Attitude Adjustment


 OK! So, here's one for you. My best friend and I grew up together, as a lot of best friends do, but in my parents home, we were taught to be more compassionate, tolerant, and accepting of other people, cultures, heritage, and what not. Julia was shorter than me, and much heavier, especially in the hips and thighs. She stood about four foot eight, and weighed somewhere close to 160 pounds, with shoulder length, blonde hair she kept permed most of the time, and soft blue eyes. Julia had a ruff life for the most part. She was born with thyroid problems for starters which helped to add to her weight problem. Her mother and dad had divorced and she got caught in the middle of a violent custody battle over her, when she was younger. Then she married at a very early age to a guy that was much older than she was.  He became abusive to her and caused her to miscarry a pregnancy, before he left her.   Despite all of these set backs, she went on, and I eventually helped get her a job where I worked. It was a great place to work, and there were always a lot of new people. We threw parties just for our work group and friends quiet often, many Julia did herself. She didn't drink often, but she drank excessively when she did, then she would take more than great pride in showing off her tattoo. . . which just happened to be on the inner part of her left breast.

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   Anyway, we were having a party to celebrate the end of the peak season, and the great job we all had done getting through it. It was to be at Julia's house at the end of the week. One night while we were working, a black guy we both knew, and had worked with for a while, playfully slapped her on her butt as he walked by. Julia became outraged immediately, and almost got the guy fired for it.  Later, that same week, another (African-American) female friend and I were talking, when Julia came up. I just happened to ask her about what happened, and she went into hysterics complaining about the guy slapping her on her ass. Then, as she turned and was walking away from us, she remarked, "I will never let a black man touch me and get away with it!" Unfortunately, the other girl also heard her remark. This is when I realized I didn't know as much of my friend as I though I did. When the night of the party came, everyone showed up, and things were going great. The music was blasting, people were enjoying themselves, and the games we had set up to play, even the food was outstanding.  The young lady who was their when Julia made her remark suddenly pulled me to the side, "Look! The brothers are going to get a hold of Julia's ass tonight. They all like you a lot, and said they would be willing to let you stay, but only if you want to. They asked me to tell you ahead of time, and if you want to go, now might be the best time to leave. So, after its done, you can claim ignorance to it, and have an alibi. " I didn't want this to happen, and I felt for Julia, but I remembered her callous remark, not to mention I felt interested as well and somewhat honored by them allowing me to stay, so I consented to stay, but not to take part in any way.

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   She smiled and said, "Good! I'll tell them. Just be cool and watch, OK?" She left, and I began to follow Julia, watching her from a distance, while being careful not to let her know I was. She was already lit, and steadily drinking more. Before the party had started, she was wearing a loose fitting, black top, black, knit stirrup pants, white, slouch socks, charcoal gray tights, and her black Reeboks. By now she had already shed her shirt, and shoes, and was now in a black bikini top barely covering her C cup chest, pants, and socks.  I noticed a group of the black men going around talking to the white party guests, who would soon after, leave. I have no clue what they would tell them, or say to them, but they apparently got the message, and soon I was the only white person there, besides for Julia, herself. As this was going on, I also noticed that a couple of the black guys were hovering around the table with the drinks. One of them pulled out a plastic tube, and poured a liquid into a drink. He stirred it up quickly, then another guy picked it up and took it to Julia. She was already three sheets in the wind, and hadn't noticed that there were no longer any white people at the party, besides for herself, and I. I couldn't help but giggle as she threw the drink back, gulping it down almost completely in the first swallow, as she continued doing things, paying no mind to anything around her.  After a few minutes had passed, she began to wobble more than normal, and I would see her put a hand to her head, before taking another drink. "Its time, lets see how open to suggestions she is now from a black man. " , I overheard one of the guys at the table of drinks said to the others.

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   I sat down in a lawn chair and watched the events unfold. One of the guys began following her around the yard. I couldn't get exactly what he was saying, but it had something to do with a bet he had made with another guy, and he hammed up how he would feel ashamed if he didn't win the bet, and how simple, and easy it would be for him to win. Julia constantly kept telling him no, then would try to walk away, but he would follow her begging her like a child, until she finally consented. She leaned on the wood stairs that lead up to the above ground pool, and took off her socks, handing them to him. He thanked her with a big grin, and walked back to the table, as Julia stood shirtless, and almost barefoot, except for her stirrup pants, and her gray tights.  I always though Julia was very pretty, and though she was pear shaped, she always looked somewhat attractive to me. I even found her chubby toes rather adorable, though you could only see the outline of her big toe's nail, I could imagine them painted rose red, as Julia normally kept them. I began to wonder if the guys knew she wore a toe ring on the second toe of her right foot? Probably not, nor do I think they cared, because it wasn't the little personal things they cared about, nor was that what they were after. The guy came back to the table, and said as he laughed," Yea, she's ready!" The young lady then approached me and told me to go stand in the kitchen, be quiet and just watch. I made my way into the kitchen of Julia's house, as the young lady had instructed me to do. It was dark, with no lights on, but some filtered in the doorway that lead to the living room. The guys came in shortly after I did, and began moving the furniture from the center of the living room.  A few minutes later, the young lady came in leading Julia, as she was all but falling down from drinking, and probably from the concoction they had slipped her.  The guys had went into the hallway before the young lady lead Julia in, and waited for the young lady's sign.

