Cruel Ryoko Part 2


Part 02: Ryoko Teases
Parnell was pleased at Ryoko’s efforts on the first day. As usual, he stormed upstairs to check and to his surprise, found her with her cleaning cart working through the rooms.
‘You’re here,’ he said, taken aback.
‘Yes,’ she said, ‘I am not to be?’
‘No, no,’ he said, ‘this is right. You clean here,’ he said in a loud voice as some people do when they speak to foreigners.
Ryoko nodded, smiled and turned to retrieve some cleaning products from the bottom of the cart. She bent from the waist, not from the knees, and Parnell stared at her delectable bottom as she searched for something on the lower tray of the cleaning cart. Her denim skirt had risen and Parnell found himself staring at her thighs until Ryoko stood suddenly and turned to him. ‘Is there something else, sir?’
His face was red but he managed to mumble, ‘no, nothing else, just clean the rooms. ’
Ryoko smiled as he walked off and hummed to herself as she began cleaning.
‘Ryoko is doing very well,’ Fiona told Parnell as they stood at the reception desk checking guests out for the day, ‘she’ll be finished by lunch time. ’
‘They’re hard workers,’ he grunted and there was no doubt in Fiona’s mind what he meant by they .
‘She’s a pretty little thing. ’
‘If you say so. Can you concentrate on the job? Here comes the other guests. ’   She was pretty, Parnell thought, Asian women are and flushed a little, his cock stirring when he remembered how he almost saw up her skirt.

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By lunchtime, the rush of out going guests had declined and the hotel became quieter as the staff prepared for the incoming guests that would arrived later in the afternoon.
Parnell usually began work before six in the morning to assist those guests who wished to check out early, worked through and then went to his house for a shower and a little nap before returning for the incoming customers.
After his shower, he stood at his kitchen window drinking some juice and saw Ryoko by the pool. Parnell froze when he saw her in a brief pink bikini made from some shiny material and he gaped at her body. It was a cloudy day, reasonably warm but Ryoko wasn’t wet so she hadn’t, Parnell realised, been swimming   and was lying on a towel.
He couldn’t help himself and walked outside, standing behind the hedge and looking at her. She had sunglasses on and Parnell guessed, no hoped, Ryoko had her eyes closed behind the dark glass. Thankfully, the hedge concealed the erection that pushed uncomfortably against his trousers.
I haven’t had some Asian , he remembered, since I pounded the mattress all night with that whore in Tokyo. That had been some years previously and Parnell thought he had his desire for Asian women safely under control but now a glimpse of Ryoko proved him wrong.
Ryoko suddenly looked up, leapt to her feet and walked over to the hedge and Parnell tried to tear his eyes away from her approaching breasts.
‘Sir,’ she said with some concern, looking up at him and Parnell saw himself reflected in her sunglasses, ‘it is right for me to swim? I thought it was so but I apologise if I have broken rules…’
‘No, it’s fine,’ he grunted and his cock, on the other side of the hedge, remained hard.
‘Thank you sir,’ Ryoko said softly, bowing and Parnell glanced down at her bikini bottoms as she bent over. She smiled at him when she rose and he had a sudden image of her sucking his cock, just like he made that Tokyo whore suck, flicker behind his eyes. ‘I go swim.

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‘Yeah,’ he muttered and watched her bounce away.
The incoming guests flooded the hotel and they worked hard until the rush subsided. ‘Virtually full,’ Fiona said, ‘except for 201. ’
‘What’s wrong with 201?’
‘Ryoko reported the light in the bathroom was faulty. We’ve called for…’
‘Wasn’t that just fixed?’ Parnell snapped.
‘I don’t remember…’
‘There’s nothing wrong with that light! Ryoko!’ His bellow echoed down the hall and Fiona winced as a few passing guests looked at them.
  Ryoko suddenly appeared, bowing. ‘Sir?’
‘What’s wrong with 201?’
‘Ah, the light, the hanging one in the bathroom? It is loose…’
‘I will show you, sir?’
He climbed the stairs behind her, eyes on her bottom and followed her into the room. ‘Looks fine,’ he said, staring up at the hanging light.
‘If you swing it, sir, you will see, I think. I am not as tall as you…’
Parnell reached up and set the hanging bulb swinging just as Ryoko switched on the light. Instead of the normal yellow light, the bulb was a subdued emerald green. ‘What the…’ Parnell stopped himself in time and looked up at the swinging light.
‘See how it is, sir,’ Ryoko said in a soft voice that was strangely persistent, ‘green and different…as it swings from side to side from side to side…’
‘Yes,’ he murmured, ‘it’s not right. It must be…’
‘Reach up and swing it a little more, softly back and forth, back and forth.

