Fun in the Sun


When I was younger, I had always been a bit sex mad. I wouldsteal my older cousin’s porn videos and spend hours watching when my parentsweren’t around. I would use any means possible to jack off, be it from glamourporn, the Internet or on one case, spying.
But I didn’t loose my virginity until I was 14. It was afamily holiday to Kos. The pool was surrounded by beautiful woman, many of whomwere not wearing anything above the waist. My teen hormones were going crazy,screaming at me. Then I saw her. On the other side of the pool, asleep on thelilo. She looked my age, maybe younger. Her tits were perfectly formed, small,but nice. Her stomach looked well toned as it peacefully rose and fell whileshe slept. Her face was faultless; lips that looked so soft, hair that reachedabout half way down her back. Everything seemed just right, like a piece ofart.
I couldn’t help but stare. I needed a plan to talk to her.

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  So I swam over and ‘accidentally’ knocked into her lilo. The following splashdefiantly woke her up as she landed heavily in the water. The next few minutesI spent apologising and introducing myself. At first we just talked, chatted. Iknew she felt comfortable around me, because at midday she invited out to townto have lunch with her and her mum. Kos town was only about 15 minutes from ourhotel, so we walked it. On the way there was only one thing I looked at. Herarse. She had told me she did a lot of running, and if you needed any evidence,her rump sure gave it away. It looked so firm and solid that I had to force myeyes away and try to control my raging erection as not to give away my lust.
When we returned to the pool later we played in the water. Iwas starting to subtly flirt with her, and attempted to touch all those amazingparts of her body. First I used a game of volleyball as an excuse to brush myhand over her breast. Then I used a race as an excuse to slap her ass, doingthe crawl as not to arouse suspicion.
But my perfect opportunity came when she said that we shouldhave a water wrestle.

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   First Person to get ducked 3 times looses. I used myextra strength over her to push her head down. Under water, I felt her headbrush against my dick. I’m not sure if she felt it, but a few minutes later, Igrabbed her, sort of hugging her. As I pulled her in, my bone was virtuallybursting out of my trunks and was rubbing against her pussy through her bikinipanties. She gasped, but then smiled and winked at me. As we rose to thesurface, she quickly kissed me then whispered into my ear ‘meet me in my room,305, in 30 minutes. ’
I couldn’t wait, and my erection just wouldn’t go away. Whenthe 30 minutes were gone, I rushed to her room and knocked on the door. Thedoor was opened a few inches, and in the gap I could that perfect face. I wasquickly shepherded in to the room, and the door was closed. She wrapped herarms around my neck and I could smell sweet perfume. We both kissedpassionately, not daring to split even to breathe in case this perfect momentwas destroyed. My hands swept across her back and started to try and untie herbikini, but she pushed away, then grabbed me and through me onto the bed. Sheundid her bikini top and slipped down my trunks.

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   My dick sprung out, alreadywet with pre-cum. Her petite hands gently masturbated my cock leaving me in aposition of pure ecstasy. When I was ready to blow my load, she stuck her lipsround my dick and drank every last drop of my jiz. She obviously didn’t likethe taste, but all the same she really drank it down.
Then it was my turn to return the favour. I was desperate totake her virginity, but restrained myself and stuck my tongue deep inside herpussy like I’d seen on countless movies. It snaked in and out, running up anddown her lips, around her pussy. When she came to her orgasm, her whole bodywent stiff and she moaned.
Once we had both recovered I asked her the question. Shespent no more than 5 seconds thinking before replying ‘ok’. I was, quiteliterally, in. We searched the room and found some condoms in her step dad’sdraw. We both lay on the bed, her on the bottom, me on top. Slowly I insertedmy dick into her pussy. It was so tight, yet felt a million times better thanmasturbating.

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   I pushed deeper, until I heard a gasp of pain from my lover as Itour through her hymen.
But after the gasp of pain, all following gasps were thoseof pleasure, as I thrust all 7 inches of my cock into her virgin pussy. When Iwas ready to cum inside her, I gave one last thrust. My jiz pushed her over theedge and she orgasmed, her pussy dribbling juice all over the bed. We laythere, catching our breath.
After more kissing, she told me she had always had a sexualfantasy. She wanted to have anal. I was only too happy to oblige, as was mydick that became erect in an instant. She crouched on the bed and I mounted herlike the dog she was. Her ass was so tight it was almost uncomfortable, but thethought of being able to fuck her unprotected was a good enough reason to havea go. The little slut screamed with pleasure as I pumped her ass, but firm buttcheeks smacking against my ball sack. I leant forward and cupped those elfinbreasts, squeezing her erect nipples. When I came, I came long and hard,leaving my man juices trickling out of her arse. After A quick blowjob I leftthe room.
After that fun afternoon we met in her room again and fuckedeach other like it was an addictive drug.

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   We even risked finding a private bitof beach and doing it there. But once the week was up, we had to go home. Though I never heard from her again, she will always have a special place in myheart