Parental Love Pt 1


"C'mon Mike! Its boring""Fine. "I got out of my blanket to go watch tv with my brother,age 12. . . same as me. He had come with me to spend the night at my friends house,Sam,age 12 also. "Eric. Why didnt you just wake up Sam. " I asked while it didnt sound like a question. "I cant find him. . . ""Ok,where do you. . . think he is then?""Seriously Mike,his parents are gone too""Give me the flashlight.

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  "I took the flashlight,and stood up from my sleeping bag,which was laying on the ground. "Eric. Come with me. ""Why? Afraid. . . haha""You're an idiot,come with me Eric,stop wasting time,Im tired""Hmm,ok" he replied with an annoying tone of voice. I walked over to the door that exited Sam's bedroom,as I turned the knob I felt it turning on the other side. I took a step back waiting for it to open. "Sam,Eric said you were,missing,were you?" I asked,thinking they were playing a trick. "I went downstairs for somethin' to drink,I heard some noises in my parents room. ""And what kind of noises are those?" I asked. "Sounds like theyre havin' sex to me!" He said happily. "Mike,Sam,lets go check it out?" Asked Eric. We both said yes.

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  We then walked down the hall,quietly. We arrived at the door of Sam's parents room. "They arent having sex you idiot. " I said with a ' youre stupid ' tone of voice. "What the hell? They were before!" Yelled Sam,outloud. "How stupid. " I quickly told Sam. "Lets run!" Whispered Eric,as we heard Sam's parents walking towards the door. Me and Eric quietly ran into Sam's room,as Sam stayed at his parents room. I stood at the doorway of Sam's room,to see what was happening. "What were you doing Sam?" Asked his mom. "I heared noises in here. . . " Said Sam with a curious tone of voice.

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  "Sam,was Michael or Eric with you just now" Asked his dad. "Nope,they're asleep" Replied Sam. "Come in here Son" Asked his father,while pulling him in gently by the arm,closing the door. I turned away from my view at the hallway,towards Eric. "Eric,they took him into their room. . . Sam showed me a hole that his father drilled into the wall of the room next to theirs,for some cords""Cmon Michael. . . theyre probably just talking to him""Ok,then whyd his dad ask if we were there?"We both walked into the room next to Sam's parents bedroom,we searched for a hole but saw nothing. "Michael,there aint no holes in the wall!"I moved a dresser away from the wall a bit,and saw a hole that was about the size of a fist,facing the bed of the next room,the cords blocked the view hardly. "See?" I replied grimly. "What are they doing Mike?"Nothing yet"Sams parents were both wearing robes. His mom,Cindy,was wearing a pink one,his dad,Jeff,wearing a black one.


  Sams mom put a hand on his leg gently rubbing it,they then started talking. "Sam,youre getting more into sex. . . arent you? I have caught you several times. . . masturbating. . . . and I think that you should be taught how it feels to pleasure,and be pleasured" Said his mom. "Mom. . .

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  what do you mean,pleasure and be pleasured?" Asked Sam"Sam,your mom means that maybe,we should teach your first hand about sex" Jeff said to his son. "First hand,that means show me real right?" Sam asked nervously. "Yes Sam. . . . we want to show you what sex feels like" Said his mother. "But,only if you want us to. . . . " His dad explained. "Thats kinda weird. . .

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  but I guess there wouldnt be any bad in it" Sam said while tapping his foot on the floor. "Michael! Cmon! Let me see!" Yelled Eric. "No,you go and listen by the door or something. . . "I looked back towards Sam's parents bedroom,towards my shock,Sam had his hand running up along his mother naked leg. "Honey,Ive seen you masturbating to homosexual pornography also. . . are you,gay?" Asked his mom. "Umm,I was just looking" Replied Sam with a cautious voice,suddenly Sam's father dropped his robe. "Sam,no need to hold back on your sexualities,touch me wherever you want to" His dad said in a fatherly voice. "Dad. . .

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  . mom,I dont know if we should do this" Said Sam"Sam. . . listen,we wont do this if you dont want to,but we will if you want to. Its all about you Sam" His mother asured him. "Alright. . . " Sam said. "Ok! Lets begin!" said his mom. "Yes,lets being" his dad said cheerfully. Sams mother took off her robe,exposing her hairless pussy. "Dad,Im not gay. .

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  . " Said Sam. "Thats ok Sam,Ill just. . . . watch. " Said Jeff"Touch my pussy Sam,rub it for me"End of part one. Part two will be released depending on my ratings. For more great stories check out the forums http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/index. php?or our new story site www. bluestories. com.

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