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It was saturday, and since there wasnt much on i decieded to run to Sam's house to see if she wanted to do anyting. Now let me tell you a little about her. She is 5'6 105, now im not very good at breast size but it was inbetween a C and D. Not too small but not too big. Just right and perky. She had a really nice ass, that all the guys stared at. She had a bit of a temper with other girls for some reason, I never new her my freshman year, her ex boyfriend hit her and i jumped in to help her. We were friends since then on.
       Now a little about my self. Im only 5'8, i was 135, and I workout pretty regualar now and i play basketball. Now on with the storie.
      As i was saying I was going to her house because i was bored. And I started messing with her like i always did. I touched her boobs, and her ass ect. Just playfuly, but she started saying things like "Ohh Lonny, I wish you would do that more. " But me being a idiot I never took notice till a bit later when her parents left.

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   We were left a open house till tommorow, So she went and changed and came back with a white T-Shirt, and Pajama pants. I could see her thong because the pants were too loose and she kept pickign them up. Well she popped in a movie, layed out on the floor, I was a bit tired so i sat on the couch, and had a perfect view of her ass.
     Well, after a while she got up and went to the bathroom, and i was half asleep, well i felt her touching my dick, and I just faked being asleep. Well she tested if i was asleep cause she bent over infront of me and pulled her pants down a bit. I got excited and grabbed her ass.
  "Lonny! I didnt know you were still awake. ". I just started laughing. I grabbed her and kissed her for the first time. I put my tounge in her mouth and explored her. She rubbed up against me, her boobs on my chest. I put my hand up her shirt and felt her boobs. She started grabbing my cock threw my pants. Well i got up and took off my pants, and she took off her shirt and pants.

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   Now she was just sitting there in her panties and bra. She dropped to her knee's and put my cock in her mouth. im not very big im only 6 inches fully, but got most of it in. I allmost lost it there, it was way better than my hand, and i forced my self not to blow it. She worked my cockhead and pumped my shaft.
   After a few minutes i coundt hold it and i blew it in her mouth. She only swallowed a bit before she spit most of it out. I said "Let me return the favor. ". But she stopped me and led me to her bedroom. We went downstair and i pushed her on the bed. I pulled her panties down, and used my fingers to spread her lips apart. I licked in the middle, and she started moaning. I dont think i made her cum but she just started saying "fuck me. "
     I pushed her legs back to her shoulders and she parted her pussy lips.

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   She said "Put it in me, OOOO, Please put it in me. " I did as she said and i pushed the head in. I cant describe what it felt like but it was great. I pushed a few more inches till i hit her hymen. She whispered in my ear "Do it, Do it, Please do it. " So i pulled back and rammed it. She dug her nails into my back and she whimpered abit but that was about it. After awhile i started pumping back and forth. She started moaning, and saying things like "Ya Put it into me hard, ya harder, OO, come on big boy you can do it". well i was pretty much to the limit, but i didnt want to blow it in her so she told me to do it in her wonderful ass.
  So i turned her over and put her on all fours. She spread her cheeks apart and i spit on my cockhead. I put it to her asshole and pushed the head in. She started whimpering and I got about 3 inches in before she moaned. Now her pussy was tight but her ass was tighter.

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   And I finaly moved it in and out. After about 5-10 mins she yelled "im cumming!!!". So i heard this and shot my load in her ass. She cummed and screamed and shook and layed down. My cock came outta her ass and we feel asleep in each other's arms. . . . .
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