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  ’ Ryoko kept talking and Parnell’s eyes slowly drifted out of focus. ‘It’s a soft green light, a comfortable light, a relaxing light, it is a tiny sleepy light, do you see it?’
‘Yes, sleepy light…’
‘The sleepy light is making you sleepy. ’
Ryoko was working fast in case somebody came upstairs to see what was taking them so long. She just wanted to test Parnell’s susceptibility to hypnosis and see how easily she could put him under.
Parnell’s eyes closed, he was breathing deeply and Ryoko smiled happily. It seemed easy to drop him down into the first level but it wasn’t enough for imprints that she applied to be permanent. Chemical assistance was required for permanent imprinting but, nevertheless, Ryoko could lay down a simple suggestion as long as it coincided with his own desires.
Ryoko knew exactly what to do as she had seen the way he looked at her.
‘Bill?’ she whispered, ‘can you hear me?’
‘Yes,’ he murmured.
‘Do you remember Ryoko?’
‘Yes, hot Jap bitch. ’
Ryoko smiled and delicately checked Parnell’s pulse before continuing.
‘Yes, Ryoko is hot, she’s very sexy, isn’t she?’
‘Yes…very sexy. ’
‘Every time you see her, you get hard, don’t you?’
‘Yes, hard. ’
‘Really hard, the moment you see her. ’


‘You want to come so badly, to spurt so much when you see her, don’t you?’
‘Oh yes…yes.
‘You want to masturbate when you see her, to play with yourself, don’t you?’
‘Yes, I want to jerk off when I see Ryoko. ’
‘But that is wrong, isn’t it, Bill? That is bad. ’
‘You can play with your dickie as much as you like but you shouldn’t come unless Ryoko says you can, can you?
‘But, I want to come when I see her…’
‘Of course you do, you want to come so badly when you see her, don’t you?’
‘Yes, when I see her in that swimsuit…’
‘It is a sexy swimsuit, isn’t it?’
‘Very sexy…sexy Jap bitch. ’
‘Ryoko has a sexy body…’
‘…sexy body…want to come when I see her…’
‘When you see her in her swimsuit, you want to masturbate…’
‘Yes, I want to wank when I see her in that swimsuit…sexy body…’
It is Ryoko’s body, she owns it and she gives permission, doesn’t she?’
‘Permission to come and you do want to come when you see her in her sexy swimsuit, you want to come so much…’
‘So much…want to come…must jack off…’
  ‘…yes, when you see her in that tiny bikini but Ryoko must tell you to come. ’
‘Yes, Ryoko must tell me to come…’
‘You can’t come unless Ryoko says you can, can you?’
‘I can’t come unless Ryoko says I can…’
Ryoko smiled. That was enough to see if the imprint was successful and she began to bring him out of it, switching the light off just as Parnell opened his eyes.
‘Sir, as you can see, it does not work. ’
‘No,’ Parnell mumbled, ‘it doesn’t. ’
Ryoko smiled up at him and, to his horror, Parnell felt his cock blossom into an incredibly hard erection and he was swamped with the desire to come.
‘Sir?’ Ryoko asked with concern, ‘are you all right?’
‘Yes,’ he said thickly, fighting the urge to pull his cock out of his pants, ‘you go downstairs and help Fiona. ’
‘Fiona? On the desk? But…’
‘Go! Now!’
Ryoko bowed solemnly and left the room. Fiona looked up when she saw Ryoko walking down the stairs alone, giggling.
  ‘What’s so funny?’
‘Mr Parnell was so sure the light was fine and now he is embarrassed. ’
‘He’s an idiot,’ Fiona pronounced.

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‘He said for me to help you. ’
‘He did?’ Fiona shrugged. ‘Ok, let me show you what to do. ’
Parnell shut the door the moment Ryoko left, dropped his pants and closed his hand around his cock. Fuck, he moaned softly, that feels great . Slowly, he began to jerk off, visualising Ryoko in her bikini, sniffing the air for traces of her perfume as he prepared to come.
Frantically, he pumped his rigid cock, wanting more than anything to come but, for some unexplainable reason he couldn’t’! Sure, he came close, hovered on the edge but just couldn’t come! Face streaked with perspiration, Parnell gave up and stared at his red and swollen cock and wondered what was wrong.
Pulling his trousers around his ankles, he shuffled to the hand basin, ran the cold water tap and splashed his cock to make the erection vanish.
Fiona watched him come down the stairs. ‘Are you all right?’
‘Yes, why?’ he asked suddenly worried that she knew what he had just tried to do.
‘You look red in the face. ’
‘I’ve been sick, something I ate. ’
‘Oh. ’
‘Where’s Ryoko?’
‘She’s showing the last of the guests to their room. She’s very good with people…’
‘Yeah, yeah,’ Parnell cut her off.

