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Topic: Showing WifeMy husband dared me to wear a light sundress to the mall to buy some shoes. I can’t refuse a dare! I wasn’t allowed to wear any underwear under the dress, and I wasn’t supposed to make any special attempt to hold it in place or fix it should I be showing too much. I was wearing the dress, a pair of sandals and nothing else. The dress was western style, light blue and had a faint white pattern running through it. It had a loose neckline that just showed the top of my breasts. I wasn’t that bad, but I was in trouble if I bent over. It had buttons all the way down the front and they were unbuttoned to just above my mid-thigh. The material was very thin but the pattern kind hid the fact that I didn’t have anything on under it. Well sort of, I thought. My husband drove me to the mall. It was hot and humid and kind of drizzling rain but nothing to worry about. I felt a couple of wind gusts as we approached a group of people walking out the entrance but I don’t think they saw anything but a little leg as the wind caught my skirt, but I could feel their eyes checking me out as we walked past. The cool air in the mall made my nipples quite hard and I knew that they were noticeable under the thin material. Their slight wobble as I walked only added to the sensation and drew even more attention to the fact I didn’t have a bra on. I was really nervous when we walked into the shoe store and looked around. My husband picked out a pair cowboy boots.

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  I sat down and instinctively kept my legs together, but the front of my dress opened almost to my crotch. I quickly crossed my legs, which caused it to ride up even further. The salesman came and kneeled right in front of me, as my husband pretended to be busy at a distance. There was this awkward nervousness in both our actions as I stretched my leg for him to measure my foot. There was no way to uncross my legs without revealing myself to him. I really didn’t want to flash him but was coming to the reality that it was inevitable. He had to know already that I was braless from the twin points poking through my top, not to mention the dark outline of my areolas. I uncrossed my legs and he proceeded to hold my calf to slip the boot on my right foot. This caused my legs to part and I knew that my pussy was exposed to him. I thought the guy’s eyes were going to pop out as he caught a glimpse of my pussy. I have to admit that the reaction sent more than a couple of waves of excitement through me. I could feel my pussy lips swelling and getting wet. I didn’t say a thing, nor did he, as I tried to act natural and presented my other foot. The shocked look didn’t escape my husband’s attention as he continued to pretend to look at shoes and watched what was going on with me. The salesman was doubly nervous as he did my left foot.


   Not a word was said. I think he was in shock. Well he finally finished and I walked around a little before telling him I’d take them. I let him take the shoes off, feeling a little embarrassment as he tried to act natural despite looking at my swollen pussy. I paid for the shoes and left the store with my husband. Once I calmed down it seemed rather funny and we laughed about it as we went to get something to eat. We walked over to a restraint that was across the parking lot from the mall. I had just calmed myself down when my husband asked me to undo one more button, which I reluctantly did. After that, the feeling of the wind playing with my dress started to get me excited all over again. The hostess directed us to a booth which was just fine with me. I certainly didn’t want to be at a table in the middle of the floor. We had a glass of wine and a nice lunch. Nothing exciting happened until we were ready to leave. As we finished up, I noticed that it was getting extra dark like a storm was coming in. We tried to hurry up and beat the rain and get back to the mall before the rain moved in.

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   We paid and walked to the exit just as it started to sprinkle. Now the wind was more than just caressing me through the dress. It was blowing it all over the place and if anyone had been looking they would have had quite a view which is exactly what my husband wanted. It was about three hundred yards back to the mall which seemed like quite a bit right now. Before I knew it my husband was off. I followed and did not hold the dress down as we hurried along. About halfway there it really started to pour and I began to run. It didn’t take but a couple of seconds before I was completely soaked. My dress was clinging to me and had turned virtually transparent. I was so intent on running that I didn’t have a chance to look down until I reached the entrance to the mall. That’s when I noticed. I was all but naked and the mall was filled with people. The dress was completely soaked and sticking to me like a second skin. Only this skin wasn’t hiding a thing. My breasts were clearly showing and a blind man could make out my nipples.

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   The middle of the dress clung to my stomach with my belly button highlighting my abs. My shaved pussy was clearly visible through the soaked material. In the back the dress clung to my ass as though I was wearing a thong. My husband said if I wanted we could wait for the rain to let up and leave.  
So we stood there watching the rain come pouring down. No one was coming in, but it wasn’t long before people started to come to the door to leave. Because of the heavy rain everyone stopped and no one left. It didn’t take long before a small crowd had formed and it didn’t take them but a moment to spot me off to the side. I felt like I was standing there naked with all eyes riveted on me. By then I was starting to get excited all over again. The longer it rained the more people collected. And I could hear the murmur of comments floating around directed at what I was wearing. My nipples were has hard as little sticks by then and my lower lips were quite swollen as a warm feeling descended all over me despite the coolness of my rain soaked outfit. The rain showed no sign of letting up. Finally some more brazen teenagers came over to get a closer look.

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   I was trying to ignore their rude comments. Finally I heard an older lady commenting, saying something to the extent. “oh my” or “well I’ve never. ” I told my husband that I had to get out of there, but he wasn’t moving until the rain let up. Finally, the rain seemed to lighten up for a moment and a couple of people started to make a run for it. I turned to my husband and told him again that I had to get out of there. He said okay and we raced towards the car.