A gymnasts first time (part 3)


I woke up the next morning. My pussy was so incredibly sore. But then i remembered how great i felt the night before and i thought about jason and jess both playing with my pussy and how good it felt. I could feel the heat between my legs growing as I lay in bed staring at the ceiling.
"Han? are you awake?" I heard Jess call from the shower.
"Yeah. "
"Come in here and join me. we dont have much time before we have to leave. "
I quickly got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I could see the frosty outline of my best friends naked body in the shower, covered in soap bubbles. i opened the door and stepped inside.
"moring sleepy head. " she giggled as she grabbed me and pulled me close.
"morning" i giggled back as i gave her a quick kiss.
"so are you ready for sight seeing today. i heard spain is ment to be beautiful this time of year.

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  " she said to me.
"actually. . . i'm not going. Jason told me to fake sick so he would have to stay back and take care of me. "
"omg! you got fucked by him last night, then had fun with me and now your going to spend an entier day with him! im so jealous. i wish i was you!" she laughed.
 we got out of the shower and dried off.
"so what are you going to wear when your with jason today?"
"iwas thinking just some  jeans and a t-shirt. "
"No no no! you have to wear something sexy and easy for him toget into. " she rummaged through her bag and grabbed a yellow sun dress. "here try this one on. "
i took the dress and slipped it over my naked body. "its kinda short dont you think.

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  " i said runniong my hand down the back.
"thats the point. if he walks behind you or you bend over he can see straight up at what you want him to have" she threw me a white silk thong and matching bra. we quickly finished getting dressed and i threw my bathrobe on over the top.
we headed down to the lobby where everyone was waiting  for us.
"uh, i dont think im going to go today. i feel sick" i said coughing.
"well thats no good. ill stay back and take care of her. the rest of you go and have a good time. " jason said winking at me. i could feel my pussy getting wet just thinking about his huge cock pushing deep inside my pussy.
 everyone headed off and Jason grabbed my hand and lead me to the elevator. he hit the button for the top florr. we got out and wallked down the hallway to a door.

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   the sign on it read ROOF.
"why are we going to the roof?" i asked.
"youll see. " he said as he ushered me through the door and following me behind. i tried to keep the dress down over my ass. i didnt want him to see the wetness from my pussy making my legs glissen.
"dont. i like to see whats waiting for me. " he said as he mved my hand away.
we walked out onto the roof. jason picked me up and walked me around he corner of an air conditioner. there i saw a mattress and a whole heaps of toys and lotions.
"is all this for us?" i asked
"no. all this is for you. " he replied.

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i jumped down and ran over to the toys. there was just about anything you could dream of and all ranging in sizes.
"here are todays rules. " jason said to me " you get to pick one toy. just one. and i will use it when i think you deserve it. you will also wear this when we leave here. " he said holding up a strap on viabrator. "its remote controlled. i can change the speed of it with just a touch of a button. now hurry and choose your toy. "
i looked at them all and decided on a large purple dildo that had thick viens all the way down tha shaft. it looked about 10 inches long and about 2 inches round. i knew it would hurt but i didnt care. I picked it up and handed it to him.

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"okay now strap this on. " he said handing me the strap on viabrator.   i put it on as fast as possible. "okay, now lets go. " he took my hand and lead me all the way out of the hotel.
"so where are we going now?" i asked inocently.
"to breakfast. "
we went to a little cafe not far from the hotel and sat down at a table. we ordered something to eat and as we sat there waiting i coudl see Jason looking at me with a devilish smile on his face.
"what?" i asked. then i felt it. he switched the viabrator on. it was on pulsating slowing and it wasnt very intense, but it was making me wet.
"do you liek that?" he asked me/
"i love it, could you turn it up a bit more?"
"no. you have to be good to be rewarded.

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we sat and ate our meals. Jason began to turn up the viabrtor more and more until it was going so fast i was ready to cum. i couldnt speak but Jason knew i was almost there. he turned it off.
"go to the bathroom. ill wait one minute before i turn it back on.
i ran quickly to the bathroom. i ran into a stall and sat down on top of the toilet. then it started again. i uesd my hand to press it hard onto my pussy. i rocked back and forth and started moaning. my moans got louder and louder as i felt my orgasm coming on. just when i tought i was going to pass out the most intense orgasm shook my body. a flood of cum ran down my legs as i fell to the floor. it took me a couple of minutes to recover.

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   i stood up and cleaned off my legs, and wiped up the cum off the floor. i walked back out to jason smiling. he had already paid the check and was waiting for me so we could go.
we walked down the road and saw a stall renting bicycles. Jaon and i both rented a bike, jumped on and started riding to park the stall owner told us about. as we were riding alog i felt the viabrator start again. the closer we got to the park the mor eintense the viabrator became. when we got to the park we jumed off the bikes and ran to a secluded spot behind some bushes.
Jason layed me down on the grass and turned off the viabrator. he pushed up my dress and slid off the viabrator and spread my legs open.

i will finish the part soon, but ight now i ahve to go. keep readin.

xxx Hannah