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I was able to easily insert the enema tube in my rectum, it was cold from being exposed to the early morning air, but felt good as I slowly inserted it. The pressure of the enema tube against my prostate made my already hard dick jump, I had been able to keep from touching my dick all the time I was getting ready to take my enema. I decided to not get in any hurry, I wanted to enjoy this as much as possible, I knew later on there would be more enemas etc. when everybody woke up, but this was my time. I opened the clamp about half and the warm water started filling my intestines, and washing over my prostate making my dick throb more and more, as I begain to feel full I shut the clamp off took some vasoline and gently started to massage my dick, I could feel my juices beginning to build up pretty quick as I worked my hand faster and faster I could feel the tube on the back of my dick fill up and the area around the head get super touchie so I stopped and started the enema again. By this time I was really feeling the enama filling me up the warm water was really making me squirm all over the place trying to keep from shooting the load that I could feel trying to drip from the head of my dick and keeping the warm water from the enema from leaking out my rear. I was completely involved in taking all the enema and keeping from shooting my load until I had taken my enema. I had shut the enema off for a little while to let everything settle and had managed to control my urge to cumn all over the place. I reached over and got the cup of coffee I had brought out on the deck with me and taken a drink of it. I felt the long slinder fingers of Marie around my dick and with the other hand she released the enema clamp where it would run very slow, she said she would help me with my problem that she had been watching me and decided to help me. She really had learned how to use those long slinder fingers of hers, she massaged up and down my 7 inch shaft staying away from the head of my dick. I was able to reach between her legs and massage her pussy, I run my arm around her leg and between lher legs from the back side, fingering her tight little ass hole on the way to her pussy. The enema bag was finely empty and she slowly removed the tube from my butt, all the time massaging my dick, but not touching the head, she knew if she touched the head that I would shoot all over the place, she by this time was fucking my finger that I had in her pussy she was moving all over the place and I kept fingering her never let her slow down, finely she got so carried away she massaged the head of my dick two or three strokes and I raised my hips up in the air and shot my load in her waiting hand. I went to the bathroom and expelled my enema cleaned up, washed my dick to get the vasoline off it. By now everybody was up and walking around on the deck with no clothes challanging each other to who can hold the biggest enema, and who can play with who the longest before the cumn. Julie suggested that she bet that the boys would cumn before the girls, with Jess and Marie both taking enemas and Julie and myself playing with them.

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   She made this more interesting by saying the boys would play with the boys and the girls with the girls. I had never played with anyones dick except my own and didn't know how I would do at this, Jess said he had been to a couple of jackoff parties and had some ideas. Julie said she at one time had a girl friend that had taught her some things. My next question was we have only one enema bag, Julie quickly informed me I was wrong, she had brought hers for just a occasion like this. I mixed up enema for Jess, making it very warm and inserted the tube in his rear, his long slinder dick was already rock hard as was mine by now. Julie likewise mixed up the enema for Marie and inserted the tube in her tight little ass. We started the enemas at the same time, I took some vasoline and put on Jess's dick, as I felt him start to work on my dick at the same time, it felt funny working someone elses dick because you can't feel how close they are to cumn, you just have to judge by feel and their movements. Julie was already into Marie's pussy with her fingers, and Marie's hipps were bounching up and down off the lounger and her little breasts were moving as much as her hipps. I was beginning to feel my dick get very hard with Jess jacking me off and could tell that he was feeling the effects of the enema and me working his dick. I told Jess quietly to match what I do to his dick on my dick, I slowed the pace some and started to work the shaft five strokes, and then the head five gentle strokes, and back to the shaft five strokes etc. This slowed things down some, but we were both getting close to shooting our loads. I looked over at the girls and could tell Julie was about to cumn and Marie had taken all of her enema, Julie's hipps were moving back and forth as she stood over Marie, both of them trying to keep from cumning, but to no avail Julie quit playing with Marie's pussy and finished herself, she couldn't take seeing everybody jacking off and about to cumn at the same time. She came over to Jess and I and grabbed both of our dicks and started working them, by now Jess had taken all his enema and was really hurting to go to the bathroom, so she sat down on the edge of the lounger and finished him with her hand, at the same time took my rock hard dick in her mouth and started sucking hard and fast, I could feel the juices build up faster and faster my hipps were moving back and forth as I fucked her mouth harder and harder massaging a breast with each hand, I told her I was about to shoot my load in her mouth if she didn't quit, that just made her get the head of my dick in her mouth and lick and suck it until I shot my load down her throat. More later. .

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