Some years ago, never mind how many, while attending college in Montana, I had the pleasure of meeting, courting and eventually bedding the daughter of one of the town's most prominent businessmen. Mickey was freshman, going through the motions of going to school, even though she had no ambitions to fulfill at the university. Her goals were really simple and were realized as far as I know. Find a husband, have a couple of kids, maybe join a club or two in town and generally live a nice quiet social life.
She was 18 when I met her, working in the dormitory cafeteria as a server. I had the mighty position of food runner, supplying the line with new conainers of food when they ran low, so we had a lot of casual work contact. Young, blond, very well-built, she was not particularly tall, though she was in superb physical condition as she was on the rodeo team as a barrel racer. har legs were incredibly strong from hugging her horse as she rode around those barrels  and she excelled at it, winning the Big Sky Conference rodeo that year. Mickey had some very attractive attributes as well. Sensuous full lips,long wavy hair, big tits, and a willingness to laugh at jokes. She was a lot of fun to be around.
As the semester went along we became casual friends, and soon enough I asked her out to go dancing. At the time the legal drinking age in Montana was 18, and Bozeman had its fair share of clubs , bars and saloons to dance, drink and while away the evenings. We went to a place called the Mint Bar, ordered drinks and made small talk while waiting for the music to start. A couple of friends showed up and we were having a good ole' time. dancing, drinking, flirting and stealing some kisses in the dark.

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   Then came last call and the return to the dorm. I couldn't go in, considering the lateness of the hour,and we didn't want to call it a night, so we continued on in my car, a large family-style station wagon, 'way out south of town to a place with a good view. Not that we used the view or paid much attention to it that night. Mickey had the best , most electric kiss of any I've ever had to this day. And her tits were fine, full, heavy and ready for my mouth on them. She never wore a bra and that evening was no different. I don't know whose idea it was to get naked, but I was definitely in favor of it. Into the back of the wagon, without anything on, she wanting to suck my cock and me just wanting. . . . . . . .

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  . anything. So it went, she would take my cock in her mouth, then I would lick her pussy, then some stroking, some tits, sucking those tits is something I remember to this day when fucking my wife.
Then. . slip sliding in. . no big thrust, no gush of blood, no crying out in pain and saying 'it will feel better soon. . . . . 'Just wham, I was in , we were pumping each other and moaning. I came soon, but not for the last time that night. and many nights to follow.

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   We continued the rest of the year, all winter, fucking nearly every night . sometimes three or more times, though those night were fairly rare, and always at least twice before rodeo.
Mickey and I eventually split up, she to a life of a Montana socialite and I to teh life I've lived these many years, actor, chef, mechanic, teacher, and now father. I'll always remember Mickey Leister and hope she remembers me.

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