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So it was my first year of college and things were going alright for the most part. When people in my math class realized I understood everything we were doing in math class I had a couple people asking me for help. There was specific women that sat next to me that caught my eye for the moment I guess. The year had come to an end and I had her phone number. Right after the last class I had asked her if she wanted to come to a party of my apartment. She had called earlier in the day to ask what to bring over. My response being a smart ass was, " what ever you think you will need for the night. " Little did I know she would take that seriously. Before our encounter that night I had been serious with a couple women ranging from 2 year relationships to 7 months but never had sex. When Sara (her name is changed) came over that night we had been waiting for her so we could drink and play card games. I did like who she was at that time but I did not know her that well. We were making out off and on through out the night. When my friends had left at 3am we continued where we had started. Literally right after the door closed. She had me in the bedroom in no time at all. Before I even knew what was going on she had my pants and boxers off.


   She did ask if I wanted to do this and my response was yes. I took everything she had off with the exception of a bra because she was not wearing one. She pulled out a condom from her over night bag (like I said she came prepared). She had a clean shaven pussy with no hair at all just the way I liked it. I had done everything other than sex with a couple women I had dated and loved foreplay. She however wanted to get right to business. She knew that I had never had sex so she inserted my hard cock into her and I did all the rest. I am not going to lie and say it did not come out a couple times because it did. The first position we tried was her on top of me and after a little bit of time and the condom being pulled out I got on top of her. She didn't have the tightest pussy but my dick slid in and out easier so it made it a little better. After I fucked her doggy style she went down on me and sucked my cock like I have NEVER had before. The is one thing this women KNEW how to do was suck a mean cock. I felt like I was obligated to go down on her not that I didnt like to do that to begin with however I am not partial to eating a women out when my cum was in her. I went down on her for what didnt seem that long when she came. We fucked for an hour and a half before we both needed water.

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   After that night we saw each other a couple times but I have not talked to her in about a month. It wasn't exactly how I had pictured my first time but it sure as hell was a great lesson. .

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