Maria and Anna


I had been to the strip joint several times, at different times. I found that early in the day was best because the girls on day shift are more likely to fuck. First, it was teena, then deeanne. Then, I hit a dry spell. Luckily, Maria started working there. She caught my eye because she's so small.
Standing only four eight, it didn't matter to me that she was wearing the cheapest piece of lingerie you ever saw in your life. She was Mexican, but light skinned with facial features that made her look asian. She was an adult, but it was difficult for me to ascertain her age. She wobbled over to me. She slid into my lap. "You like company, yes?" she asked. "Sure" I replied.
We struggled through several minutes of conversation. She wasn't very smart. We just hustled to the part where she asked me for a dance.

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   "Sure" I agreed. She took off the sea green top revealing a very small pair of breasts topped with puffy undefined nipples. She had no problem with me touching those, or placing them in my mouth, but she wriggled everytime I touched her twat. After sixty bucks, I called it quits. I went back to the club a week later.
Maria was there again. We went through the same motions again. She had learned a little. This time, during her dance, she got down on her knees and played with my dick through my pants. I started to unzip. She immediately stopped me by climbing on my lap. She wiggled around some more and still played coy with her pussy. On the third trip, I finally got her to show me her pussy. She briefly showed me two plump bare pussy lips. When I reached out, she quickly hid her pussy.

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I sloid my finger along her slit, through her panties. "Maria, I want some of this" I told her. "You want some panocha?" "Yes" I replied. She shook her head. "We no do this here, you want panocha, we go somewhere else". I made arrangements to meet her after shift. She met me outside work and had me drive her to a shitty looking apartment complex. Upstairs, she had a small one bedroom apartment.
There wasn't any real furniture to speak of. A few broken pieces, and a mattress in her room where she had us undress. She wanted to be in control and lowered herself on to my dick. "Ohhh" she moaned as she took me in her. She put her tiny hands on my shoulders and worked her hips.
I squeezed her tits, then caressed her body. I wanted another position, and we sort of wrestled until I got her on all fours.

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   I grasped her tiny hips and pounded her until I came. I layed next to her. "You like?" she asked. "Oh yeah", I told her. Then we laid there quietly. I must have dozed a bit because I was only aware of a door closing. I opened my eyes to see a girl standing in the bedroom dorway. She looked like Maria, but much younger. Mama?" the girl asked, a very confused look on her face. Maria got up and ushered the girl away from the room.
I got up and got dressed. I walked into the next room. Maria was in the kitchen, wearing a T shirt. The girl smiled at me in a polite, but quizzical way. She was a cutie, having all of her mother's beauty.

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   I went into the kitchen and discreetly paid Maria. I didn't see her again for a week.
This time, she managed to get off of work early. We went to her place again, this time for a longer sex session. We were dressed when the girl came in. Maria introduced the girl as her daughter Anna. She was twelve, stood four six, and had little bumps on her chest that I imagined were like her mother's. I told Maria that I thought Anna was pretty and I'd like to take pictures of her at my studio. I offered Maria the same rate I paid her for sex. Maria lit up and we made arrangements to have Maria bring her to my studio the next afternoon.
Actually, I only dabbled in photography, but I was renting the studio for next to nothing. I had shot a couple of models in a couple of close to proffesional shoots, so I had some ideas when Maria and Anna arrived. The studo has three sets, one looking like a living room, a kitchen, and a bedroom. I had Anna come in the door leading to the living room, where appearing as if she just came from school, I had her strip down to her underwear. Then I had her go to the dressing room and put on a sheer babydoll nightie.

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   I next posed Anna in the kitchen where I had her pretend to be thirsty and do several cleaning tasks after pretending to spill water. Next, I had her put on a black nightie, and posed her in the living room, pretending to read and watch TV. Finally, I had her put on a two piece blue nightie and prepare for bed in the bedroom. The climax came when I had her start to tease the camera by showing me her shoulders, then pretending to strip before climbing into bed.
I finished the shoot and paid Maria. I saw Maria three days later. After our fuck session, I told her I'd like to shoot Anna again, this time in the nude. Maria got a concerned look on her face. I assured her that since she would be there, nothing would happen. She reluctantly agreed. The next day at the studio, I had Anna come in the living room door again, and undress, only this time, more deliberately.
I had her in her underwear in the kitchen. I had her open the fridge door, then teasingly take off the bra. I had to fight my excitement the first time I saw her tiny breasts. Her nipples were large, like her mother's, but more defined.


