The High Life


The High Life
“How the fuck did I get here?” I was asking myself while trying to keep up with Chell and dodge the feds. I mean last month everything was cool. I had just started a new job, I had a man; all was right with the world. That is when it all started. My man had some issues, many of them were internal, but one external problem that bugged the shit out of me every time I thought about it. That bitch he had his son by, I hated that bitch and she hated me. I didn’t break them up, all her secrecy and lies broke them up. But I knew that he was missing his son, so I agreed to let them come to spend some time at the house and that is when my whole world changed.
Before I get too deep into the story I should back up and talk about how I got this new “job”. It wasn’t exactly a nine to five. But the money was better than anything I could find at the time even though I was college educated. TK was a local dealer in the hood, he spotted me and my best friend Chell dancing at a club one night and decided that he liked our look. He invited us back to his hotel, no sleazy motels for him. No he was living large, he took us to the JW Marriot in DC where he and some of business associates were set up in the penthouse. He told Chell and me that we were gonna put on a show, and if he liked what he saw that we would get paid, in addition to getting real jobs from him. Chell is about 5’3, brown skinned with hazel eyes and weighs about 140.

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   Her pearly whites were as straight as an arrow and she had a personality to die for, she is the coolest girl I have ever met. And me well I’m a little taller and a little bigger standing at 5’7 and weighing about 165 and I look damn good in and out of my clothes. I am also very chocolate with an ass so round I get cat calls even when I am going to church. The show we put on not only landed us the job but landed me the job of being TK’s newest conquest.
So there we were in the middle of the room, on the circular bed that this suite was famous for. Chell’s warm breath felt so exotic on my skin; I felt her hands all over me, they felt like silk. She was rubbing her chest against me, and fondling my breasts through my clothes. That is when the mental telepathy that we share kicked in once again. We both got off the bed and walked over to TK. , each one of us sitting with our crotches directly on his thighs. We started to lick both sides of his neck and nibble his ears. He took a breast from each of us and started to rub and play with the nipples. When that got to be too much for the both of us, we got up and started a seductive strip tease for this very powerful man. I could see in his eyes that not only would we get our money for tonight but whatever real job he had for us was in the bank too.
As we started to undress each other I could feel the moisture in my thongs overflowing to dripping wet.

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   When the majority of the clothes were gone I stepped to the side to get something out of my purse. A little toy that I always happen to carry around, I stay prepared for all situations. Chell smiled as TK and his cohorts looked at us with widened eyes as I turned around to put on the fat, black 10 inch dick. When I got it strapped on I turned my attentions back to Chell. I took one nipple then the other in my mouth and sucked hard. She let out a moan that shot straight down my spine; I love it when she does that. I kissed down the tattoo on her stomach that said “ Paris ’s girl”, and on to her navel. I flicked the ring in her bellybutton and grabbed a hold of it with my teeth. While I was doing this I already had two fingers buried in her dripping wet pussy. I used my thumb to bring her to the brink of orgasm. I moved my face lower to her neatly trimmed mound and kissed it. Then lower still I found her clit on the first flick of my pierced tongue. Shivers went up her spine and I could feel her orgasm riding up from deep inside her body. I worked her clit with my tongue and fingered her until she said my name over and over again. I slowed my pace and when her orgasm subsided I got on top of her and buried my dick deep into her pussy in one long stoke.


   I hit bottom and punished her g-spot. With long deliberate strokes I pounded her, not to hurt but just to let her know exactly whose pussy this really was. I stayed on top for a few minutes, but decided that out little show needed more.
I pulled her up by the hair and kissed her hard and long. Then we went back   to TK, who by this time already had his fat 12 inch monster in his hand and was slowly stroking it. I put Chell on her knees and made her suck me first. Just to give him a hint of what he was about to get. He laughed out loud when he saw that Chell could take the whole ten inches without gagging. I told him to take his jeans down and then I had Chell bend over and take his dick in her mouth. As she did so I positioned myself behind her. And just as he was feeling the expert blowjob that I had taught her to give, I put my monster back into her pussy. And there we were, in unison, getting each other off. Riding the high off the music, liquor and weed from earlier, and the sexual electricity from the moment. His dick in her mouth and my dick in her pussy we fucked her from both ends with her loving every minute of it. As another shattering orgasm rocked her body, she sucked him harder and wiggled her pussy on me until they both came with a scream.

