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Saturday night Susie was booked to do some baby sitting. Meg her friend said she would come and sit with her and they could watch a movie.
They were about half way through the movie when Noel arrived - he was Susies boyfriend and when Susie answered the door she said I wasn’t expecting you - Meg is here with me. He said oh shit I thought we could get it together tonight I thought we would be alone. Noel and Susie had recently begun to have sex together and the two of them were just starting to get their act together after a fairly basic start. The first coupe of times he came too quickly and she had never had an orgasm. Also she found it hurt her a bit and wasn’t overly keen to let him fuck her too often but each time it seemed to be less painful. The were really novices and didn’t know much about it when they started.
When Noel went in to the lounge Med said what are you doing here, and he said I came over to have some time alone with Susie. She said Susie you didn’t say anything about Noel coming over if I had known I wouldn’t have come. She said I didn’t know he was either. Meg said look I will go and you two can be alone, I think I know what you are going to do. Susie said no stay we can go into another room it doesn’t take us long but now he is here I don’t want to say no. Meg said no I can sit outside you can do it here. Noel said lets stop all this shit she can stay and watch - you are a virgin aren’t you, and Meg said yes. He said have you ever seen anybody get fucked before and Meg said no and really it wouldn’t be right for me to be here.

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   He said I won’t mind it might be a real turn on knowing somebody is watching me. Susie said you actually want Meg to watch us, I don’t know I could do that and Noel said lets try I am sure we will like it really.
There was no passion between them they were going to fuck and that was it.  Without another word he began to undress and as his pants were pulled down his cock was standing up all hard and Meg had never seen anybody with a hard on that close before. She was fascinated.  Susie was just standing there unsure of what she had agreed to and Noel said come on get it all off and let’s get started.  She started to slowly take her clothes off and it was obvious her pants were going to be last. Then Noel said to Meg why don’t you strip too and we can all be nude together. Susie said would you - it would make me a bit more comfortable not being nude alone. Meg said I am not sure about this - you wont do anything will you she said and Noel said well I will look but that’s it, I am happy enough with Susie we are just beginning to get better and I am lasting a bit longer and pretty soon I bet she has an orgasm too. She said I haven’t even been close before, he is too quick. Noel said if you are naked it might slow me down and she might make it.
Meg started to undress and by then Noel was kissing Susie and the two of them were naked and he started to pull her down to the floor as Meg managed to get the last of he clothes off and was standing there naked except for her socks. Noel said Gees you have great tits Meg, as she was an inch or two larger than Susie and had firm hard breasts whereas Susies were softer and moved more. Meg had also shaved a lot of hair off her cunt and Susie was completely bald there as Noel had asked her to.

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   Gee he said your cunt hair looks great Susie, maybe you should let a bit grow like Meg. I didn’t realize how good it can look.  Susie said great my mother nearly flipped her lid when she saw I had shaved myself and wanted to know why and I said it was because my gym pants were so tight the hairs stuck out at the side and she seemed to be happy with that but I have a doubt.
By now Susie was on her back and Noel was about to mount her, it was very mechanical and Meg was quite fascinated and watched as Susie positioned herself ready for Noel and he was sort of crawling toward her with his cock in one hand. Meg was getting all worked up herself watching them and began to touch one nipple and the other hand went subconsciously to her vagina and her finger slipped into the crack and was rubbing herself and already one knuckle of a finger was inside her. She had been masturbating almost daily for a few months now and could get highly aroused and really enjoy masturbating.
Then she saw Noel put his cock into Susie and she could not believe how wonderful it looked, she had never imagined what it looked like to see a guy penetrate a woman but as he went further and further in Susie began to feel it and react as it went in deeper and deeper and she moved her legs to accept him and for him to get his whole body on top and his cock down as far as it would go. Meg had sat down and had spread her legs and was now really working her finger into herself. It was as if Noel was going into her, she was imagining it happening to her. Susie said ahhh that’s better its right in now and it feels good, I can feel my cunt all tight around the shaft and Noel said it gets better every time. Then he said I learned a new trick yesterday and he took Susies legs and put each one over his shoulder and Meg was ecstatic seeing Susie now spread wide and Noels cock all wet and shining with the wetness of Susie's cunt juice beginning to pump in and out of her. Meg stood up and went around to the back of them and could see Susie cunt and ass hole and Noels balls hanging down and swinging as he proceeded to fuck Susie. She couldn’t help herself and put her hands down to touch Noels balls. As she did he said holy shit don’t do that I will cum on the spot and Meg said sorry I couldn’t resist it. The sight of their two asses with his cock firmly embedded in Susie was so erotic, Meg began to really work her fingers in herself and stroke herself and her arousal was getting stronger by the second.

