School dayz


 It started at the beginning of this year. there was a girl name steph who was about 5'2 with the perkiest tits and the nicest ass ever. she would walk around the class shaking her ass and grindin on all the boys in the class.   there was this one boy name peter who she would give extra attention to.   she would do to him every class and squeze on his but. one day she did this and he squeezes on her but.   she gets this real erotic look in her eyes. she says come to the back of the class during the film. peter can't wait til the films start. he goes to the back of the class and sits down.   steph come and looks at him and licks her lips. she unzipps his pants and taked out his 6 inch dick.   she starts sucking on it immediately.   he moans in pleasure hopin no one else in the class heard him.   she takes off her shirt and starts to rub on her nipples.   they get hard and and he grabs her ass through her skirts.

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    she takes off her panties and sicks on his dick and moans as it enters her ass. she rides his black cock and starts to moan. the bell rings and she gets of and tells her to meet him in the bathroom.   as they go in the bathrom they go to a stall and she takes his cock out and starts giving him a blow job.   he turns her around and sticks his dick up his ass. he starts pounding it and slapping her ass. she tells him she is about to come he says me to. she says come in my ass so thats what he does.   they walk out of the bathroom and before she turns the corner he gives her a hard slap across her ass.
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