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When my mom re married and her new husband brought his two daughters with him I can tell you I was not pleased. used to be the only child I was furious from the beginning. Sandra was only eleven but a pain in the ass. Anja her sister even more so at sixteen. Our new family was just a big chaos and I mostly kept to myself in my room. I do have to admit that Anja did get my attention with her rather slutty dressing and my interest for human anatomy drasticly changed those first weeks. I fantasized of seeing her naked and walked in on her one morning in the shower. The rest of the day it was not the bruise she made on my arm that hurt, but my constant boner. Anja gradually got worse in her behavior and made the rest of us suffer as often as she could. The real deal did not come until one weekend when she came home aboWhen my mother remarried I was thirteen years old. Her new husband had two kids with him ut 6am. Still drunk my new stephfather that was on his way to work had a fit. He ripped her clothes off and tossed her into the shower. My mother screamed and I watched. Finally he left her with the water on.
"I will handle this tomorrow when she is sober!" He screamed at my mother and left for a short flight to Miami.

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   My mother on the other hand looked confused and sad. Sandra that stood by watching with me was crying.
"Hey sweety. Do you want to go to grandma`s for the weekend. " She asked and Sandra was more than happy to get out of the house.
"Brad, can you watch your sister. I will be back in an hour or so?"
"She is not my sister. " I answered angry and knew it would take at least two hours if not longer to get to granma`s and back.
"Just help me alright. " I nodded at her and agreed in silence.
"Just get her in bed when she is out of the shower will you. " My mother left in a hurry. this was just great I thought sarcasticly and went back to my room. I almost forgott Anja for the next half hour or so. Then I remebered and felt my heart sink.


   What if she drowned. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. The shower was still running. On the floor in the shower Anja sat with her eyes closed and at first i thought she was dead.
"Anja. Anja" I tried before I turned the water off. It was freezing. I could see her breath and tried to lift her naked body. I could not help looking both at her breasts and the fine hair on her pussy. My cock started to act up while I hauled her to her feet and drug her to bed where she fell flat on her face on top of the covers. Wow did she have a nice butt. Idried off her quickly and was made sure she was extra dry between her legs. My fingers just touched her briefly and I could feel the heat from her groin. At this point I had difficulties standing straight up. My cock was so hard and buttet my pants.

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   I don`t know what made me do it, but the next moment I stood with my hard cock in my hand. I grabbed Anja`s legs and pulled her toward the end and did not stop until her legs was nicely spread aprt on the end of the bed. i used my finger and felt her pussy up and down. I had watched enough porn movies and tried desperatly to find were to enter her. It was soft and warm. i stuck my finger in her and pulled it quickly out. i smelled it. A little surprised that I liked the smell I put my finger inside of her again. She mad a noise. i stopped quickly and watched her. Still passed out I knew I had to do it quik. I grabbed a hold of my cock and led it to were my finger had entered her earlier. She was moist. Mosre so than when i had my finger there I thought and pushed myself into her. It went surprisingly easy.

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   i was on my seccond trust and about to cum when she in a sudden turned and looked at me.
"What do you think you are doing?" I slipped out of her as fast as I could.
"What the hell are you doing?" She turned around and pushed herself to a sitting position. She did not even try to cover herself up. i did not know what to say and stared at the floor.
"I am going to tell dad!" She said and I knew if she did I would be in a shitload of trouble.
"Oh please don`t. I could not help myself. "
"So you just put your cock inside my pussy?" She looked at me hard and I wish i could get out of it.
"But you are so pretty and I don`t know anyone I rather do it with first. " I tried, and started crying. it was real tears comming from my face.
"You could have asked. " She said and put a hand between her legs.
"You would have said no.

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  " I stopped crying. This conversation was going somewere.
"Maybee. Maybee not. you are kind of cute, and you are not my real brother. " She said and continnued stroking her fine haired pussy.
"Do you want to do it for real this time" I could not belive my ears. i nodded feverish.
"Get your pants off then. " Sh ordered and I obeyed. Now just stand still and don`t move. She leaned forward and took hold of my cock. She started licking it and shortly after she put all of me in her mouth. I had no clue how it fit. the only thing I knew was that i could not hold my cum back anymore and squarted my load right into her mouth.

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   She swallowed and looked up on me.
"That was quick. " She dried her face off with the towel and again she took a hold of my lem that had not lost any of its hardness. Come inme this time she said. Laid back on her bed and guided me on top of her. With her hand she found her hole and started moving under me. it was feeling so freaking good and I tried fevrilsk to keep up with her.
"Fuck me harder. Harder. " She cried out and I pumped back and forth into her. The it was her turn to cum and she screamed out loud. A few spastic motions went throug her body before she laid still. i did not come but it still felt good laying on top of her with my cock in her.