Hannah was just stepping of the plaine in london. She grabed her  baggs and headed out to grab a cab to take her to her hotel. Once she was there she checked her watch *4:15, got 1 hour and 15 to get ready. * she thought, Hannah got in to the shower and started to wash her self. Her thoughts trailed to he master, whom she mett 4 years ago over the internet. Since than she has been his sex slave cyber wise, and today she would finely meet him. Hannah pictured her self and him kissing as he would strip her than he would push her down forcefully push her to her knees and shove his cock brutily down her throte, as she thought of this she rubbed her clit with her right hand and then started to shove her fingers  in to her self  viaonatly, her thoughts of his bigg cock down her throte as she swaloowed it made her cum hard as he knees whent limp and she slid to the floor,*Tonight i finaly get to meet the man who has been fulleing my fantisys for the last four years, finaly i can be his real slave. Hannah stood and steped out of the shower. She dryed her dark brown hair and brushed he bangs to the sides. She than puled out of her bag a blood red lace thong and a matching lace bra, she sliped them on and than next she pulled on a blood red silk sleeping gown that ended at the top of her thies and showed of most of her cleaveg. She slipped on some red high heals and looked her self over, the clock read 5;25, Hannah grabed her long black jacket that whent to her knees so no one could see what she was wareing and headed out to meet him. Hannah handed the directions to his house to a cab diver and got into the car. Her thong was already soaked threw with proof of her desier and need of him. Hell she worshiped the ground he walked on he controled her which no one women and especialy a man had ever done.   The cab stoped and she handed him the money and stepped out. Hannah stared at the house infront of her.

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   It was a beautiful house on the country side with a stone path that lead to the door way. *Finaly after these years i can have this, I can finaly be taken by him. * Hannah walked to the door and prepared to knock but it opened befor she could. In front of her stood a man of about 22, at about 5'8 with dark brown hair just off the shoulder and crystal blue eyes. He smilled a cocky grin at her "You are late" he said. Hannah stared at him eyes wide and than to her watch 5:54 it read she was 9 min late. "I supose i am master Anubis, i am sorry. " she said with a smile. "Well slave, i will have to punish you than for makeing master waite. " he told her, his voice dark as he moved closer to her, "Come in and take your punishment like a good slave. " he whisspered aginst her neck. , "Yesssss. . . master" she hissed out her body quivering, his voice had an efect on her  she could just cum listening to him talk.

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   He took Hannah's hand and led her in to the house, it looked normal, he had good taste for a man she thought. They walked up the staircase to his bed room up at the end of the hallway.  Master opened the door and led Hannah in, inside was a huge bed with black satan sheets, and the walls were a deep red.  Master turned to her and smilled as he leaned foward and pushed the jacket of of her body. "It seems you have dressed for the 'ocassion'  my slave. " "Does my master Anubis aprove of my taste in this outfitt?" hannah asked looking up to him smilleing. "Yes, but you will look better naked and. . . . " he paused leaning in close to her ear "And. . . . ?" hannah asked, her breath comeing in shallow, ".

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  . . . and screaming my name. " he whisspered in to her ear, than licked the lobe.  Hannah moaned and he bitt down hard,"MMMassssterr. . . please dont tease me i need you soo bad" she whined ,"Well than you should have not been late. " he chuckled, he grabed her roughly and kissed her lips, shoveing his toung in to her mouth, she gassped and kissed him back running her toung along his. Hannah pressed her body fully aginst his, feeling his erection threw his pants and so she rubbed her thie aginst it, hopeing he would givein and just fuck her.  After a minute of that he pushed her away, but she stayed put her arms locked around his  neck as she licked his neck and rubbed her thi aginst his cock. "If you think that will work, than you are misstaken Kitten. " he remarked as he took in the feel of her thie aginst his cock. "Well if that wont than maby this will.

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  " she pured as she knelt befor him.  Hannah pulled at the buckel and than next the zipper and buttonand pushed his pants down, and as he said he did not ware underware.  She stared at hi hard cock mear inches from her face *he is so big, bigger than what i thought, how in the hell am i gonna swallow that, well i will do what it takes to do. * "Do you like what you see ?' he asked knowing then answer as it is written on her face but wantted to hear it from her mouth,"Master your so big, bigger than i had thought, i am going to enjoy sucking you master. " she said slyly, "So am i Kitten" he said. Hannah smiled at him as she rapped her hand around the base of his cock, she started to pump it slowly than moved it faster up and down pumping hard at his cock.  "Mmmmmmm. . "he moand, "Suck me now!" he comandad her. Hannah than moved her hand away and took him in to her mouth slowly, inch by inch. She got 3/4 of him into her mouth and pulled back up, she removed her lips and started licking the head of his cock around in circles.  Hannah than licked up and down the under side of his cock, up and down each side getting every inch,"Yeah baby, mmmm " he moand as his head tillted back. Hannah moved back down his cock takeing in his every inch till she got 3/4 of the way down, she relaxed her throte and than took in the rest. Hannah gagged at first but took in a deep breath threw her nose and swallowed. He groaned when she did so she repeeted her actions, Swalowing over and over as she moved her head up and down on his cock.