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   She got Julia to the center of the living room, and laid helped her lay down on the floor. She tried to get Julia to lay on her back, with a sweet, convincing, tone in her voice, but Julia wouldn't do it. Julia kept saying she would get sick if she laid on her back, so she laid on her stomach instead. The young lady sat on the floor beside Julia for a while, then feeling safe, she spoke to Julia who did not reply. The young lady stood up, stepping over Julia's unconscious body to her feet, reached down picking up her legs by her ankles, then she slid the stirrup off both of Julia's heels, and let her legs fall to the floor. Julia didn't make a sound, as she was out cold. The young lady motioned for me, and I stepped in the lighted doorway that separated the kitchen and living room. She raised a finger to her lips, telling me to stay quiet, as she stood and went to the hallway. She beckoned the guys to follow, letting them know Julia was out, and ready to be taken. They filled into the living room, one after another, completely nude, except for ski masks. Though I knew them all pretty well, I could not even tell who was who.  None of us spoke a word, and they seemed to totally ignore my presence, as they gathered around Julia. A couple of them sat down on the furniture, as the others got started. One guy moved over Julia's thigh, grasping the top of her pants, and pulled them off, then he stood and moved away tossing them at one of the other guys, then the next knelt down over her, above her thighs, and pulled her tights off. He looked at me, and though I couldn't see his mouth, I knew he was smiling, and he tossed them to me.

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   I looked around in total surprise, but no one else was even batting an eye in my direction, so I quickly balled them up and shoved them in my pocket. The young lady moved about the room with a camera taking pictures of ever step they were taking, as another guy straddled Julia and took off her panties. He tossed them on an end table close to him, and looked around the room as he pointed constantly at himself, letting them know he was taking them as his prize.  He was hung like I had never seen before, but they all seemed very well endowed. He stood, and spread Julia's legs out to the side, then got down on his knees between her legs, grabbing the top of her hips, pulling her up on her knees in a dog style position. She came into position without so much as a whimper. The man began to massage her clit with his finger, getting her wet. After a few minutes, he raised up, keeping a hand on her hip, grabbing his rod and began to rub it in her slit, as the young woman orbited them, making sure to get some close-ups, of her naked twat being played with and made hot by a black man. He then began to push it inside, as she moaned softly. He seemed to be having problems when he said in a low tone laughing as he spoke, "Damn this bitch is tight, I don't know if its going to fit or not. " He placed his other hand on the other side of her hips, and pushed. Suddenly Julia's body shifted forwards, as she made a slight grunting sound, and the guy exclaimed softly as he slid deep inside her warm cunt. Julia's body began to easy back as the guy looked down at her. He raised up, leaning a little forwards over her, and began working her. He would push her ass slowly forward and upwards as he would arch his back away from her, then pull her back hard as he would simultaneously arch his back towards her, like a well rehearsed dance.

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   I wondered what it must feel like as I watched him proceed to have his way with her. I would have to stifle my laughter as Julia would let out an occasional moan or groan and her limp arms laying astride her would slightly bounce, when he would shove his snake deep inside her womb. The longer he went the harder and faster he would go, while the young woman kept taking pictures of it all, making sure to get close ups on Julia's kat hungrily gobbling up the black meat it was being fed. Soon the guy tilted his head back, as one of the others said rather loudly, "Pull out!" Followed by another one remarking in about the same tone, "Nah! Blow yer load in dat' bitch! If she gets pregnant, who cares. " I started to speak up, but then I remember my place was only token, so I remained quiet, as the guy doing Julia suddenly pulled her hips tightly against himself, letting go of his juice deep inside of her. I watched her leg muscles twitch and flinch, and her cute red toes draw up for a moment then slowly relax, telling me she had orgasm as well.  The next three guys followed the same scenario, then the fifth guy said, "Ya'll can hit that all ya want, but its time to tap that big ass!" As we laughed about it, he slid into her a couple of times to get his shaft wet, then he began forcing it into her anus. "She ain't going to be so anal retentive when I'm done with it!" The guy said as Julia let out a deep sighing breath of pain. The guy grunted and strained as he pushed trying to penetrate her, as Julia moaned and softly let out an occasional sob of pain. Finally, one of the others threw the guy a bottle of KY Jelly, so he rubbed it all over his cock, then around her orifice, and went back to gain entry into her rear. He pushed, and pushed, and strained, as Julia continued to just let out moans of pain, until the guy finally went deep into her bowels. As he penetrated, Julia's whole body seemed to shift violently forward. I felt rather sorry for her, but I couldn't help but giggle with delight as she was getting hers. . .

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  in the end, literally.  Ten black studs unloaded inside of Julia that night, through one hole or another. By the time the night was through, Julia laid flat on her back, spread eagle, with her womb so full of jizz it was swollen out. Jizz, mixed with blood, and KY Jelly ran from both of the holes in her lower half. Several rolls of film told the story, more than completely, and as the night ended, everyone went their own ways, swearing to keep it a secret, leaving her laying there on the floor. As for Julia, she was mysteriously missing from work for the next week, and I could never reach her by phone. When I finally did see her again, neither of us made mention of that night. After sometime, we drifted somewhat apart as friends, I don't know if it was because of what happened and/or what she knew or remembered of it or not. I seen her a couple of times after that though, one night in a late night restaurant with a black guy. Then again, about seven months after the party, and she was clearly with child. I laughed despite myself in hind sight of it all, and now I knew she had somewhat of a change of attitude towards others. .

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