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   ‘I’m going home to get some rest. ’
The next day, Ryoko was in the pool again and Parnell stared at her through the window, his cock hard and throbbing in his trousers. He had tried to masturbate the previous night and again that morning but he couldn’t reach orgasm. He was so worried, Parnell was actually considering going to a doctor.
Something pushed him to get a closer look at Ryoko, to see her and he walked out, glass of orange juice in his hand. His cock pulsed into full hardness immediately he saw she was dressed in the same tiny pink bikini. She waved to him and he slowly waved back.
Fuck , he silently screamed, I need to come! Look at her, she’s fucking gorgeous! He was filled with the need to come, a need so powerful he felt weak and passive and it took all his inner strength not to fall to his knees, whip his cock out and jerking to a wonderful orgasm! To come would be fantastic, I need to!
Standing behind the hedge, his hand was absently fondling himself through his trousers when Ryoko suddenly stood up and began to walk towards him. It took all his willpower but, desperately he tore his hand away and smiled weakly at Ryoko.
  She smiled before bowing. ‘Excuse, but could I use your bathroom?’ Her voice was soft, he could suddenly smell her perfume and even though it was a strange request, one he would have normally rejected outright, he gulped and said, ‘ok.
Ryoko smiled to herself and pushed the small gate open and walked to the house, feeling Parnell’s eyes on her bikini bottom so she wriggled just a little more than usual.
‘And where is it?’ Ryoko asked and Parnell was so overcome he didn’t even notice that she no longer called him sir .
‘Upstairs,’ he said thickly, trying to tear his face away from hers, ‘first on the left. ’
He watched her walk slowly and tantalisingly up the stairs, turn left and vanish.

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   I need to come , the words thundered inside him and his trembling hand stroked his cock through his trouser cloth, I do, I do!
Ryoko opened the door to the bathroom and checked her face in the mirror. She had no need to use the toilet, just a need to get inside the house to see if the imprint worked completely. Knowing that her implanted suggestion would fade soon, this was her last chance to verify he was suggestible and a candidate for her plans, plans she had dreamed of for so long.
Knowing that Parnell was downstairs fighting his urges, Ryoko took a little time to peek into all the upstairs rooms. ‘This is nice,’ she said softly, ‘I will enjoy it all. ’
  Parnell was in a sweat, his heart was pounding and his cock straining against his pants as he heard Ryoko move around upstairs. Steady , he cautioned himself, wait until she goes, then jerk off, come at last!
  And then she appeared at the top of the stairs in that shiny pink bikini! He tried to smile, to say something but stared at her open mouth, his cock throbbing and he didn’t even notice that he was stroking himself through his trousers.
Ryoko smiled and pushed her pubis forward a little, a hand on the banister as she smiled down at him, noticing his eyes were focussed on her crotch, his hand moving over his own groin.
She took a step down and stopped, Parnell staring open mouth as the weakness flooded over him, he gave into the desire and began rubbing himself furiously through his pants.
Her eyes locked on his and even though he was overcome with deep desire and humiliation, he detected a strange smile playing on her full lips.
He imagined that her sensual voice penetrated his clogged mind and he quivered uncontrollably when he thought she whispered, ’take it out, Bill, take dickie out. ’
Parnell’s fingers fumbled with his belt and then his fly but he managed to push his trousers and underwear down around his knees so his hand could wrap around his aching cock. He was so lost in his passion, his desire that Ryoko’s voice was nothing more than a whisper. ‘Kneel, Bill so you can come. ’
Gratefully, he stumbled to his knees, frantically pulling his cock, lost in a stupor as he worked until Ryoko’s soft voice insinuated itself inside him to whisper, ‘come for me, Bill, come for Ryoko.

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‘Christ!’ Parnell moaned as he felt the orgasm building, knew – how he didn’t know – but knew he was going to come at last and was completely lost in the finally welcome pleasure.
Ryoko smiled down at the kneeling man, watching as he frantically jerked off and knew he was the perfect candidate for her plans. You fool , she thought, you arrogant fool!
‘Fuuuck!!’ Parnell came in a torrent, spurting onto the carpet, large white spots on the pile and Ryoko resolved, that once this house was hers, she would have that carpet removed. The thought of walking everyday over the carpet he had come on was too distasteful to even contemplate.
Parnell gradually came out of his stupor and was dismayed to find himself half naked on his knees, with his shrinking cock in his hand after coming on the hall carpet. To make matters worse, Ryoko was standing in front of him, hands clasped to her horrified face, eyes wide.
‘Mr Parnell!’ Ryoko shrieked and Parnell blinked. What the fuck was I doing! ‘You are filthy man! I will tell police!’
Parnell tried to understand what was happening as Ryoko scurried past him, her bottom wobbling for a second before his face as she rushed past and wondered how he was going to get out of this.
‘No! Please don’t call the police!’
Ryoko stood at the doorway, covering her eyes with a hand but he thought she was peeking through her fingers. ‘Please sir, please cover. ’
‘Yes,’ Parnell mumbled, struggling with his clothes, ‘yes of course…sorry. ’
‘You are a bad man!’
‘Yes,’ he mumbled, ‘look…I don’t know…’
‘Bad man!’
‘I’m sorry…I don’t know what happened…’
‘You do bad thing!’
‘Yes…I know…I did, please, can we talk about this? There’s no need to go to the pol…’
‘Very bad man!’
Ryoko ran from the house, trying to stifle her giggles but, by the time she got to her room and fell onto her bed, she was laughing loudly at her first victory.