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   Every time she got to the head she would lick it and than move back down swalowing him. With her right hand she started to rub and squeeze his sack gentaly but firmly as she kept up the pase of licking sucking and swalowing his cock.  his groanes became louder and faster as she could feel his musceles tightining signaling his release. She moved her head up and down faster than moveed up to the head and sucked fast and hard. "Yes Kitten. " he ground out as he came hard down her throte and mouth. Hannah sucked out every drop she could swalowing it all and licking up what she missed, she determand that his salty bitter taste was the best thing she has ever tasted as she took up every drop. He sighed and looked down at her as she stared up at him, her eyes glased over with want, he pulled her up by her hands "So you like to suck masters cock dont you?" he more state dthan asked.  hannah could not speek only nood her head yes.  Master kissed her lips and than pulled down the sleeping gown to see her clad in only a barly there see threw lace bra and matching thong. He stared at her body a moment, she had dark brown hair that whent just past her shoulders with the same collard eyes, 36c breasts and wide hips at a size 9 at 5'4 . At any other moment she would have blushed and hid her body but not now she was to far gone. He moved closer to her and un-hoocked the bra and it fell to the floor than he pushed down her thong to see her shaven and very very wet pussy. He pulled her to him and kissed her as she rapped her arms around his neck. Master kissed and licked down her throte to her collor bone than to her left breast, licking around her nipple than takeing it into his mouth to suck on it.

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   "Oh master. . . " she sighed than he bitt down on it"Master!!" she cried as she arced her back wanting more of that. He did that for a min than moved to the other one doing the same treatment. Hannahs leggs were shakeing and if he had not been holding on to her she would have fell. He picked her up and layed her on the bed and nelt next to her. he kissed her lips and moved his hand down to her pussy and moved his figers aginst her clit, "You are very wet Kitten" he said huskly "Yes master i am and it is because of you please master i am ackeing i need you in me pleaseeeee" she rasped and moved her hips aginst his hand. "First you need to be punished. " he said as he pulled her over his lap. Hannah needed him badly it was killing her but she wanted to see what he had in store for her. He layed her on her stomac on his lap and than brought his hand down firmly on her ass in a loud smack. "Master. . .

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  " she cried and squrmed around in his lap. "Ifyou dont coperate than i will draw it out longer. " he stated. "Yess master . " she said than he brought his hand down agin and agin and agin and she moand louder and louder with each hit "Oh master mmmmmmm Master ohh harder" she cried.  Master coplied to her wishes and in a few more swats she came, which suprised even her self that she had never cum like that she never thought she could. His hand was now wet with her cum and he smiled, "On your knees, NOW!" he ordered. Hannah moved quickly off of his lap to be on her knees on the bed. He got behind her and pushed himself aginst her "Tell me what you want " he demanded. "OH MASTER, I want you to fuck me hard and fast, PLEASE I NEED YOU IN ME, I NEED YOUR BIG THICK HARD COCK IN ME!" she begged pushing her hips back. He smiled and than thrust himself in to her hard and fast, she screamed in plesure. hannah was a virgin but she had long ago broken her virgin barrier but she did have a slight twige of pain as he thrust in to her from his size but to her it only added the plesure, she was a rough and tumble kinda girl.  Master plungged in to harder and harde with each thrust"Master oh master . . .

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  . " she cried "yes fuck me fuck me hard,  Thrust your big thick cock in to me over and over " and he did harder and harder. Hannah rose up a bitt on her knees "OH MASTER I AM CUMMING SO HARD OH MASTER!" she screamed. As he pumped into her, master brought his lips down to neck and bit down hard enough to draw blood, which pushed Hannah over the edge as she came  hard on his cock. he sucked on the wound tasteing her blood as he came in her. Hannah felt the the heat of his cum fill her and she shoudered. They colapsed and he rolled on to his back with Hannah  on her side, her head on his shoulder.   She leaned up and gave him a kiss befor laying her head back down and falling asleep, he leaned down and whisspered into her ear, "Rest now Kitten and gather your strenght, cause you will need it for later. At that her eyes opened and than closed agin as thoughts of what might happen later flooded her.

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