen. ÂI took a few short strokes without breaking through her cherry. Â
 She was so naive. ÂShe said, "You feel good in me. ÂIt doesn’t hurt at all. "
 I told her, "We haven’t popped your cherry yet. "ÂI returned to pressing against her hymen and told her, "If I go any further, you will no longer be a virgin. "ÂHolding still, I asked if she wanted me to continue. Â
 She answered by squeezing my neck, raising her knees, spreading her legs wider, and whispering, “Please, yes.

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 I pulled back until only the head of my dick was in her pussy. ÂWith one smooth long push, I fully entered her. ÂHer hymen gave some light resistance before giving way as I passed through. ÂLaurie gave a yelp and held me tightly. ÂWhen I had me cock fully buried in her freshly opened pussy, I held still for a short time to allow her to get used to this new experience. Â
 Before continuing, I asked her if she was OK. ÂShe said it hurt but not too bad. ÂShe said she wanted me to go on. ÂI began slowly pumping in and out of Laurie's tight pussy. ÂSince I had already cum from her great blow-job, it took a while before I was ready to cum again. ÂBy that time, Laurie was starting to enjoy her first fuck. ÂTrying to remember I had promised to be gentle, I warned her I was about to cum, and I wanted to pump into her a little harder. Â
 She grinned and said, “Good!”
 Slowly picking up speed, I was soon hammering in and out of her tender pussy. Â
 Laurie had a slight grimace on her face. ÂAny pain she felt didn’t stop her from wrapping her legs around me and returning my thrusts.

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  ÂWith one final hard, deep, thrust, I buried myself in Laurie's pussy and came deep inside her newly opened pussy. Â
 Laurie arched her back and used her legs to pull me as deep as possible into her.
 We stayed locked together until my cock softened. ÂI pulled out of her and we cuddled closely. ÂAs we lay with her head on my shoulder, Laurie hugged me and softly cried. Â
 I asked, "Why the tears, Honey?"
 She said she was sorry she had waited so long to have sex and thanked me for being so gentle with her.
 Over the next few months, Laurie and I had numerous rendezvous. ÂWe either fucked, which she was really getting into, or she gave me one of her fantastic deep-throat blow-jobs.
 That fall, Laurie moved out of state, and I never saw her again. ÂI believe somewhere out there is one well fucked and sucked guy. ÂI hope he knows just how lucky he is to have a lover like Laurie.                      Â

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