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   Then Susie said something she couldn’t believe. Susie said to Meg come over her and stands over me and lower your cunt down I want to lick it - I can’t believe I am so hot. Noel said holy shit again this is a real orgy now, wow its fantastic and he leaned back a bit to let Meg position herself over Susie to get her cunt licked for the first time ever. As she bent down and kneeled over Susie she had to hold onto Noels shoulders to steady herself and Noel and Megs eyes found each other and without a word being said their lips met and they kissed as Susies lips found Megs vagina and began to lick and suck the juices that were now flowing strongly from her. The three of them were now joined together orally and sexually. Meg was in her second heaven, Noel was holding one of her nipples as they kissed and Susie was now really sucking the juice out of her and Noel was still managing to pound his cock into Susie hard and fast. Meg had both hands around Noels head to hold their lips together as he fucked Susie.  The three of them were as one. They were a fucking sucking machine at its height of precision.
Then Meg began to cum, what with Susie’s exceptional ability at sucking on her cunt, a sensation she had never imagined or believed could be so highly erotic and sensual overwhelmed her and she had to sit harder on Susie’s mouth as her orgasm took complete control of her. She actually bit Noels lip as she came while he kissed her. She had to pull away after her orgasm was over she couldn’t take any more physically or emotionally she was completely overwhelmed and wondered if being fucked could be so good.  
As she got up Susie said wow that was fantastic, I never ever believed I could do that and to another girl, I actually enjoyed it and it wasn’t until I saw you masturbating and saw that beautiful pink cunt, I ever though of it. Noel was now really working hard at fucking Susie and her body was shaking with the slamming of Noels body deep into her and they could all hear the slap of flesh as Noels body slammed into Susie. She was now rocking her legs in rhythm with Noel and really meeting every thrust he was making into her.

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   They were both sweating quite a lot and the y was all shiny with it as the two of the now worked hard an\t meeting their climax.
Susie sang out Meg come her kiss me quick I am cumming and Meg got down and their mouths locked together as her orgasm began to rise and her clit started to explode the nerves in her body and she was achieving her first orgasm having vaginal sex, she was ecstatic and then as the height of her climax began to ease Noel sang out I am there shit I am cumming like I have never cum before and he pumped the baby juice that he had been brewing deep inside Susies cunt. In the meanwhile Meg had begun to frig herself again and as Noels words of exclamation rang out as he had his orgasm Meg achieved another one manually while kissing Susie.
The three of them collapsed in a heap completely exhausted and gasping for breath. Noels cock had slipped out of Susie and was followed by a thin stream of his cum and her cunt juice as it leaked out of her and down between the cheeks of her ass. Meg a\was laying there holding her cunt as she had never believed it could have ever given her so much pleasure and Susie was laying there saying I couldn’t believe that - never in a million years would I believe that I would have done that and enjoyed it so much.  That was fantastic. From now on Meg you and I are going to fuck and suck together and Noel can join in any time. I can’t believe having sex with another girl could be so good; it made me cum with Noel for the first time. Maybe he and you can start fucking and the three of us can swap positions. Noel looked at me ands I looked at him and I said I am not going to argue about that. How about you Susie would you mind him fucking me, and she said providing I get to face fuck you first, he can do what he likes with both of us.
I said great, but I want my first to be something special - maybe next Saturday we can all get together at my place and he can do me and you can watch us.  Susie then we can all fuck together like tonight, I really want to try what you did to me but not after he has filled you full of cum.   
Susie said I don’t think I could do any more tonight I am buggered and I just want to lay back and rest.

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   Meg said come here and the two of them sat or lay together naked on the lounge and touched each other softly and affectionately and had their second lesbian kiss. Meg said I like it and Susie said I second that and Noel said well I had better leave you two together I don’t want to be found here by the parents when they come home, particularly covered in cum and naked. He wiped himself and then dressed and left and the two girls began to take their bi sexuality to a new level of pleasure.
 Their life together will be continued if the comments are worth it.

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