My new hairstylist Yuriko


Topic: My new hairstylist YurikoI ran my hands through my hair as I look at myself in the rear-view mirror of my car.   "Damn, my hair is getting too long. . .   I guess, it's about time I get a haircut. "  Driving along the main street towards my house, I happen to pass by a new Japanese hair salon that looked like one of those trendy lounge bars.   It looked interesting, so I pulled over and decided to give this new place a try.   I walked in and was welcomed by a young, cute looking Japanese girl from behind the counter.   "Hello!  How can I help you?" she said in a sweet voice.   "Hi, I'd like to get a hair cut.   Do you have any available slots for me today?" I replied.   "Oh, you are lucky today.   Yuriko is free this afternoon and she will be able to help you.   Just wait here one moment, please. "As she walked out from behind the counter, I saw that she was wearing a short plaid skirt high above her knees with high-heel black boots, which made me think of a Japanese schoolgirl.   I watched her little ass sway back and forth as she walked towards the back.

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    I felt my blood pumping a little faster as I watched her shapely legs.   "I think I like this place already" I thought to myself.   A few minutes later, the cute girl came back to the front with another Japanese girl.   "Hi, this is Yuriko.   She will be serving you today. "  I think my jaw must have dropped when I saw Yuriko.   Whereas the first girl was cute, Yuriko was drop-dead gorgeous.   She looked no older than 19 years old.   She had a beautiful face with sexy, piercing Asian eyes and seductive red lips.   My eyes wandered down past her face and down to her ample 36C breasts hidden away by her thin silk blouse.   She wore tight blue jeans that hugged her curvy hips and slender long legs.   "Uhmm, Hi!  My name is Jake.   Very nice to meet you. "  I said as I locked gazes with Yuriko and smiled.   Yuriko shot a smile back as if to say she was pleasantly surprised by her unexpected afternoon appointment.

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    I definitely felt an attraction towards Yuriko and maybe she did too.   It wouldn't be improbable that she saw something she liked in me, since a lot of girls find me attractive.   I've been told I had a handsome face and all my hours in the gym and playing basketball has given me a nice body and a cut six-pack stomach.   I also have a thick 7 inch cock that has left more than a few girls shaking with pleasure and begging for more.   I glanced at Yuriko's amazingly round and tight buttocks as she turned around to lead me to her workstation.   I think the other Japanese girl must have caught me sneaking a peek, because she gave me a smirk when I looked back at her to thank her.   I followed Yuriko to the back of the salon.   The salon was outstandingly clean and was everything I expected from seeing the outside.   The walls were decorated with Japanese paintings and fancy graphics that gave the place that lounge-like appearance.   The chairs were all leather and looked very comfortable.   It must have a been a slow afternoon for the salon.   Other than Yuriko and I, there was only one other stylist finishing up with his client.   I sat down in one of the leather chairs facing a giant full-length mirror, as Yuriko stood behind me.   "So how would you like your hair cut?"  "Well, I think my hair is getting a bit too long.   I think I'm looking at bit scruffy.

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    Do you think you can make me look a bit more professional?"  I replied.   She looked at me from the mirror as she ran her hands all through my hair, checking the length in different places.   "Sure, no problem.   It shouldn't be that hard to make you look handsome. " she said as I watched her smile at me through the mirror.   For the next half hour, there were some heavy flirting between Yuriko and I.   A few times she walked around and bent down in front of me, running her fingers behind my ears to check the length of my side burns.   From that angle I had a perfect view of her cleavage from the top, which made me semi-hard in my pants.   I wondered if she noticed the tent starting to form in my jeans, or if she was too busy focusing on her work.   Another time, in order to get the little hairs out from behind my ears, she leaned in and blew softly into my ears.   "This might tickle a little bit" she giggled.   It just made me want her even more.   "It's time for me to wash your hair. " said Yuriko.   I stood up and started walking towards the cleaning stations behind me when Yuriko interrupted me.

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    "Oh no sorry, not here.   Let's use the one in the back room. "  She opened a door, turned around and gestured me to follow her in with her fingers.   I didn't know why we were going to the back room instead of the cleaning stations here, but I wasn't about to argue.   I followed Yuriko into the backroom, which consisted of only one cleaning station and shelves where they stored all of their clean towels.   "Have a seat here and relax. " said Yuriko.   She closed the door behind her and dimmed the lights.   "It's been such a slow day today, I was thinking I can make your appointment more interesting and pass the time. "  "What did you have in mind, Yuriko?" I said suggestively.   "Well, I saw you taking a peek at my top while I was cutting your hair.   Maybe you would like a better look?"  She walked over towards me.   I had my legs open while I was sitting down and Yuriko stood right between my legs.   "I would like more than just a look.   How about a feel?"  Yuriko smiled and began unbuttoning her silk blouse.

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    Her shirt dropped behind her, revealing a sexy laced bra.   She leaned in and straddled by waist with her long, lovely legs and pushed her breasts into my face.   The smell of perfume lingered between her beautiful breasts.   My arms involuntarily wrapped around her and pulled her body against my face, diving between her soft tits.   She gasped in pleasure as I kissed and sucked on the top of her breasts.   Through all of this fooling around, my cock was rock hard and straining in my jeans.   Yuriko must have felt it as she began grinding against it between her legs.   Fuck, it felt so good and scent of her was driving me crazy.   I unhooked her bra roughly and threw it aside.   I took each of her lovely round nipples into my mouth and sucked on them until I felt them harden.   Then I circled each of her nipples with my tongue, making Yuriko gasp even more.   Our lips locked  passionately as our tongues explored each other's mouths.    This made Yuriko even hornier, as she humped herself against my shaft harder and faster than before. It was getting hot and heavy, and my cock was aching to get out of its confinements.   In the heat of passion, I stood up with Yuriko still wrapped between my legs and our tongues still intertwined.

