Lara's Tale, part II, Morning Ritual


Her Master reached for a hand held pulsing shower, and turned her around, placing her hands on a bar. He aimed the pulsing water at the center of her pleasure, finger fucking her while the water tormented her clit. She started shuddering and moaning, absorbing all the feelings her Master made her feel. “Do not cum!” He snapped, smacking her on her wet ass sharply. The jet was removed, and his fingers left her pussy spasming wanting more. Lara couldn’t keep completely silent, she moaned and collapsed against the cold bar for a moment, gaining control of herself. Her body was completely tense and drawn. The slightest breath would have her rolling over in orgasm. Master suddenly pulled her down by her hair, thrusting her face in his cock. She felt the water stream over her face, and she popped the head into her mouth like a lollipop, fondling his balls. He let her suck for a while, as the water streamed over both of them, but then pulled her away before he could reach a pinacle. He stepped out of the shower, and Lara turned the water off, trembling from head to foot in need. She toweled him off, and he strode into the bedroom to dress, while she quickly showered and shaved. She quickly dried off, applied lotion, and crawled into the bedroom. Her Master was tying his neck tie standing in front of the cheval mirror. He had no trousers or boxers on, and his member stood out at attention, waiting for a finale.

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   He turned as she entered the room, and gestured for her to bend over the stool at the foot of the bed. As soon as she was in position, he pumped himself into her quickly and harshly. Stopping any time he felt she was close to cumming. She stuck her little ass up in the air, taking every inch he could give her; she was whimpering for him. He pounded into her and finally he smacked both her cheeks and snapped, “Cum!”. The sharpness of the slap and the direct command had her cumming in wave after wave. She was taken away with the height of her orgasm and shuddered convulsively. Lara cried out, and could feel another wave building even before the first subsided. Without warning, her Master flipped her over, ramming his rod into her vagina mercilessly. He had a vibrator in one hand, and turning it on, he applied it to her engorged clit, watching her scream as she was wracked with another orgasm. He didn’t slow his pace; driving her with his cock and the vibrator mercilessly. Lara was almost insentient. She held on to the stool, and held her legs as far apart as she was physically able, offering herself up to her Master’s whims completely. He ran the vibrator around her clit, and bent over and nipped at a nipple, slamming into her with force enough to rock the stool. She felt another orgasm building on her, and she was crying; not knowing if she could sustain such heightened feelings much longer without passing out.

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   Her Master laid the vibrator between their bodies, humming at full speed, and clamped his fingers hard on her nipples, twisting the sensitive peaks until she was speaking incoherently, begging him to stop and to not stop at the same time. She felt another orgasm rock her body, and she could feel her juices literally gushing out of her body, soaking her bottom, and her Master’s front. Her Master withdrew and turned her over again, and suddenly she felt the fast painful invasion of her anus. He pumped into her harshly, and smacked her ass until she knew it was blazing red. Reaching with the dildo, he thrust it into her vagina, in and out matching the pace of his invasion into her anus. She moaned, a quivering mass of nerves, holding on to the stool legs for dear life, her head hanging down, almost touching the floor, as he lifted her legs off the floor with every hard thrust. He smacked her ass again and yelled,”Cum now!” and applied the vibrator fully to her over-engorged clit. She screamed, as an impossible wave of emotion coursed through her body. She felt him tighten finally and spew his seed into her, feeling the hot liquid fill her abused anus. He slammed into her a few more times, watching her ass jiggle with every push. He pulled out, and she heard the pop of her fluids as he lost contact with her. Lara did not move, her entire body quivered with emotion and feelings. She lay draped over the stool, hair trailing the floor, panting for breath. “You have made a mess of me, I am afraid, pet. Clean it up.

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  ” Her Master gestured to his still hard cock, and glistening groin area. The thought of sucking his cock after it had been in her anus made her whimper a bit more. Her Master, seeing her hesitation, grabbed her hair and pulled her head to his groin. “Now!” Lara started to lick off his thighs, balls, pernicum, anus and cock, with tears streaming down her face. She felt her breaths heaving through her, as she crouched on the floor, unable to fully kneel. She lapped at the golden wiry hair surrounding the base of his member, tasting her juices and his sweat mingled together. Finally, trembling, she had licked all evidence of their copulation from his body. Her Master’s member was now laying quietly to the side. He turned and proceeded to finish dressing. He didn’t seem to want anything of her, so she crawled on the bed and collapsed. There were small tears trickling down her face, and her body spasmed and twitched, as she still rode the subtle waves that coursed her body after such mind shattering and constant orgasm. To be continued in “Lara's Tale 3, The Clamp. ”.