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As we were on the way out the door, we said bye to the guys and kissed TK. He thanked us for the show and told us we were hired. “ Paris ! Hold up a minute” I heard him call after me as we were going out the door. He trotted up and handed me a piece of paper with an address on it and told us to be there the following night at 10 pm sharp. I said cool and closed the door. On the way home Chell and I split up the two grand we were given and pondered the night. The biggest question in our minds was what was the job that we were going to be doing. We pulled over in a parking lot for a quickie on the way home because we were both still reeling from all of the night’s events. What started out to be just a simple night out would come to shape all the events of the month ahead. Little did we know exactly what we were in for.
We arrived at 10 sharp the next night, we saw some of the faces that we had seen the night before and there were some that were new. But the one face that was missing was TK’s. He came strolling in about 10 minutes later all smiles. I think it was only then that I noticed that we were the only women in the room. He came over to both of us and kissed us remarking how good we looked.

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   Chell had on skin tight jeans, boots and a sweat shirt. I was in my regular sweat pants and t-shirt with basketball shoes. I had my shoulder length hair swept back and under a baseball cap. We sat through the meeting listening and asking few questions, as it was almost spoken that we were all on a need to know basis. After the guys left to take their positions on the block TK, Chell and I sat down for a little meeting of our own. He showed us the back room, where all his surveillance equipment was kept. And he told us the real reason why we were there. He told us that he thought there were some moles among his men and even someone who he suspected of talking to the DEA. Our job was to find out who they were. We accepted. The money was good and working for this man would be highly satisfying in all sorts of ways.
TK had given Chell the night off with a couple of hundred for her time. He told me that he still had things to talk with me about. “First off” he said, “who ever that muthafucka is that I saw you with the other day, he’s gone, break that shit off, cause I don’t want to have to kill nobody. I’m a hustler not a murderer”.

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   I said ok and made the phone call. Shit he was doing me a favor. That dude was on his way out the door anyway.
After the phone call he told me that he loved the way I dressed. He said the sexiest women were those who didn’t put their business out in the street by dressing like sluts. He took off my baseball cap and grabbed me by the hair pulling me close to him in a rough but sensuous kiss. He broke the kiss and walked to the door and shut it. He took me to the back room and closed and locked that door too. I didn’t notice the bed in there before but I did when I felt myself being pushed on to it. Once on the bed TK undressed but left me fully clothed, he kneeled over me and started kissing me again. He was stroking his huge chocolate dick and telling me how good I looked last night. As he talked about last night my pussy got wet and his dick got harder. He undressed me starting from the bottom. He licked my toes as he took my shoes and socks. He kissed and bit my thighs as he took my sweats.

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   He left my thong on saying that he was saving the best for last. He kissed my stomach and the tattoo that said “Chell’s girl”. As he took by bra off he sucked my nipples and they hardened under his expert flicks. He spread my long legs and lifted me up so that my ass was almost off the bed. He slid in my wet pussy little by little. He laughed saying that my pussy was extra tight and the man before him must not have been handling business, he was right. With my legs on his shoulders he stroked me long and slow. Making sure that I could feel every ripple on his 12 inch dick. It felt so fucking good. Every time he hit bottom I would moan and say his name. He loved that shit the more I said his name the faster he went.   He picked up the pace until he was pounding in and out of me like an oil well. As my orgasm was building he took my legs off his shoulders and put his arms under my legs spreading me as far as I could go. He locked my arms down with his hands and rammed me so hard I thought he was going to come out the other side. It hurt slightly but the ecstasy of it all felt much better.

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We both climaxed at the same time and since we were not using a condom his cum flowed out of me and down my thighs. TK handed me a rag and towel and pointed me to the bathroom that I had never noticed either. Shit what was I doing?! If I was going to keep this job I needed to pay more attention to details and my surroundings. I turned the shower on, the heat of the water felt good. Just the shower curtain opened and TK stepped in. Round two.
He took me standing behind me with my breasts pressed up against the wall of the shower. He grabbed me by the neck choking me slightly while pushing further up my hole. He moved faster while the water rushed over us. Then it happened, we were both so hot that we lost our footing, fell backwards and hit the wall. As we were falling his dick slipped from my pussy. When we hit the wall it sent 7 of his 12 inches straight up my ass. I screamed in pain but was somehow turned on. He apologized and went to pull out, but I said no leave it in. Let me get used to it first.

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   So we stayed in the position for a minute or two and I got used to my asshole being filled almost beyond capacity. Then I started to move, humping him and pulling his dick in and out of my ass. Then I bent over and put my hands on the shower walls. TK took over he grabbed my shoulder with one hand and my hair with the other and stroked his seven inches in and out of my loosening asshole. It started to feel good so I humped him back filling me more and more with his dick by the time eleven of his twelve inches were in my ass his started to cum and forced the last inch into me. He let go of my hair and rubbed my clit with his fingers we came together in a loud, shattering orgasm that seemed to last an eternity. We cleaned up and went to bed.
At around 2:20 in the morning someone was banging on the steel door that led to the alley. They were screaming but we could not make out what they were saying. The first thing that we did was check the surveillance pictures in the front room. It was Russell and Kenny, and there was someone else whose face we could not make out because they were slumped over. TK grabbed a tek-9 from under the bed and opened the door cautiously. Russell and Kenny dragged Shawn in and closed the door. He had been shot. They guys said that one of Tank’s men shot him outside the club around the corner.


