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 Her name was Brianna. i was a dishwasher at the time and it was a slow day to i decided to talk to the waitstaff like i always do on slow days, but this day was different the only person waiting that day was Brianna, it was wierd because usually there are two people, i think they might have sent the other person home but it didn't matter because i had the chance to talk to Brianna alone. we talked about a bunch of things and we ended up talking about sex. so it was the end of the night and i was about to clockout and i saw a peice of paper with my name on it, it was from Brianna and it said to meet her at her house at 11:00pm i looked at the clock it was 10:50 i rushed to my car and i raced to her house what i found was beyond my belief.
i knocked on the door and to my surprise it was unlocked and the door opened a bit. i went in and closed the door behind me. the only light in the house was coming from a bedroom. i knocked "hello" and i her her say "come in" i went in and there she was the woman of my dreams laying on her bed naked as the day she was born. she had the roundest and perkies breast you would ever find on a woman and on them were the smallest and pinkest nipples that i have ever seen. i felt my cock rise in my pants and she noticed it also. she stood up her measurments where 36-25-34 so she had curves in all the right places. her crotch was topped with lightly colored and trimmed pubic hair. she came up to me said nothing and kissed me passionatly. she broke the kiss after a minute or so i don't remember i was still stunned at what was going on . he stared to rise my shirt up and over my head, i was going along with this seeing on how this is what i have dreamed for. Brianna knelt down unbutoned my pants and broght both my boxers and pants down at the same time i could tell that she had done this before.

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she took my erect cock with was 7 inches long looked up at me and took the entire thing into her mouth. she started with a slow steady motion, finially the stimulation that i wanted. i started to moan softly as she took her tounge and played around with the head of my cock. i slowly started to fuck her mouth as she began to pick up the pace. i moaned louder and i could feel that i was going to cum soon. she stopped and started to suck hard on my cock. the next thing i know i have this huge sensation of exctasy runing through my entire body. she let go on my cock and sat there licking her lips. "how was that" she asked. i said nothing, i picked her up off the floor and took her to the bed. i knew i was going to have my first time with the woman of my dreams that night so i didn't want to take any chances of something happening. i mounted her, she guided me in her and i started with a smooth slow rythem. she started to pace herself with my rythem and soon we were in perfect sync. she moaned softly and then i reached up and started to play with her breasts. she moaned in surprise.

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   i took one hand off her left breast and started to suck on her nipple. it was hard and erect and i loved the texture and how it felt in my mouth. her frist orgasm came and i started to stop she said to continue and i went on. her second orgams came when i was about to explode my cum into her. i picked up the pace pretty quickly. she started to moan louder and louder. we both screamed in pleasure as we both reached climax simultaniously.
i calapsed on top of her and rolled over. we lay there for a while and then she gets up and walks to her bathroom she stops at the door and motions me to follow her. i get up and run to the bathroom we clean ourselves off and i go home and sleep for a long time. my first time was the greatest time i had and i never forgot it

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