Angie's An Adult- Chapter 1


Angela "Angie" Sloan, a senior in her high school, woke up today, on her 18th birthday. She knew that her time had come at last. She had considered this matter seriously, and realized that she wanted to be a virgin until she turned 18, but then become a slut. Now, today, she planned to lose her cherry before the day ended. She had to make sure that she acted on her decision, and did not back out of it.
Angie loved the idea of sex, but, somehow, boys her own age just had no appeal to her. She dared not go for older men, until she was legal, because she did not want to lose her lovers to prison. She wanted them to stay free men, so she could continue fucking them.
So, she wondered, who would be her first target? There was Sven Gustafsen, her next door neighbor- a bachelor with an uncertain, unknown lifestyle. He seemed rather promising, assuming that he was straight. There was Yasuko Kawashira, a Japanese man living with his wife Aniko in their fine colonial-style house. Also, there was Allan Dumont, who lived as a "cuckold" for his dominant wife, Charmaine. He never got laid, and he only got to masturbate once a week.
That struck Angie as particularly odd. Here, Allan had a gorgeous wife, and he would rather watch her than sleep with her! Or, would he, she wondered? How much of this was consensual, and how much was imposed on him? Time to find out, she realized. That was whom she would give her cherry, as a kind of vengeance on a woman so cruel that she shamed all of womankind.

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It was a Saturday, so she did not have to go to school. This was the perfect chance. She had to get showered and dressed, plus do her chores, but, once that was done, her time was free, for plenty of naughtiness! She wanted to sneak over to his place, and see for herself what his situation was- if very bad, then she would have to seduce him, in the interests of compassion and fairness, not to mention fun!
Angie was very excited, as she rushed through her shower, dressing, and even her chores, with an eagerness that surprised her parents.
"Well, Angie, you're up early, and even doing your chores early! Who are you, and what have you done with my daughter?", her Mom said.
"I'm an adult now, Mom. I have to act like it, don't I?", is all that Angie would say in response.
Angie's mother just shook her head. At least, the weird, unusual behavior was constructive this time, she reminded herself.
Once she was ready, Angie made up some silly story that she was going to the mall, to shop for shoes, but she knew that she was really headed down the street, to see Mr. Dumont, and surprise him while he did chores. He always had the housework to do, even though he worked, and his wife didn't. He did the load of 2 people, while she had plenty of time on her hands to fuck his friends.
She rang the doorbell, and sure enough, a naked man in a chastity belt was answering it, in the middle of his household chores, and obviously annoyed at the interruption, which might slow him down and get him in trouble with his wife. This was horrible, Angie thought. He shouldn't be frustrated like this- no grown man should be kept chaste like that!
"Angie, what is this? I'm kinda busy here, as you can see?"
"Busy being the neglected, mistreated, jilted slave of your wife, you mean? I think that you can occupy your time better than that, don't you? Look at me, baby, don't ya wanna fuck this? I am as sexy as the wife who won't fuck you, am I not?"
Allan stammered a bit, in reaction to the slutty way that Angie was dressed, in a tank top and hot pants, tight enough to show off her cute butt.

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   His dick tried to get hard, but the poor man was not able to maintain his erection with the belt, let alone ejaculate. Angie giggled, and then took him by the hand.
"A little trick I learned from my best friend, Lenny, and yes, he's a guy. You take a clothes pin and use it to pick a lock. There we go! You're all free, and so is Dick!"
"Dick, oh, you mean, my penis?"
"Yes, exactly- your penis! It's yours, not hers, to do with as you please. Now, does it please you to use it for my pleasure, as well as yours?"
There was only one possible answer to that question for Allan Dumont, who had not been laid in years. He grinned like a hyena at the thought of fucking around; after all, his wife was in no position to complain, after getting it on with so many men, without doing it with him.
"I'll take that as a yes. Since you're rusty, and I'm a virgin, yes, that's right, a virgin, I think that we should both share power, and let it pass back and forth between us. "
"You want me to take your virginity?"
"Yes, you can remember what sex was like, enough to fuck me better than my classmates might, right?"
Sure, Allan thought. He just hoped that his cock would not get too excited, and prematurely ejaculate, ruining his first fuck in years.
"Well, buddy, I think that we need to get rid of that hard-on first, so you can have more control, don't you?"
"How would you do that?"
"Simple- I'm gonna give you a blowjob! You're gonna cum in my mouth, and then you will able to eat me for a while, without being tortured or forced to cum. "
Angie then grabbed his dick, and simply took it in her mouth, running her tongue from the base to the head, and back, repeatedly, so as to get him excited enough to cum soon. She wanted him free of that tormenting erection, so he could get her off without a distraction. Her mouth, it seemed to him, as massaging his cock, and tickling it, to such a degree, that it felt like the most wonderful sensation in the world.

