An Air Force Tease Gets It


Everything would come full circle when the entire flight was deployed to eat some sand for a few months. There was only 22 of us and the majority of the older guys and gals were married. There was maybe 9 single people in the whole bunch. Of course Casey came along, her mouth a welcome sight after the second week. That girl could eat some cock. I visited a couple of times only to find her just brushing her teeth after her last "meal". But hey, it was a nut !We were 2 to a hooch (Hardened tent for lamens) and were grouped by rank. Jarred and I shared a hooch and Squiggy (He looked like that guy off Laverne and Shirley) and Derrick were beside us. Across the "road" was Tracy and a married girl I always made eyes with, Penny. Penny wasn't the hot ass that Tracy was but at the same time you could always see that camel toe in her uniform at it drove me nuts. Not to mention one night at a social I got to hear how she keeps her pussy bald because being part Italian made her a hairy bitch! Penny had very short brown hair, still feminine, a little bit of a belly, that she would show in the summer, and a set of tits the size of Kansas. You could see those huge brown nipples through our Blue uuniforms. . . and man were they big. ANYWAY.


  Jarred, squiggy, Derrick and I were playing cards one night outside the hooch when Tracey came bubblin' along in nothing but a long T-shirt. Her nipples were just visible under it and we could almost see a tit through the V neck of the shirt when she moved around. She plopped down beside Jarred (The biggest of us all, 6'2", muscular greek lookin' fellow with arms like trees and no neck) and made sure she propped her leg up so we could almost see that little cunt of hers. She must have bathed in perfume because it was almost intoxicating, but arousing at the same time. That little bitch knew was she was doin'. Derrick made sure he slouched enough in his chair attempting to get a peek up the shirt, of course Tracy noticed and accomodated him with a quick glance. "So what's the excitement for tonight, ya big studs", Tracy sqeeked out with a perfect smile. "Nothin' but cards and pecker beatin'", squiggy shot back, grabbing his crotch. "Just like a bunch of horny little perverts", Tracy retorted. Meanwhile my attention fell over to Penny's hooch as she came out still in BDUs but with a towel and her shower gear. No one else noticed, so I stood to my feet and announced, "I think I'll beat mine in the shower, easy clean-up". Tracy just smiled and and gave me a little smartass, "Ohh baby, I'll be there in a minute"I left the four of them there and made my way to the mens shower. I could hear the water running next door and prayed for the walls to become transparent so I could see Penny on the other side with a finger in her slit and another on her clit. . .

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   Hey, I can dream. I could smell her sweet soap through the vents and made sure my shower ended exactly as hers did. We both exited the shower huts at the same time, just pants and t-shirts. Her short hair was still a little damp and her nipples were raging through her shirt. "Damn it's a little nipple out here", a smile on her face as she made eye contact with me. "Yeah, turkeys done", as I shot a glance at her chest. We both just laughed and started our walk to the hooches. "Where the hell did everybody make it to", Penny asked as she looked at the empty card table. "Hmmm, dunno", I was wondering considering they were in the middle of a heated game of go-fish when I left. As we made our way to Penny's hooch we heard a muffled grunt and turned to look at each other. Penny placed her finger on her closed lips and gave me the 'silence' look as she creeped the door open with out a sound. You can't see directly in to the hooches due to dividers they placed in them to shield people from being walked in on. We made our way in to the hooch, I guess undetected, only to hear Jarred's voice whispering to "Get her fuckin' legs back and tie that T-shirt tight in her her mouth, if someone hears this, we're fucked". Penny and I shot a look at each other and peeked around the corner to find Tracy, on her bed, hands tied to the bed posts with belts, and Squiggy and Derrick pulling her legs back as if they were trying to break them off. She had a t-shirt tied tightly around her mouth and it was stopping any and all sound from escaping except a little grunt/scream here and there.

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   I expected Penny to jump in and save the 19 year old but instead, she stood there wide eyed with me. The generators outside were making a hell of a hum and I'm guessing that's why no one even thought of us watching this pnoy show that was about to begin. You could see Tracy's pussy sticking out like a mit due to the angle they had her legs. It was bald and had this un-touched look to it. Almost an "inny" pussy,like a belly button. It was tiny, and her asshole couldn't have been as big as a dime. I instantly felt my cock swelling in my pants, and considering there was no underwear to stop it, the thing was making a hell of a spectacle. I guess Penny's interest was just as much as mine, she had slid in front of me and I was at her back now with my caged cock resting against her ass cheek. I know she felt the thing, I'm no horse but . . . I know she felt it. Jarred had a tube of KY in his hand and began to squeeze enough to lube an elphant on to Tracy's pussy. "You little fuckin' bitch, you've done nothin' but tease us the last year. Now we're in the middle of the desert and I want to give you a good year's worth of fuckin'".

