My First Time


Lauren. She was 18. Strawberry blond, face full of freckles. She was a little on the skinny side, but all things considered, the jeans she was wearing flattered her ass nicely.
I looked at her across the pool table. She had come to see my friend Dave up at the pool hall, but yet I couldn't help noticing that she kept looking over at me and staring. I would just nod my head and give a nice half smile.
After the group of us had played a few more quick games of 9-ball, we decided to head over to Mark's house.
Lauren was supposed to go home for the night. However, we developed a great plan. She would drive home and sneak back out when she was sure her parents were in for the night. And, according to plan, we waited at the corner of her street until she joined us in the car.
From there, a large group of us met up in Mark's living room. Brian was talking with Eva, a semi-goth, bi-sexual teen. Dave was screwing around with Mark's electric guitar. Byron and his boyfriend Mark H.

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   were hugging on each other on the couch. . .
"Jeez," I thought. "This is boring. " I spoke up. "Hey, if you all want me, I'll be out in the garage playing with the weight set. "
Everyone nodded their dismissing acknowledgements. Dave decided to follow me, and sure enough, Lauren, his girl went out with us.
Me and Dave took our turns lifting the weights and talking fitness. Dave decided to go back into the living room with everyone else and left me and Lauren out in the garage.
We began to talk. . . .

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"Soooo. . . how long you been dating Dave," I queried.
"Not too long. "
"How serious are you guys?"
"Nothing serious. Just hang out a lot. A little kissing here and there. "
"Really?" I replied. "I would've thought that given Dave's history with women, he would've had his way with you by now. "
"Nope. And neither has any other guy. "
"Wow. " I said in amazement. "You don't see too many girls your age still holding on to their virginity like that.

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   You waiting for marriage, or maybe just the right guy?"
To which she responded,"Just waiting for the right guy I guess. "
I looked at her closely. She was wearing her tight jeans, holes in the legs. A tight white spaghetti strap tank top with a white padded bra underneath. I had been with girls with bigger boobs and with sexier bodies, but this virgin. . . . I had to have.
We went back into the main house with everyone. We decided to head back to the pool hall again for a while. We also decided that we would meet back up at Mark's house whenever we decided to leave the bar.
Well, as luck would have it, the time came to leave. Lauren had no car so she had to ride with someone. Dave decided that he was gonna hang back for a bit and told me to take Lauren over to Mark's.

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"We'll be there soon dude. " And with that we left.
Lauren and I arrived at Mark's house. To my amazement, it was completely empty.
"Sooooo. . . whatcha wanna do?" I asked.
"I dunno. " came the reply.
"Well, we could just chill here on the sofa and watch movies until everyone gets here. "
"Okay. "
We sat down on the sofa together. To my surprise, she sat down right next to me. We were just watching tv and making small talk when one thing led to another.

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   We went from sitting up next to each other, to both of us strecthed out on the sofa next to one another. She was leaning over me. Our eyes met. Then, before I really knew what was happening, we were kissing.
I pulled her on top of me. We began to make out like crazy. Our tongues grazed the other's tongue nonstop. I began to run my hands gently up the sides of her body up under her tank top. She began to grind against me. I was hard by this time. The thought of this virgin rubbing her body against me put me into a frenzy.
I stopped myself. "Dave and them should be here any minute. "
"You're right," she said. "Hold on though.

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   I'll find out where they and what's going on. "
She called Dave. After a few minutes, I could tell by the conversation and the look on her face that things weren't too great. She hung up.
"Well, he decided to go home with Crystal tonight. "
"Oh," I said. "Sorry. "
"Ah, I don't care. "
And that's where it all began. . . .
A few days later, after we had been hanging out a few times, and making out like crazy, I invited Lauren to my apartment. She accepted.
We were in my bedroom (the only room with a tv at the time) laying on the bed, watching tv.

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   Of course, we started to make out. This time however, I decided to be a little bolder.
I began to work my hand up under her shirt, and up under her bra. I looked at her and said, "If you think I'm going to far at any time, you just let me know. " She just shrugged and continued to kiss me.
I sat up and stripped off my t-shirt. I rolled her onto her back and began to kiss her from her neck down to her chest. She stopped me and insisted that we get under the covers. Not wanting to waste this chance, I agreed.
We climbed under the covers. I slid my hands under her top and stripped it off. She pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me. She crushed her mouth to mine and began to kiss me hard. I took my hands and gently undid her bra. Her small naked breasts were completely exposed.

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   I began to grope and fondle them. My fingers played with her nipples and they hardened under my touch.
She undid my belt and jeans. She began to slide them off. She stretched herself back over me.
"Oh no you don't," I said. "If I'm in boxers only, you're gonna be in underwear only too!"
I undid her belt and jeans. I slid them down of her slightly bony hips and down her milk-white thighs. I pulled them down off her feet and exposed her soft white ass, and the lime green thong she was wearing. I was raging hard by this time.
Once again, she resumed her position on top of me. Her soft naked body rubbing up against me. Our tongues met time and again. I began to kiss her neck, chest, and then one nipple. .

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  . then the other. She began to breathe heavily. I took my fingers and gently slipped them under the elastic of her thong. I began to slide them down and off. She didn't object.
I began to squeeze her soft firm ass. She reached down and began to stroke me. I gasped. She took my boxers and yanked them off.
"Fair's fair," she said.
I grinned mischieviously and continued to caress her naked skin. She straddled me. Her pussy coming to rest on my pubic region. She laid her body on me.

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   She slowly began to lower herself onto my blood-engorged penis. She gasped as she slowly began to work herself down onto it. Finally, she came to rest with me inside her. After pausing and catching her breath, she began to move her hips in an undulating motion. It caught my breath. For a virgin, she sure knew how to move.
She began to rock her hips all around my waist. I felt her vaginal walls clenching as she slid up and ease as she slid back down. It was like a beautiful dance. Every stroke, perfectly timed to clench and release. Rythmic, synchronized, sexual harmony.
I ran my hands all over her body. I grasped her breasts firmly. She cried out. Then, she began to grind harder.


  . . faster. . . deeper.
I was in sheer ecstacy. And clearly so was she. Her face was a perfect mixture of pain and pleasure.
"Yeah baby," she said. "Give it to me!"
I began to pant as I knew what was coming. Suddenly, we were both caught in waves of sexual euphoria. We both began to orgasm.
She was grinding her whole body against me, trying to join herself to me. I grasped her hips and tried to pull her to me.

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   We began to buck and spasm as we began to cum. I felt her wetness as I shot my load up into her tight virgin cunt.
"OOOOHHHHHHH!!!" was the unanimous response.
She collapsed on top of me. Our sweaty bodies tight to one another. She remained attached to me. Too tired and worn out to move at the moment. I just lay there in sheer happiness.
She disjoined herself from me and went to clean up.
After all was said and done, she approached me, kissed me firmly and said, "Guess I'm your new girl now and you're my guy. "
In the weeks that would follow, we would have the craziest and best sex ever. . . .

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