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I was 17 at the time and I was going out with this 16 year old girl. I had no idea she was the biggest slut I had known but i was thinking i was on the right track until one day the worst thing that could happen did happen. It was one of those days that you want to pass but it seems like time is stuck. I was at home listening to a message my Ex-Girlfreind had left me yesterday. "I'm really sorry" Was the frist line. "I wish this would have turned out better but thats not the case" her voice continued. "I tried to be honest but i can't. I know by this time your friends have told you and you already know  but i want to make it clear that im sorry but this thing was just a fling and I always wanted you to be my first but I was stupid and im sorry" She continued. "Hey listen if this thing with this guy dosent last i'll give you a call" and that was it. I have had several warning about her in the past but I did not take them seriously. "You Alex im sorry i got to tell you this but your girl is a slut" I remeber my friend Anthony saying. "What do you mean?" I asked. "I mean she jumps from every swinging cock there is" He said seriouisly. If and only if I had listen to him then and ended it but no I though it was going somewere. Parisa was my sisters friends and when I tried to tell her that her friend was a whore and a half she did'nt want to listen to me. My sister Sarah was the person that hooked us up and it was obvious she was taking sides but she had told me she was a virgin and a good girl.

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   I dont know if thats true but it sure turned bad after she met that guy. The only thing that I going for me was that bitch Parisa is going to get used, abused, and losed by her new boyfriend Paul that and the fact that another one of my sisters friends was always there for me and her name was Mel. Mel was a sweet 16 year old girl with a figure that makes your mouth water and she had one of the nicest and sexiest personnalities that was by far better that anyone else i had ever met. Today was my lucky day because all day I wanted nothing more other than to die but suddenly the door bell rang. No one but me was home so I was suprised to see someone ringing the doorbell as I usually get calls on the phone from friends then they come over not univited. I walked slowly to the door and opened it to find Mel standing there. "Oh, hey wats up,Oh, yeah Sarah's not here shes at that bitches house" I said. "Oh my god are you still sad over her you know its not the end of the world" She said smiling. "Leave me alone I said Sarahs not here" I said almost closing the door. "Wait, are you ok? Im coming in" She said as she came in. I walked over to the couch and sat down then she sat right beside me. I could have sworn that she was coming on to me but I thought she was being a good friend. "You know that you can sit around the house feeling sad or you could go out and find yourself someone new" She said trying to motivate me. "But who out there likes me? who out there cares?" I yelled. "There's enough people, Trust me" She assured me.

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  "Like Who" I said back. "Well me for example" She said. The room was silenced for a whole minute. She then realized that she had put herself out there and thinking that he didnt like her back she was ready to take it back. "I mean eh. . . . . . . . . . " Thats all she could get out before I kissed her.

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  I didn't know what i was thinking but I knew she wanted it. We were making out for a whole 5 minutes before I took of her shirt tried to unhook her bra, don't get me wrong i was a pro at this and I have had sex enough times before but something was'nt right about this and I was about to find out. "Wait!" She said. "Wats wrong" I said back. "I've never done this before" She said feeling ashamed. "Done worry it'll be ok, Trust me" I winked at her. "If im not good the you could teach me, Right?" She asked. "Sure I will" I answered. "Does this mean we are going out?" She asked another question. "Mel I always liked you so ya ofcourse we are" I told her. "Then teach me already, I've heard its fun but will it hurt?" She asked. "Not if you dont wanted to but i'll take it slow" I told her. With that started to take off her clothes and then i shed my own. I remeber how beautiful she looked standing there naked I can never get that image out of my head. "Now you will learn how to give head" I Said to her.

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  "I think I know how to" She said back. With that she took my already hard cock and stuffed it in her mouth and started sucking on it. For a beginner she was actully good, In fact she was so could that I almost came right there but I took it out in the last second. "Whats wrong, Did'nt I do it right?" She asked. "No it's just time for phase 2" I told her. Then she knew what i was talking about so she laid on her back on the sofa and waited for me. I started by kissing my way up her tights the I kissed around it until i was finnaly there. I started using some moves that had worked for me in the past and they really worked because she was pleased and she let me know it. "Don't you stop, Don't you stop" She screamed. The out of now were i stopped and just kissed her. She was confused and looked disapointed with how fast it was and the fact that she did,nt have an orgasm yet. "Thats it? Your Done? Why did you stop? " She asked. "I did'nt want you to come that fast, Not before phase 3" I said to her. "But Phase 2 was so good" She begged for more. "Don't worry phase 3 would be better" I promised her.

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  She then knew what was coming. She took a deep breath and guided my dick indide her. "Oh shit, This hurts" She screamed. She was so tight and wet that I could not believe this was happening to me. I first started slow and I could see that she was enjoying it and her face looked like pain and pleasure combined but she liked it. "Harder, Faster, Come on FUCK ME HARDER" she begged for more. With that I started to pick up the pace and she was screming soo hard that I could tell that she really liked it so much. I started to use some on my skills by changing positions or by changing the motion but in the end it was just to much for her and she was basicly pleasured so much because it was her first time that she just wanted to explode and I was just about done myself and with the last amount of strenght that I had left in me I emptied all my load in her and with that we were done. We both just lied there naked starring at each other, Knowing what we had done, Knowing what we had started but we knew it was special. This turned out to be the best thing that happenned to me as I started a realationship with a wonderfull girl, My life started to get better, I got a good paying job, and i start university soon. By the way my ex Parisa got what she deserved and she did call me to take her back (She is still waiting on my call). .