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   Jarred's comment caught me by surprise but, I agreed with him in a way. He slid two fingers in to Tracy's pussy and you could see her little lips expand to accomodate them. He started to pump a little but seemed more concerned on getting them as far in to her as possible. Squiggy and Derrick had pulled their pants down to their knees and were holding Tracy's legs with only one hand. She wasn't strong enough to break the hold. They used a little lube off her cunt to get a good slide going on their cocks. Squiggy was a little guy, maybe 6 inches but it was pretty thick. Not a beer can but damn close. Derrick was a longer fellow, maybe a little over seven with good girth. His had a different little curve to it, I'm sure that's why some of the girls visited every now and then back home. Penny and I watched with awe as Jarred made a third finger a weapon then a forth. He was stretching her pussy wide open and you could almost hear the scream through the T-shirt. We could see tears rolling from tracy's eyes but at the same time it wasn't a hysterical sob yet. Jarred kept stroking all the way to the thumb for a good 2 minutes until he tucked his thumb up and started in with his entire hand. "There's no way she can take this", I thought to myself.

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   But damn if I wasn't wrong. After 2 or 3 twists he made his entire hand in to her mound and it was flared up like a light. Bright red and you could see her clit stnading straight out. Jarred reached down and pinched her clit hard whispering the sweet nothings of, "I knew that pussy could take a good beating, now how does it feel ya little cunt". The front of my pants had a wet spot from all the precum running from my dick. I could have came without even touching the fucking thing right then. All of a sudden I caught a hint of pussy. Sweet pussy, and realized that Penny had slid her hand in to her pants and was rubbing her clit. I began to slide her pants down and noticed she was free of under garments also. She didn't stop me at all when I was doing so and this made the whole scene even more arousing. Here we were watching a 19 year old get raped and I was about to finger Penny's sopping pussy. I moved my hand up between her legs and noticed her juice had ran down her left leg to her knee! "Holy shit", I thought, "This bitch is squirtin' all over the place". As I made my way up I could feel her breathing getting sporatic. I met her shaven, soaked cunt with my and hand and as I felt her clit, she began to get off. She spasmed and grabbed my free hand and shoved it over her mouth.

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   I sqeezed to make sure no sound would come out as she orgasmed just from the first touch. I rubbed hard, pinching a little as her pelvis twitched and bucked. Meanwhile, Jarred had been pummelinig Tracy's pussy with his hand and squiggy had shot his load all over her face and hair. It must have been years since Sguiggy came because from what we could see there must have been six men's worth of cum running off her forehead and hair. Jarred pulled his hand out and just a gaping hole was left where a pretty little pussy used to be. Surprisingly there was no blood from all the stretching but the whole thing was puffy and glistened from all the lube. They rolled Tracy over and positioned her with her ass in the air. She had quit fighting in anyway and had succomed to their brutality. I was thinking to myself, "There is no way she is liking this", but then again I might have been wrong" She arched her back a little as Derrick made his was around and shoved his cock in to the opening that Jarred's hand had left. "Like fuckin' air man", Derrick proclaimed but still was humping like a little dog. Penny pulled another surpised next as we watched this porno unfold, she took my cock out with her left hand and began to stroke it gently, playing with all the wetness of my precum with her thumb. With her right hand she reached between her legs and scooped up as much of her cunt juice as possible and used it to cram two fingers in to her tiny asshole. I was watching this now and wondering if I was supposed to help. . .

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   so I did. I also used two fingers to get as much wetness as possible and when I went to finger her anus, it was like heaven. Slightly loose but with a grip like a vise! I fingered her ass while she held my cock making sure I wasn't going to loose a load before anything happened. Our attention was drawn towards the bed as derrick was loosing a huge load all over the crack of Tracy's ass. It was huge streams of the thickest cum I've ever seen, he was litterally "pissing" cum. It just ran past her ass hole and over her cunt on to the bed. Jarred had pulled out a fuckin' pipe of a dick by now and was greasing it with the KY. His dick must have been around 8 inches long but was thick, with a tennis ball for a head. It kinda looked unproportioned. He stuck two fingers in to Tracy's ass and this strted the bucking again. Derrick quickly popped Tracy on the back of the head and gave her a warning of "Now just lay still and it won't hurt that bad, you move and you might end up with my foot in your ass". She kinda quit moving but we could tell she was scared shitless. I moved the head of my cock to Penny's asshole and gave enough pressure to get it barely in to the opening. I quickly grabbed her mouth and ,without any care at all, crammed my cock in to her ass. I was getting in to this whole rape idea and she was too.

