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   Jaime and I were getting ready for bed. We had been married for over 20 years when Jaime confronted me,saying that our sex life was leaving her wanting. Sure, she said I cun regularly but there's something missing. We had had our troubles a few years ago, bith of us wandering from our monogamous life briefly and the strain of that had left us commited to a one on one relationship.    Jaime is 44, very tall, over 6', with large full breasts and extremely large nipples. Her ass is to die for, two perfect half moons atop legs that semes to go on forever. Her lips are full and sensuous. Long blonde hair , deep blue eyes and a penchant exotic jewelry had kept me close to home except for that brief period in the past. I am 52, 6' tall, well-toned and fit for my age, riding a bike many miles a day and working out regularly.     I asked her what she was talking about and then before she could answer I had an idea. 'Don't say a word' I told her, 'unless I give you permission'. That kind of apprroach  had in the past resulted in some high pitched words between us , b ut this tiem all she did was look down at the floor and nod. I went to her and gently stroked her hair ,, letting my hands trail down to feel her tits  and caress her waist and eventually her ass. As i ran my hands over her ass  and slid my fingers between her legs,feeling the heat of her pussy. Out of the blue, I slapped her ass,not hard but it surprised her. Another light slap to her ass, then another.

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   Soon I had her laying across my thighs, her panties the only thing protecting her skin from my hand. As she reached back to try to ward off the next slap and the next I  caught her with my free hand, holding her tightly. 'You shouldn't have done that. Now you'll just lose your panties. ' That was met with a graon. I pulled her panties down and saw that her ass was beginning to have a pink glow . She squimed against my legs and I realized she wasn't trying to avoid the blows, but trying to rub her cunt against me.       'No you don't bitch' And I laid into  her a hard spnk that left my hand stinging. There was an imprint from my palm on the cheek of her ass. When I saw it I started in. . one after another hard strokes, At first she grimaced with the pain,then stopped and relaxed her legs , gradually allowing my eyes free acces to her pussy. I saw she had shaved today, and was quite wet. the spanking went on. 'Do you have naything to say?'    'All that ame out was one word, whispered,'More.

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  . . . '    I told her she didn't make demnds. 'Stand up and turn around'. She stood there, tears running down her cheeks, her breasts heaving with deep breaths. Her ass glowed red. I slapped her left tit, hard. Then her right. again and again the blows rained on her tits til they were also red and glowing. 'Stop,please. . . . .

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  . ' she fairly begged. 'I'll do anything. Anything. '    'I know, and you will bedoing some things tonight you hadn't expected. ' 'Get on you knees and suck my cock, you cunt. ' I thrust my dick ather face and she took my 7" into her mouth on one slurp. When she had settled down to a rhythm of sucking and throating me, I pulled out and ordered to the bed, to lay on her face. The spanking commenced again. slowly at first, then more forcefully and the pace picked up. As her ass took on a deep rich red blush I judged her ready. I pulled her to the edge of the bed, her legs over the edge. I took my cock in hand  and guided it to has asshole. 'No, not that' in more than twenty years I had never sampled her ass, but now was the time. My cock was as hard as I could remember it ever being, I slid my fingers into her dripping cunt, slathering hewr ass with her wetness and with one hard push I was in.

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  I thrust in and out her hips soon meeting my thrusts trying to get more and more of my cock in her ass. I came in a shuddering explosion , my cum filling her and oozing out atround my cock. 'Suck my dick, bitch. Now. '    I pulled out of her  ass and she turned and took my cock in her mouth, straight from her ass, sucking me dry. 'Is there still anything missing?'    'No dear. But  tomorrow we need to try a little thing I bought today at the leather shop. ' She gestured to the closet, where I could see hanging on a hangar separate from the rest a black leather corset and hood. 'I'll be trying some spanking of my own tomorrow, but I bought some extra toys not knowing exactly what might be the most effective. ' I considered the prospect and realized the idea of that fine woman wearing that leather corset and hood, stroking me with a cane or a crop was getting me hard all over again. ' And I also picked up something for your ass' she said, indicating a bag on the dresser. A little strap-on action so you don't think you're always in control. . . .

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  . . . '.