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    I turned around and placed Yuriko in the leather chair.   She looked up at me hungrily.   "MMmmm, I want to suck your dick.   Show me your cock, Jake. "  I undid my belt, unzipped my jeans and dropped my pants and boxers all in one motion.   Yuriko's eyes widened as my cock flopped out in front of her.   She licked her lips in approval.   She put her hand around my dick, getting a good feel for its girth.   "Nice, thick and veiny.   Just what I was hoping for. "  She teased the head with her tongue, flicking it and making it wet.   Next, she slid her tongue all the way down the shaft to my balls and then all the way back up.   Finally, she dove in hungily and wrapped her hot lips around my cock.   The instant sensation of her hot, wet mouth around my dick sent my head jolting backwards and almost sent me over the edge right there.   But I fought back to gain control, because I didn't want to cum in her mouth yet.

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    There was so much more I wanted to do with Yuriko, before I blew my load.   Yuriko sucked my dick like a pro, stroking my balls as she put the entire 7 inches down her throat.   She swirled her tongue while I was in her mouth which made my cock harder than ever before.   After about 10 minutes of Yuriko blowing my rock hard cock, I knew I needed to plow this sexy slut.   I backed up and gestured Yuriko to stand up, turn around and bend over on the chair.   She did what I said without hesitation.   "Take your jeans off and show me that dripping wet pussy of yours. "  She pulled down her jeans and revealed her smooth, round ass.   "Do you like what you see?"  Yuriko teased.   "Oh fuck, that looks amazing, Yuriko".   I pulled down her lacy panties revealing her perfectly pink and hairless pussy from behind.   I slid my fingers between her pussy lips.   She was so wet, she must have really wanted a good fuck.   "I want to see if you taste as good as you look, Yuriko""Mmmm. .

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  .   go for it, baby.   Taste me.   My cunt is dripping wet and it's all because of you. "  I spread her ass cheeks wide open and shoved my face right into her hot box.   I just went at it like a hungry savage, shoving my tongue deep into her while my lips sucked at her wet pussy lips.   Yuriko was getting even more wet as I sucked at her pussy.   My mouth, my face was all covered with Yuriko's sweet juices and she tasted amazing.   "Oh fuck Jake, your making me feel so horny.   I can't take it anymore.   Please fuck me!  Please shove that fat cock inside of me.   I need to you to fill me up with your manhood!".   I couldn't take it any more either.   I got behind her and without easing it in, I plunged my entire 7 inch cock deep into her throbbing snatch.   Yuriko arched her body and moaned loudly with pleasure.

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    "Oh my god Jake, your cock feels even bigger inside of me.   Fuck me hard.   I need it so badly. "  I plowed into her with wild abandonment.   I held on firmly to Yuriko's tight ass cheeks as I thrusted myself deeper into her tight meat wallet.   She matched me stroke for stroke, backing her ass into me.   We fucked at a frenzied pace, like two wild animals in heat.   "Fuck me like a dirty slut, Jake.   You're driving me crazy with that thick throbbing cock. "  I grabbed her long black hair and pulled her head back as I fucked her like a stallion.   Our bodies slapped against each other with every thrust into her voluptuous ass.   Each stroke carried so much momentum that my balls slapped against her soft pussy lips, sending Yuriko to new heights of ecstasy.   Her moans got heavier and faster, until finally she screamed, "Oh god, oh god, I'm going to cuuuu. . .

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    I'm cumming!  UhhhhhHHH!!!"  She screamed and moaned as the pleasure sent shock waves through her body.   Hearing her cum, sent me over the edge.   "Oh fuck, Yuriko - I'm going to cum too. "  "Uhhhh. . .   I want your cum.   Cum inside my pussy!!!" screamed Yuriko. "Oh fuck, uhhh - here it is!"  I arched my body and delivered my final thrust as I shot my hot load deep into Yuriko's cunt.   My cock shot load after load of my thick jizz.   It seemed like I was cumming forever as my cock jerked and pulsated inside Yuriko.   Yuriko's body squirmed and spasmed as she was still recovering from her intense orgasm.   "Uhhh. . .


    that felt so good, baby.   I can feel so much of your warm cum inside me.   You really filled me up. "  She collapsed over the chair as I stood there with my eyes closed, still relishing the feeling of cumming into her hot love tunnel.    After a few more seconds, I pulled out of her pussy and white jizz immediately started streaming out of her pussy and down between her thighs.   "Mmm. . .   so much cum, Jake.   You must have wanted to fuck me really badly. "  Yuriko said slyly.   "Oh, you have no idea. "  I smiled back.   We quickly got dressed and walked out of the back room.   Everything looked like business as usual, as we walked up to the front counter together.

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    The cute girl at the front smiled at me as I paid her for the hair cut.   "You look very handsome with your new haircut, Jake.   I hope you come back to see us soon.   Maybe I can help Yuriko with your haircut next time. " she said with a wink.   I smiled back and looked over at Yuriko, who was standing there looking flushed but satisfied.   "I'll see you both again soon. " .