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 I decided to go the the library. I wanted to read some books and relax. The library was huge. It had 5 stories, tons of books, a section with 50 or so computers, and about 20 private rooms that you can rent for the day. There wasn't a lot of people at the library.
   I sat in a couch, and started to read a book. Then I see a pair of sexy legs go past me, and I couldn't resist looking up. The owner of those legs sat in a desk, that was in front of where i was sitting.
   She was asian. Long black hair with some highlights on them. She had them tied back. Her face had gentle features, light brown eyes, cute nose, and sexy lips. She was wearing tight jeans that showed off her sexy legs and her tight butt. She had a sweater on. But I could tell that her breasts were big. A full C or D cup.

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   Her body was a work of art.
   Of course, my cock was immediately aroused at the arrival of this sexy teen. I forgot to mention she looked extremely young. Maybe 15 or 16. She took out a paper, a book, and started to write on it. I acted as if I was reading the book, but secretly took little peaks at her perfect body. I shifted my cock so it won't hurt.
   She sat there for about 30 minutes or so, then got up. She started to walk towards the bathroom. I got up also, then followed her. She reached the bathroom, and opened the door. I followed, but i opened the door slowly. There was no one in the bathroom except for her. She was standing in front of the mirror.
   I lunged at her, and clasped my hand around her mouuth.

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   I wraped my other arm around her to keep her from resisting. I pushed her further into the bathroom. I pushed her inside one of the bigger stalls, where I had enough room. I locked the door. I pushed her to the wall, and put my big body right behind her to keep her from running away.
   She said something but was muffled by my hands. "Don't scream. If you do, you'll really be sorry. " I whispered to her ear.
   I slowly took away my hand on her mouth. She was panting, and I could see fear in her eyes. My hand traveled down, and stroked her butt. She gasped. "Don't say a word. .

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  . " I reminded her. My hand roamed on her tight ass.
   She started to cry. But when she cried, she was so cute. She seemed to be afraid, and didn't resist as I kept stroking her tight ass and thigh. I grabbed the bottom of her sweater, and pulled them up. This time, she resisted. But I managed to get it off. She was wearing a t-shirt underneath.
   Her huge breasts stretched the t-shirt. I could see her nipple clearly and knew that she wasn't wearing any bra. I smiled. "I guess you wanted this more than you think. " She crossed her arm around her breasts.

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   "Please. . . don't do this. . . I'm still a virgin. " She started to beg.
   "What's your name?" I ignored her plea.
   "It's. . . Diana. . .

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   Please. . . let me go!" She started to cry uncontrolably.
   "Cute name. " I started to play with her nipple through her t-shirt. She tried to fight back. "Stay still, or i'll have to bind you. And take you someplace else where I can enjoy you for hours. Just get over with this. It'll be over in few minutes. "
   I touched her nipple. She resisted a little, but finally gave up. I took one hand and unzipped her jeans. I slowly took them down.

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   I looked down and saw her sexy white thong. I took her t-shirt off in a flash. And grabbed her thong and ripped them apart.
   I looked at her naked body for a minute. My cock was about to explode. I took out my huge cock. It was 9 inches, and 4 inches around. It was huge. She stared at it, terrified. I forced the tip into her lip. She wouldn't open her mouth. But I forced her mouth open with my hands, and rammed my huge cock inside.
   She made a gurglin sound. "breath through your nose Diana. " I fucked her gently at first.

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   She started to get better at breathing. I fucked her faster. She didn't do anything at first, but she slowly started to move her tongue. She sucked my cock gently, and would occasionally twirl her tongue. I felt her grab my balls and gently squeeze them. I fucked her harder and harder.
   I came deep inside her throat. She swallowed all of my cum. It wasn't the best blowjob, but it was pretty good.
   I looked at her pussy, and noticed a wet pool on the ground. "Your so wet. You liked that, didn't you?"
   She blushed, and looked away as if ashamed. I lowered my head to her pussy, and noticed that her pussy was shaved. I slowly extended my tongue, and licked the outside of her pussy. An instant reaction from her as a slight moan came out.

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   I played with her cunt, gently. She got wetter and wetter. I squeezed her nipple hard, and a loud moan would escape from her mouth.
   I got her pussy wet enough. I put her on all fours, like a dog begging to be fucked. I put the tip on her pussy, and pushed in. She gave a grunt, as the pain shot upwards. I felt the hymen stretching. I gave a push, and it broke. Blood spilled out. I came unexpectedly.
   Her pussy was magnificent. Her tight walls contracted even further as I fucked her deeper and deeper. Her moans aroused me further. I fucked her harder and harder.

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   I came again as the feeling intensified. But I kept fucking her. Her moans got louder. "Fuck me harder!" She screamed.
   Her back arched, and she came. Her first orgasm. The amount was huge. I took out my cock, and all her juices flowed out. But my cock was still hard, wanting more. She was laying on the floor, panting. I grabbed her waist, and got her back on all fours.
   I pushed my cock not on her pussy, but on her asshole. "No. . .

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   not there. . . not on - " her sentence was stopped as I rammed my cock all the way in. She gave a small scream in pain. I fucked her harder. I took my free hand, and grabbed her nipple and squeezed. With my other hand, I located her clit, and gave a gentle squeezed.
   A loud moan escaped her mouth. When I gave a squeeze on her nipple, her rectum contracted, giving me more pleasure. I came inside her within a minute.
I can't begin to tell you what we started to do afterwards. . .


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