   I had her playfully put milk on her nipples, then some strawberry glaze. Then I had her clean up before moving on to the bedroom. There I had her tease me with her waistband, before taking the panties off and climbing on the bed. I even got some great spread leg shots of her hairless pussy, then called it a day. I paid Maria, then drove them both home. I waited a week before I saw Maria again.
After our sex session, I made her ask if I wanted to shoot Anna again. "Sure" I told her. The next afternoon at the studio, I had Anna go straight to the bedroom. I had her seductively undress, then introduced her to sex toys. I had gone to a porno shop and bought the smallest toys they had. First, with a day glo orange vibrator, I had pretend to have oral sex with it before playing with her nipples, then playing with her pussy. It was a little more round than a pencil, and I got her to insert it in her tiny pussy. The other toys were too large for pussy, but I had her pretend with them anyway. The one that nearly made me came was the flesh colored dick shaped dildo.

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   I wanted to fuck her, but first things first.
After my next sex session with Maria, I made Maria ask if I was going to shoot Anna again. Of course I had plans, but I didn't tell Maria what they were. The next day, at the studio, I had Anna do another strip tease. I did the next series of shots from the looker's point of view. I sat on the couch and had Anna crawl on all fours to me. I had her open my zipper and take my dick out.
I could tell Maria was nervous, so I went slow. I had Anna open her mouth and take my dick, an inch at a time in her mouth. She was able to get most of it, before gagging. I then had her move to just giving me a handjob, making sure to have her press my dick to her cheek as I came. I shot my load all over her face. I cleaned her up and paid Maria. I went over to Maria's the next day. This time, we had a wild fuck, as she attacked me with energy, and the whole time I was imagining she was Anna.

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   We were spent, and had time for another fuck before Anna got home from school. We were still on the matress when Maria came in the room.
I asked Maria if it was alright if we rehearsed tomorrow's shoot at the studio for Anna. I had several positions in mind, and I wanted to see if everything worked. Maria said yes and the young preteen eagerly undressed. I had her get on all fours. I wet my middle finger and placed it on her asshole. I entered her , then added more spit. I wet the tip of my dick, then placed it next to her ass. Going slow, I got the head of my dick in. Anna yelped, and flinched. I pulled out.
Using the other hand, I then played with her pussy lips before placing my finger in her. I could feel some of her hymen, still there after the vibrator session. I was able to get the whole finger in.

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   I pulled it out, then readied my dick. I inserted just the head. Anna said "Aye", then asked her mother something in spanish. I pulled out, and had Anna lay on her back. What happened next unfolded like a kabuki play. We all played our parts, knowing the inevitable outcome.
I placed my dick at the entrance to her tiny pussy. I inserted just the head. Anna and I made eye contact. I inserted another inch, then paused. Then slowly, I continued into her before shad taken my entire length. Anna reached over and took her mother's hand. Slowly, I began pumping her tiny pussy. Her breathing increased and her tiny nipples became smaller as she became excited. I leaned over and kissed her.

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   The kiss became a smouldering kiss as she wrapped her arms around me in a bear hug. I pulled her up into a sitting position, working her hips as her tiny pussy worked my dick. I quickly became excited and shot my load in her.
I collapsed backwards as Anna laid on me. Maria leaned over and kissed me. , then rubbed her daughter's back. "More?" Maria asked. "I'm tired" I told her. "We eat, rest, then do more later, ok?" I nodded as Maria got up and left the room. Anna and I cuddled. We had fallen in love. I made plans to move the two of them into my place the next day. A love like this could no longer be allowed to wait.

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