Watching Barry and Chantille (Part One)


My little sister Chantille is 23 and is a kindergarten teacher at a local school. She came to live with me when she got the teaching job a couple of months ago. We live in a pretty expensive apartment complex in Florida. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches, and about 107 pounds in weight, Chantille has long wavy brunette hair, a gorgeous light tan all over, deep hazel-blue eyes, a perfect smile, breasts of about 36C in size, really long slender legs, and a perfectly toned heart shaped ass that apparently has never known the affects of gravity. To sum it up Chantille is just about drop-dead gorgeous.

Barry is a young man who lives on the floor below us. He is 25 years old (a year younger than me), about 6 feet tall and pretty well built. He has dark brown hair and a slight tan. Barry has had the hots for Chantille since the first time he saw her jogging. Barry and I had been friends for a while since he didn’t really know anyone else when he first moved out here. I knew he was a good guy and I knew he would be good for Chantille so I wanted them to hook up but Chantille was kind of “hesitant” about it.

Chantille was always annoyed when Barry used to come over because I usually got home late. We’d send food over to him sometimes and he’d really appreciate Chantille's cooking. He would say things like, “Her food is just as beautiful as her. ” Despite all these compliments Chantille just wouldn’t give Barry a chance.

Eventually Barry and I devised a plan where Barry would get some action.

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   Although it might sound like pimping, it didn’t really feel that way. It seemed more like breaking the ice – for both of them. I left the front door unlocked one night so that Barry could come in and “surprise” Chantille. I told my sister that I had some pending work to take care of so I would come home in the morning. I actually came back in through my bedroom window when I knew Chantille was asleep.

When Barry came in that night, I came out of my room through the balcony door (I have a door in my room that opens to the balcony which is commonly shared by my sister and myself). I opened the door just a bit so I could hear what was going on. As I peered into her room, I saw that the ever gorgeous Chantille was asleep wearing only a t-shirt and her pink panties. Barry sat down beside her and kissed her on the cheek. She woke up with a start and let out a scream. Barry quickly kissed her again, this time on the lips, so all you could hear were her soft moans of protest. Chantille broke free and asked him how he got here and he explained that I had forgotten the key. Then she asked him to leave.

He said no way and that he wanted to spend some time with her. Now he pushed her back down onto the bed, got on top of her and forcefully frenched her.

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   Soon Chantille was subdued and she was kissing him back slowly and moaning softly.

Barry got up after a while, unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. His monstrous cock stood out pointing straight at Chantille. The first thing Chantille said is “Oh my God! I can’t do this Barry. Please, it’s too big. ”

Barry replied by saying, “Don't worry, nothing will happen, you’ll enjoy it. ” Then what followed was the most surprising thing that could have happened, my beautiful little sister closed her eyes and slowly opened her mouth real wide for Barry. He put his hands through her hair and cupped the back of her head and pushed his long dick into her open mouth. Barry’s penis must have been a good 10 or 11 inches long so as soon as it was in about half way Chantille started to gag. Barry kept pulling Chantille’s head closer until his entire shaft was invisible. I guess it must have been great since Barry let out a loud moan. I could even hear the noises coming from his cock moving back and forth in Chantille’s mouth. Remember Chantille was still lying on her back and Barry was basically on top of her fucking her mouth so she couldn’t get out from under him. After a short while Chantille wrapped her arms around Barry and actually helped him fuck her mouth. All of the sudden Barry pushed down into Chantille’s throat and stayed there.

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   I could tell he was enjoying the way Chantille’s throat must have felt around his thick member. Chantille started gagging so he pulled out. She coughed a bit and retched up a pretty large amount of pre-cum and spat it on the floor.

Then Barry told her that he wanted to fuck her now. So he pulled off her t-shirt and panties and threw them on the floor. They kissed a little and Barry groped Chantille's beautiful breasts and ass. Barry opened his mouth and lowered it on to one of Chantille’s huge tits and started sucking on her nipple. Chantille moaned in ecstasy as Barry suckled on her. After about 5 minutes Barry told her to lie down. Chantille looked afraid and had tears in her eyes but she did as she was told since she knew there was no other way.