   Tank was the top dog in the Kennedy Projects. TK made a few phone calls and within minutes two sets of people arrived: two dudes with medical supplies and three with guns ready to go to war. It was then that I got a full realization of what my new life was going to be like.
PART 3            
I called Chell the next day and told her what happened that night and that we had to be in the Rockhouse Projects at 8:30 . She said cool. I asked what she did last night and she filled me in. Russell had approached her outside when she was leaving and said that he had heard about the show we gave and wanted to know if he could get a more private view. So she and Russell headed off to the Omni for some fun and games. Once inside the $500 a night suite, he ordered steak, lobster and chocolate covered strawberries. They shared a bottle of Hennessy and ate until they thought they would bust. She remarked to him that he must be getting paid real good for him to be blowing so much cash on a chick he just met. He brushed her comment off saying that TK wasn’t the only nigga that the game had been good to. She took note of that and continued on with her evening. She said that Russell’s dick was only about seven inches but that it was the fattest dick she had ever seen. She stripped for him while he laid on the bed stroking himself.


   Chell got on top of him and straddled his dick. She lowered herself slowly until his dick was at the entrance to her ass, suddenly he grabbed her and forced her down putting that fat piece of meat into her ass, which to his surprise, was pretty loose. She rode his dick up her ass for a full ten minutes. He lifted her off with one swift move and turned her over on her stomach mumbling something about wanting that pussy too. Laying flat on her back he stuffed his dick in her pussy and wrapped his arms around her waist, pinning them together. He moaned loudly and told her how wet her pussy was and within minutes he was pumping his cum into her pussy. What a night for the both of them.
PART 4            
A couple of weeks later I was approached by Tank, one of the biggest dealers on the east coast. He didn’t have as much money as TK but he was ruthless and ambitious, a very dangerous combination. Tank knew that I was TK’s main girl, we had been seen all over town together and knew also knew that I was on the payroll. Not for being TK’s girl but for handling the business when he wasn’t around. Tank got my attention by telling me something that I didn’t want to hear; that lately people had been gossiping about some Puerto Rican hussy hanging around my man. I knew I wasn’t the only one. But we had agreed that no matter who he was fucking he was not to be seen in public with anyone but me. So I was pissed.

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I had already hipped TK to what Russell had said to Chell during their little tryst, so we were already on high alert. And being approached by Tank let the crew know that shit was about to hit the fan one way or another. TK told me to play it easy with Tank, meet with him a couple of times and see what he was talking about. Was he trying to steal me or business or both? I soon got my answer. I was coming through “our alley” in Rockhouse when I saw Tank coming. He called my name several times before I responded, I turned to go see what he wanted, it was then that he let me know his plan: if he was going to be top dog in town, he wanted the top pussy by his side. He wanted me to be his for business and personal uses. I told him that we could not talk right then, there were eyes everywhere. So I told him that I would meet him at his place later on to discuss things.
Part 5
He didn’t hear me coming so he had no time to get that bitch out of his bed before I could see her. I just came bursting through the door with the news I had. And before he could snatch the covers, I saw something that took my breath away. His little Latin mistress was a secret no more. She was beautiful, so I could understand the attraction. They both jumped and she started crying and speaking very fast in Spanish apologizing for being there.

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   “Siente abajo y cierre para arriba la perra!” (Sit down and shut up bitch). She sat down and I turned my attentions to TK who was now sitting up right in the bed with a look of horror on his face. He begged me not to leave him saying that she didn’t mean anything to him. I told him that we would talk about it later. I gave him the news about Tank and told him the details of the meeting that was supposed to take place. He made calls and that part of our issue was settled. Now on to this bitch, I asked him how long he had been dealing with her he said not long. While we talked the girl attempted to put her clothes on but I made her stop and sit back down. I took my clothes off slowly and climbed into bed with TK. I sat my pussy down on his still soft dick and began to rub myself back and forth on him. I told him that I would not leave him if he let me fuck her. And since she didn’t mean shit to him he said okay.
I went over to her and kissed her lips at first she tried to pull away but I grabbed her hair. I told her if she wanted to make it out alive after she has fucked my man she would let me do what I wanted to do. I went back to kissing her and this time she kissed me back.


