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Ok,so it was janurary 30 i beleive,i go to her cousin embers house cause she was currently staying there for the weekend. i knock on the door and she oppens it and says "hey" in an excited voice and higgs me,and invites me in. we then go up the stairs,her in front of me and im getting a clear view of her ass. we go in the bed room door,shes wearing a white dress shirt,pladed skirt,boots,its her "school girl" outfit. i lay on her bed. . . she then straddles me and i kiss her passoinately,she kisses back and i then rub her theighs go up her skirt and it goes up and i see her white panties,they were soaking wet so i rub her cunt,and she moans,by now im hard. then i reach down un zip my pants and pull my cock out and pull her panties to the side exposeing her wet cunt,she then slides down a lil hovering over my cockthen she goes dpwn just a little with my head touching her pussy,i feel the wetness,the warmth and have the urge to ram her till she screams. then she goes down all the way screaming in pain  then i lay her on her back,take my pants and bosers and get on the bed pull her panties off and i start fingering her she was reallly tight,she was a virgin too. i start licking her clit,and shes moaning and biting her lip trying to keep quiet so we dont get caught and after a few minuts she orgasm. then i set up and i slowly put my cock in her tight virgin cunt. . i push in her deep as i can go and. . when i did she gsp and i felt the blood and wet-ness.

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  i pump slowly at first then she got looser and i went harder till she came and i rember her saying "that's not only blood and wetness you feel. . . i came" and she giggled then moanedthen ember knocked on the door i pulled out. . and jumped under the sheets. . . and ember came in. . . and said she was gunna get a shower we said ok she went out and we started to fuck again and she had tightened back up so i started off slowly again. . and back to a fast pace her and i moaning. .

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  i cum deep in side of her and then i rolled over beside her and kissed her and we laied there for maybe 20-30 minuts and then i was hard again so she gave me head,going deep till i felt the back of her throte. . she kept going licking my shaft,and swirling her tounge arround my head till i came in her mouth she waited a second then swollowed it,we sat there cuddeling then i noticed the time and it was late so i got dressed kissed her and said "i love you" and left,\. .

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