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One day we were out fishing, at one of the fishing holes out in the middle of no where. It was summer and it was hot. Even though we had been wading it was still hot. So we decided it was time for a swim, Mikey got out and took off all his clothes and jumped in. I wasn't to sure but I figured, I'm older so what the heck. I got naked and jumped in. We swam for a while and then went to his house to ask his parents if he could spend the night, Mikey was really excited, he had never done this before, he kept thanking me, I told him to relax, we'd have fun.   So he got some thing for us to play with, and we went to my house. My mom let us eat out in my room while we watched tv.   Later, after everyone finally went to bed we were playing a little dare game. I dared Mikey to run around the garage(outside) in his underwear. He said, " No way ". He said he would in side my room, but not out side. I said, "OK", "but you have to be naked". , Mikey was thinking about it, "Only if you take off your clothes, too". I did and he ran around the room.

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   When we sat down we didn't bother to put on our underwear, we just sat there naked.   I asked him if he ever played with his dick before.   "No" he snaped.   "Don't lie, it's ok we all do it. "  He told me he really hadn't, he didn't know how. So I told him I would show him. So we sat back and I showed him how to jack off.   I said now you try it.   He reached out and began jacking ME off. I was surprised and when I jumped and asked, "What are you doin?"Mikey got embarassed and began to cry.   I told him not to worry, that I liked it. Then I told him I would do him if he wanted. We sat there in the dark after that and played with each other's dick and balls for a long time.   Mikey stay over alot that summer and we both learned alot on our own about sex. We later even tried oral and anal sex.

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   It was awkward at the time but we did ok. . . . . . .