   I put two fingers in her pussy and felt that she was getting very wet.   By this time TK was almost at full mast seeing his mistress and his main girl engaged in such a sexual display. I fondled her tits and sucked on them hard. I pinched her nipples and grabbed her by the hair and bit her neck. While I was doing this I was playing with her clit, I felt her squirming and humping my fingers. I knew what she wanted. I continued to masturbate her as I led her to the bed. We got in the bed, I laid her on her back right next to TK. I got on top of her and kissed her hard and fast. While I was now pumping three fingers in her soaking wet pussy. I knew she was close to her first orgasm of the night. I have never been so wet. But the thought of getting the best of both worlds had me on fire. Her big juicy tits and TK’s huge dick, I was high from sexual excitement. As I bent over to suck on her nipples my man got behind me and started to feed my asshole with his dick.

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   Here I was in the bed with my man and his Latin whore. I was kissing her while he pulled my hair and gave my asshole the good stretch that he knew I needed. After 15 minutes nobody seemed ready to cum, I wanted something different. I told TK to pull out and I got off the dark haired Latin mami. I told him to lay down on the bed and I ordered his bitch to get on top and ride his dick. While she was riding him I got off the bed and got out “old faithful”, I strapped him on and stood behind this Latina goddess who was fucking my man. I bent her over and started to finger her ass getting her good and ready for my dick. She acted like she wanted me to stop but I grabbed her by the hair and pushed my dick all the way into her ass. She tried to scream but I grabbed her mouth and told her to shut the fuck up. She had fucked my man and now I was going to fuck her. So there we were all together, I was fucking her and she was fucking my man. After making sure that this bitch would never forget me. I pulled out of her ass and told her to lay back down on the bed. TK got back on top of her and put his dick back into her, I took position with my pussy lips right on her mouth, I held her legs all the way back and rode her tongue. I wanted this slut to taste my cum.

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   She needed to know who the queen bee was. She licked me and sucked my clit, it turned me on so much seeing my man with his dick buried in so much ass. We kissed and I could hear her moaning from beneath me, each time she did she vibrated my clit sending me over the edge. Hearing me cum made TK pump hard and fast into this little slut. They both came at the same time, TK pulled out of her and jerked his dick all over her titties. After I came down from my orgasm I jerked that whore up by her hair and told her if she ever came near him again I would kill her. She cleaned herself, got her clothes on and was out the door.
Tank had to be taken care of soon, for shooting Shawn, for trying to take business and for trying to take me. 11:30 came and the crew was ready, everyone had on their battle gear, all black with black boots, tek-9’s in the waistband. We were ready to do what we had to do. I looked around at the game faces and noticed that one was missing, Russell. I pulled Chell to the side and asked her where he was and she said that she had given him the message and the he said he would be here. We went to TK and told him about our soldier who was MIA. He said he figured that Russell wouldn’t show up and that he knew why, but he didn’t say much more. And as always we didn’t ask.

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It was time to go. Was loaded in the cars and sped off into the night. We reached the Kennedy Projects around 12:15 and found Tank and his men chillin on the stoop of their building. The cars turned the corner hit the lights and dropped rounds and rounds of tek-9 bullets into the night. People scattered everywhere, I saw a couple of men fall but I saw three escape into the building and a couple down the alley. The cars stopped and we all got out, a couple of the guys ran into the building and the rest of us ran down the alley. Chell, TK, Kenny and me were off like a light down that alley. By this time the police had been called because of the first set of gunshots. We caught up to the two that we were after and needless to say they didn’t survive. That’s when I heard it. The warning shot that stopped me in my tracks. “Freeze!” the cop shouted. Put your weapons down. “”Freeze!” he said again when Kenny took of running. The three of us followed suit we hauled ass down the alley and around the corner.

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   We were hoping to double back to the car and get back to Rockhouse. “AAAGGHHHH!” I heard from behind me, I looked back and saw TK bleeding from his shoulder. I grabbed his hand and told him we couldn’t stop. I don’t know what happened to Kenny but Chell, TK and me made it back to the car and back to RHP. We got phone calls during the night that let us know what happened to the rest of the crew. Kenny came staggering in with a wound to his leg from a barbed wire fence. Poo and Monk both called from central cell asking for TK to post bail.
As for Chell and me we both decided that this life style was hazardous to our health so we told TK that we were gonna chill. He asked me if I was breaking up with him and I said no that I was breaking up with the life. He said he respected that. He called Kenny into the room and sent him to central to get the guys. After he was gone me, TK and Chell had fun for the rest of the night.

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