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   He could not describe how well it felt to have a young lady's mouth around his cock, servicing him, for once!
Finally, however, the pleasure became so intense that he found himself gushing out his cum, deep into her mouth, so that it flowed down her throat.
She swallowed it happily, like it was a milkshake, and then licked her lips when she let go of his shrinking dick. She also noticed that his penis was a decent 6 incher. Who in the hell would lock up a 6 inch dick, presumably for life?
Admittedly, there were plenty of larger dicks, but those scared a petite girl like Angie. She wanted something in there that would not rip her open, thank you very much! A nice, average-sized penis was enough for her small body. Apparently, Mrs. Dumont had other opinions about the size of penises, if she didn't want to use her husband's.
Well, she could have all of the "jumbo franks" she wanted, because Angie wanted a regular sausage, which was safer, especially for a virgin's tight pussy.
Angie made herself comfortable, lying on the sofa, and motioned a plea for Allan to come to her, and eat her out. Allan eagerly moved toward her, grabbed her thighs, spread them wide apart, and then began eating her cunt like she would not believe possible. His mouth was kissing her labia, tonguing her clitoris, and even inserting his tongue inside her pussy itself, in a repetition that was making her squeal, and even gasp, with her crescendo-building climax.
"Oh, my God! You're the best pussy-licker I've ever met! None of my ex-boyfriends were that good, so I never wanted to go all the way with them, because they didn't prep me enough. I would have gone all of the way for them, but they didn't care about me, so why should I put out for them?"
"Did you suck their cocks?"
"Hell, yes! They loved it, too, but they never returned the favor, so I said to myself 'they can kiss my ass'!"
"I love eating a girl, that's the only thing I like about Charmaine- eating her. She just trapped me into this, by threatening to have me gang-raped by her boyfriends. Otherwise, I would never have consented to this chastity thing.

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"Holy cow, that's despicable! I hate the bitch, so I've got to take you in me, now, just to spite her!"
Allan continued eating her for a while, making circles around her pussy, before he finally stood up to get a condom. Angie knew exactly what he had in mind, and stopped him right there.
"No, God, no! Allan, fuck me bareback, please! I want your cum in a pussy for a change! You need this too, ya know! You need to feel a girl's pussy around your cock, once again. "
Allan naturally granted that wish, entering her slowly at first, but then picking up speed, wanting to fuck this nice girl next door the way that she deserved, for having been so sweet to him. He kept fucking her harder, and harder, with his once more stiff manhood pounding her cunt with relish. Her sweet, tight pussy was just what the doctor ordered in his case. Nothing could have made him feel better than that.
Angie, for her part, was feeling more alive than she dreamed that she could, too. This wonderful cock, belonging to this equally wonderful man, was too much to let go. She wanted to have regular access to it. She had to have it in her frequently- it was just way too much pleasure to let it disappear from her life.
"Oh, holy shit, Allan- I want more of you, often! I want to be your lover!"
Allan at that very moment broke her hymen, and she felt a brief rush of pain as she bled, but, somehow, he managed to help it subside by fondling her legs and butt while it happened. She now felt a return of her ecstasy, as this lovely thing kept penetrating her, reaching deeper into her sex.
Angie knew what to do with this man. She would be a good mistress, share her lover with his wife, and make love to him often.

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   She would also help him find other lovers, as she still planned to be a slut, and she wanted to be fair to him. She just knew that she had to be with Allan often.
Suddenly, as Allan filled her with his seed, Angie felt the most extreme delight that she had ever expected or experienced. She was thrashing around in her fantastic enjoyment of his cock. Her wet pussy was now totally soaked, and she kissed Allan passionately, with tongue, to let him that she was grateful for her first vaginal orgasm.
"Oh, Allan, I'm yours! I want to be your girlfriend, please! I don't mind sharing you, if you'll share me, but please tell me that I'm your girlfriend- please!"
"Angie, you are definitely my girlfriend now!"
"The hell she is!" spoke a new voice. It was Charmaine, pissed as a drunk in downtown Bristol. That was her problem, thought Angie.

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