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There was a boy, a gorgeous boy mind you. His name was Rob Stills. He had the most beautiful smile and green eyes that would make you melt.  Plenty of guys thought I was pretty and wanted to date me, but he was the only one I was after. A quick overview of me: 5'3", dark brown hair straight, dark deep brown eyes, athletic curvy build and 38B breasts.  I was only 15 and he was 17. Everyone loved him and all the girls around wanted him. But lucky me, I got to be the best friend. We both loved to play basketball and listened to the same classic rock music so we became friends almost instantly. Our personalities were similar too. We each had our intense sarcasm flirting which was so much fun but we each had our sweet side as well. Although he dated other girls, he never dated them long and he never did anything with them either. For being a sexy male model look-alike, I was suprised to know he had never been kissed. We continued being friends for about a year and a half, every day I was yearning to be more than that to him. I desperately wanted him. I wanted him to be mine and only mine, not those other girls'.

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   One night when I was getting ready to give up on my love for him, he asked me if I wanted to go to the park with him. I said of course, I would do absolutely anything Rob asked me to do. We went to the park and sat down on our bench in the back corner of the park. We talked for a long time and at last he said, "Allie, will you be my girlfriend? I love you so much, and more than anything I want you to be mine. " WOAH! My head was spinning, this was my life's dream come true. YES! I exclaimed. And at that he took my face gently in his hand and kissed me. It was so perfect. I was his first kiss. We remained in silence, holding eachother in the warm summer night. Months passed and we were closer than anyone could ever imagine. We spent every minute we could with eachother and loving every moment. Rob and I had an intense desire to be as close as possible. One night, October 21 to be exact, we were at his house watching a movie in his family room alone. The movie ended at around 7 and we didn't know what to do.

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   "So Allie, what are you feeling up to right now?" Being the nervous indecisive girl that I am, I responded with a shaky, I. . . I don;t know" "I have an idea" Rob said. He took my hand and guided me to his room in the back of the house and closed the door. The lights were off and the room was only lit with the light of the moon outside his window. "Come here baby girl" I walked over to him as he slid his warm hands around my waist pulling me close to him. As soon as I raised my face to his, our eyes locked and we knew what we were going to do. I was going to make love with the man I loved more than life itself. He gently began kissing my lips as he unzipped my track jacket and pulled it off of me. Our tongues began to slide all around eachother in a soft french kiss, and I broke it just for a moment to remove his shirt. We undid eachothers jeans and we stood there making out in only our underclothes. I removed my thong as he gently took off my bra. My hard nipples pressed against his chest making him shiver. He picked me up and laid me on his bed.

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   My whole body was trembling and i was so nervous. He took off his boxers and placed a condom over his hard cock. Rob got on the bed and climbed on top me placing his cock right in front of my vagina. He looked deeply into my eyes with such love and passion, I knew this was right. "Allie, I love you with all my heart, are you ready for this?" I nodded my head and he wrapped his arms around me as he slid himself into me. My tight, untouched pussy took in all 8 inches of his hardness.  My fingertips dug into his back as I felt myself break painfully. A tear slid down my face but the pain slowly melted into pleasure as he pumped himself in and out of me harder and harder. I moaned louder and louder "Oh Rob, oh my god, Oh Rob!" I peaked again and again and again.  The orgasms were the most intense things I have ever felt. It was pure ecstacy. My whole body contracted with each peak. Rob finally said, "I'm almost there baby, are you ready?" "Yes Rob, come inside me" He groaned "Here it comes love" and I felt him release in an intense climax. Feeling that I let out one more passionate orgasm. After moments of after-thrusting, His whole body relaxed on top of mine.

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   He pulled out and kissed me on the lips. "I love you angel" Rob said. "I love you too Rob. " At that, he held me in his strong arms and we fell asleep in the magic of the night. I'm so glad I gave him what I did that night. We're still together to this day, and we still love eachother just as much.

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