With that said and done he got on top of her with his monster cock pointing straight out again, and he put Chantille's legs on either side of his shoulders and kissed her, she kissed him back. He then positioned his dick on her tiny pussy. I could see the tears in her eyes building as he slowly pushed into her. It was a beautiful sight. Her tiny pussy opened up and stretched a lot to take him in.

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   Chantille began to scream with pain. It was a wonderful sight to see her pussy split. By now she was screaming and crying pretty openly. He kept pushing and penetrating her and she continued to scream.

Suddenly Barry pushed harder and Chantille went crazy. She kept screaming and also began pinching her nipples. Again he pushed harder; it went in nearly half way and she shrieked again. Chantille now had tears flowing freely and she bit on her lower lip. It was a beautiful sight to see her little pussy being invaded. Then Barry pulled out of her, which was a sight to behold.

Chantille’s pussy was stretched wide open, so much so that I could see inside it a bit, but soon Barry put it back in. He first went in about half way and then to Chantille's surprise he gave a really hard push. I saw his balls slap against her toned ass as he entered her completely. Chantille really screamed now, “Barry!!!!! It’s pushing against my womb!!”

“Don't worry, its all in now,” he reassured her, and with that he started pulling out slowly and pushing back in. Chantille was in so much pain, but she began to kiss Barry and she wrapped her arms around her legs and pulled them closer to her, as Barry started doing her faster and harder.

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   Chantille was screaming a lot more now but she still squealed from time to time, whenever Barry did her too deeply.

Chantille’s ass was a sight to be seen in this position. Because her legs were pulled back so much, her beautiful flawless ass was curved upwards. Barry’s thick penis was perpendicular to Chantille’s front end so it basically came straight up and went straight back down into her again.

Then Barry got on his toes and literally started slamming into her. Chantille squealed every time he hammered down. Her pussy was all red now but Barry’s cock was glistening so I guess it must have been lubricated well. Barry’s stokes had become very long too; he’d pull it out all the way until only the head was in and then he’d ram his whole 11 inches back inside again. Chantille was crying, screaming and kissing. I was so happy watching Chantille enjoying the fucking of her life that few else could probably have given her. She was screaming, “Baarrryy!!! Aaaaaaahh oooohhhhhhh,” and squealing while Barry would kiss her and French her from time to time.

While Chantille was getting fucked hard, it was wonderful to see her large breasts bounce up and down. She was also moving her head from side to side moaning and biting her lips. Her bright red pussy lips clenched Barry's cock and her perfectly sexy slender feet shook with each thrust as they were perched on Barry’s wide shoulders, who was licking and kissing Chantille’s neck while he pummeled her. He had wrapped his long arms around her body for leverage.

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Barry continued mercilessly ramming in and out of her until he said “I'm going to come!”

Chantille let go of her legs and tightly wrapped them around his waist, and at the same time put her arms around him too. Finally I heard Barry grunt and Chantille was like, “aaaaaaaah, aaaaahhhhh, aaaaaaahhhh mmmmm, ohhh Barryyyyyyy. ” Their thrusts had slowed down and I knew Barry must be coming deep inside Chantille. Barry strengthened his hold on Chantille so he could get as deep inside of her as possible, which made Chantille scream like a banshee. The guy just kept cumming for nearly 30 seconds. Chantille said, “Oh Barry there’s so much, I'm full with your come, I can feel it. ” They kept kissing and I could see some of Barry’s seed leaking from the sides of Chantille’s ravaged pussy. Then with one final kiss Barry pulled out his cock and got up. Chantille's pussy had been stretched so wide that Barry’s semen just flowed out of it. Chantille could hardly stand when she got up and she would have fallen had Barry not caught her. It was a beautiful sight watching them as he laid her on the bed and gently stroked her cheek. As Barry dressed he kissed her some more and thanked her and Chantille kissed him back. After a little while I peeped again to Chantille's room again to find that she had fallen asleep already and that there was a distinct smile of satisfaction on her face.

After that night Barry and Chantille started dating, and they always fucked passionately after each one. As a matter of fact I saw them another time but that’s another story.

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