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   She held her scream back and buckled a little as I made my way in to her anal canal. It was so tight but not a virgin ass in anyway. When I was at the end of tube, I let my hand off her mouth and reached around only to find her fingers were already doing their job on her clit. I was holding back the biggest eruption of my life and I knew I had to wait till she came one more time before I could let go. I was moving so slow, all the way out and all the way back in till I felt her start to jerk and spasm from inside. She bent over a little and quit moving while the orgasm clinched her and made her my puppet. We heard the muffled scream as Jarred had now started to shove this monster in to tracy's ass. It was tearing her apart and everyone loved, excpet Tracy. Jarred kept applying pressure but her tiny sphincter wouldn't let go. He backed out and applyed even more Ky and with all his pelvic might, pierced her ass! She tryed to lunge foward and get away but he had a firm drip on her waist and buried his cock in to her ass. With about 4 thusts, it was over, he snatched his cock out stood on the bed as strings of cum made their way out of his member. He stood there for what seemed 5 minutes spraying her back with his cum. Squiggy and Derrick had hardened again from this display and now began to jockey for position. Squiggy slid under Tracy and inserted his dick in to her now tightening pussy. I assume Derrick wanted the same hole and pressed his cock in to the same hole and they began to buck in unison.

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  I'm guesing Penny could feel me about to explode and moved so that my cock skid from her ass. She grabbed it and slid back so my cock found her pussy just before the first stream let go. She quickly grabbed my hand once a gain and covered her mouth as we stood there cumming together. I was shooting so much jism in to her that I could feel the pressure building inside her cunt. It was so tight in there and that was helpin her pussy milk my dick for every drop. It was starting to run out the sides as I kept pounding more and more in. We stood there letting everything run down her legs until I reached down and scooped some up and brought it to her eager mouth. She loved the taste you could tell. I pulled my cock out and caught the wads as they fell from her cunt in my hand and smeared them on her eager tongue. Derrick and Squiggy were now giving Tracy's pussy hell and she was starting to maon, not in a bad way either. She was moaning in unison with them. I heard Jarred at one point say, "Holy shit, she's gettin' off". I didn't know this till Penny explained it to me days later, that women either have orgasms or don't. . .

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   and Tracy could help it at this point. Tracy began to buck on their cocks and tried to get more of them in to her. She was moaning and moving with a good rythm to their fucking. This drove the two of them nuts. They began to spend themselves in to her pussy and she began to thrash about as they did so. Cum was running out of her slit and she was trying to keep them inside for as long as possible. They both finished and moved to the side as Jarred noticed she needed more. He mounted her from behind and began to pound her swollen cunt. She was loving this, considering he was almost as big as the two of them together in size. He was slamming her pussy so hard the whole hooch was shaking but no one cared. I was rubbing Penny's clit so hard and she was trying to pull my cock off my body in all the excitement. Jarred still didn't last more than 4 minutes as he thrust one last time then pulled out shot another giant load in to the crack of Tracy's ass. Now her whole crotch was nothing but a giant cum bucket and the pool of it under her was enough to get a hundred women pregnant. Everyone fell silent now and the three guys realized that they had to do something. Wanting no part in this, Penny and I snatched up our pants and made our way out the same way we came in.


   . . undetected. We scurried across the road in to my hooch with out any one seeing us and jumped on my bed where she mounted my cock and we went at it like school kids. We were 10 minutes in to the fucking when Jarred opened the door. . . "Holy shit, my bad guys, uhhhhhh, I need to grab my towel to shower". We didn't bat an eye, we just kept grinding and trying to make each other cum some more. The next day at work we expected to hear of the raping and see the three assailents get shipped back to the U. S. but instead all we saw was Tracy limping around and the three stooges going about their buisness. We never asked anyone what the hell was said after we left because we never wanted to have our names in that story if it ever came out. Penny and I see each other on a regular basis now. She sneeks out from the husband and I from the fiance to sleezy hotels and play the "rape game".


   Tracy got an assignment not long after we returned, none of us were surprised by that one. As for Derrick, Jarred, and Squiggy, last I heard, Casey the fat girl has them over all the time !!.

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