Sexual Encounters: My Life Chapter 6


It was on our way home we spotted Danny and some friends hanging out in front of an old barbershop. We pulled alongside them and asked if they needed a ride. Danny got into the front seat with Sarah while I climbed into the back to sit next to his friend. I had never met him before, but knew immediately that I wanted to get better aquainted. He was about an inch shorter than me and built as they say, 'like a foorball player'. I glanced over at him and took in his crooked smile and low cut curls and fell in love. As we drove them to the other side of town I caught him staring down my shirt. I was sitting forward, allowing my shirt to fall open at the collar, so he could see the deep valley of my breasts. He looked up then and I smiled before quickly turning away to look out the window. I wanted him to make a move. I knew I wanted to fuck him. When we reached their destination and they got out of the car I was disappointed. The next day we had somehow managed to get our step-father to let us use the car again. It wasn't that our parents were easy on us when it came to punishments but I think they prefered to trust us than have us around the house all day grounded. So our lateness the night before was forgiven and we were allowed to use the car once more. As we drove from one end of the city to the next looking for guys, we passed Danny and a group of his friends broken down in a store parking lot.

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   I was happy to see the boy from the night before was also with them. We stopped and they asked us for a ride back into town. The car was a 5 seater and with me and Sarah already in the car there was room for only 3 of them. However, there were 5 of them there. "My brother is gonna kill me when he finds out I took his car. " one tall, skinny white boy complained. "Look, if you want to crowd into the backseat it's up to you. But if we get pulled over I was just helping you guys out. " Sarah finally relented. So the five of them climbed uncomfortably into the back. Three of the guys asked to be let out at a car parts store so they could try to get their broke down hoopty running again. "You riding with me, Jamarr?" Danny asked my newest infatuation. So his name was Jamarr. I liked that name, I decided dreamily as we made our way back to Danny's house. Danny's mother wasn't home yet and he didn't have his house keys on him so we went across the street to a neighbors house.

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   I later learned this was the home of the white kid that had been with them earlier. Sarah let us out at the front door and then said she was going to find a parking space. Once inside, I noticed the house was a mess. The furniture was shabby and there was trash everywhere. I checked for stains before sitting on the edge of the sunken, tan sofa. Danny and Jamarr sat on opposite sides next to me. They both started to rub me at the same time. I couldn't help but think this had all been planned. When Danny saw I was into what they were doing he stood up and suggested we move things upstairs. The bedroom was no better than the rest of the house I had seen. There was an unmade mattress thrown in the center of the room and nothing else. It looked clean enough. . . there weren't any stains as far as I could tell.

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   I lay down on the bed and waited for Danny and Jamarr to join me. Danny wasted no time in removing my jeans and before long I felt his hand carressing my damp pusy through my pink panties. Jamarr was clumsily pawing at my breasts, before changing his tactics and slipping a finger into the side band of my undies and into my hot slit. I moaned. Danny got up as he heard my sister open the front door and went downstairs to keep her company. Alone, Jamarr had more confidence and he slid another digit into my cunt. I moaned louder and pushed against his probing touch. "Oh God yessssss. . . " I hissed, allowing him to slide the constricting under cloth from my squirming body with his free hand. My legs fell open involunteerily, giving him easier access to my waiting pussy. He removed his juice covered fingers and raised them to my lips, groaning as I sucked them into my mouth, cleaning them. He then shifted his weight until he was kneeling between my thighs, his knees resting against my my ass cheeks. He grabbed my hips and lifted me so I was even with the bulge in his pants.

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   I reached between us and attempted to unzip him, desperate to feel him inside me. After a few failed tries he pushed my hand aside and unzipped himself. His jeans and boxers were shoved past his thighs and left puddled at his knees. I stared openly at the beautiful black cock before me, estimating it to be about 7 inches long with a nice girth. He leaned forward and his meaty pole began its journey into my young cunt. It easily slipped between the folds of my slit, lubricated with his precum and earlier atentions. Another thrust forward sent 2 more iches inside me. "I wanted to fuck you when I first met you!" I admitted, overwhelmed with lust. With those words he lunged forward in one swift movement and buried his hard cock deep inside me. I cried out as he began his assult on my tender fuck box. He pounded at my pussy, deternined to make me scream. I wrpapped my legs tightly around his back and forced him further inside me. "Fuck me. . .


   fuck my white pussy with your big black cock. . . hurt me. . . uhhhhhh. . . yes. . . do it!" I moaned, not caring what I was saying or what he thought of me. "Harder!" I demanded, rising to meet his thrusts. "Harder!"Before long I felt his body stiffen and spurt after spurt of his baby making sperm was unloaded into my womb.

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   "Fuck yes, fuck meeeee!" I screamed, cumming hard on his semi hard cock. Something about the feeling of warm cum coating my walls drove me wild. As I returned to reality he slid from my used pussy and told me to wait there. I heard him bound down the stairs and lay there waiting for him to return. After a few minutes I heard someone approaching. Only it wasn't Jamarr who poked his head around the corner of the door frame, but Danny. "Hey. " he said, coming into the room. "Yeah?" I asked, my eyebrows forming a confused expression. Danny didn't reply but began unbuckling his belt. I had never slept wih two guys in the same night before this, but the idea interested me. So I watched as Danny removed his jeans and yanked his t-shirt over his head. He came to me and without a word pushed my legs up until my knees were resting against my chest. With one thrust he was buried in my cum filled cunt. He was wearing a large gold medallion and as he fucked me it bounced across my tits and in my face.

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   I turned my head and closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations my friends cock was stirring within me. .