Ball Breaker


While she didn't work late often, Hollis Beckman was busily writing an editorial for the up coming issue of BB, and while she wasn't surprised to see him working at this late hour, she was quite put out at the comment she had heard him plainly utter just seconds before!!! "What did you say," she said while striding out of her office and confronting Hank right there on the spot!?! After turnng down the volume on his tape deck, Hank put down his duster and replied, "I'm sorry ma'am, I couldn't hear you on account of my head phones!!!" "I just want you to know that I heard your crude comment and will be reporting you to your superiors in the morning," she said with utter disdain!!! "What comment," he fired back quickly, "I didn't say a word to you, lady!?!" "Well," she replied acidly, "then I guess you were referring to some other head cunt!!!" Listening to the haughty bitch ladling out her insipid drivel would have been funny if it weren't so sad, so showing a total lack of remorse, he fired back, "You fucking bitches take the cake, a bunch of dried up old hags that couldn't get fucked if you had hundred dollar bills coming out of your cunts!!!" It had been quite awhile since anyone had spoken to her in such a insolent manner, and momentarily she was taken aback, but she quickly retorted, "Don't you dare raise your voice to me, sonny, you're in enough trouble the way it is!?!"Hank had to chuckle at the old broad's grit, but he was in no mood to placate the old cunt, so in harsh even tone he replied, "The only two people in this world that can call me sonny are in the cemetary, so why don't you go back into your fucking office, shut the door, and dream what it would be like to ride a big fat dick, kinda like this one," and in a fit of pique, he unzipped his pants and pulled out his meat and shook it at the stunned woman!!!" With a look of absolute hatred on her face, she turned almost a shade of purple as she blustered, "W-well I never.............." "That's right bitch, you never have and you never will," he interrupted her caustically, "so tell me, cunt, when was the last time you had a real cock to suck on, about thirty years ago!?!" "I-I'll sue you for slander," she screamed while picking up a book off the desk and flinging it wildly in his direction, "nobody talks to me that way, nobody, do I make myself clear!?!"After easily avoiding the flying book, Hank put his hands on his hips, thrust out his groin and said in a very catty voice, "Come on, baby, why don't you get down on your knees and suck my cock, come on, honey, on your knees, where all old bitches like you should be!!!" With the fire and rage in her eyes blazing out of control, she literally threw herself in his direction and put her hands around his throat and began squeezing!!! At first he was little stunned at her agility, but as hard as she tried she couldn't make a dent in his throat, so just for kicks he laughed in her face while reaching up under her skirt and grabbing a handful of her pussy!!! Now it was here turn to be stunned as she felt her sex being violated by the middle finger of this loud mouthed janitor, and even though she detested and abhorred him, it had been so long since a man had touched her there, that no matter how she tried fighting it her vagina reacted as if it were begging for more!!!"Whoa, baby," he said softly, "we're kinda wet down there aren't we, wouldn't you rather have this than my little old finger!?!" Her breathing had become extremely labored in just that last few seconds, and when she at first opened her mouth to speak nothing came out except a low soft moan that grew in intensity until she was shuddering in the midst of one of the hardest orgasms she had ever expereinced!!! She slumped against him unable to stand on her own, and for the first time Hank looked at her a little more carefully, and while she was well into her late fifties, she wasn't a bad looking broad, and incredibly, even after all of this, Hank's pecker was standing at attention and waiting for someone to salute to!!!Her eyes were now glazed over as she slowly slid to the floor in front of him, and even though she only moments before be spewing very hateful things at him, all she wanted now was to feel and taste a penis for the first time in over twenty odd years!!! With her hand literally shaking like a leaf, Hollis Beckman reached out and gently caressed Hank's straining erection while feeling the fury in her just fingered pussy growing relentlessly!!!"H-how old are you," she asked softly while still reveling in the sensation of having an erection in her own hands!?! "I'm forty two, ma'am," he replied softly!!! "That sounds much better," she said while gingerly leaning forward to kiss his smooth head, "I know you must resent me, but I hope that we can still be friends, is that all right with you!?!" Hank looked down on the now docile woman, and after gently taking her head and guiding it to his hard erection, he replied softly, "I'd like that just fine!!!"Sucking cock must be a lot like riding a bike, because once you know how you never forget, and just like the bike, Hollis Beckman took to cocksucking like a duck to water, as she greedily took him into her mouth and brought him to an incredibly fast climax with her very active tongue!!! "Oh, baby," he sighed as the last stream of cum jetted down her throat, "for someone who hates men, you sure know how to treat 'em!!!" She reluctantly let his cock slip from her lips as he helped her to her feet, and just before she could respond to his last little dig, he pressed his mouth to hers, kissing her deeply while letting his hands roam all over her big fat ass!!! "Mmmmmmm, baby," he whispered into her ear, "are you ready for some real action!?!" "W-what do you mean by that," she stammered, still a little overwhelmed by the sudden turnof events!?! "I think you know what I mean," he replied while cupping her fat cheeks in each hand, "I know you want it, so stop actingso confused!!!" "I-I'm not cunfused," she stammered, "I'm just a little scared, that's all!!!""Scared of what," he asked while biting and nibbling on her neck, "don't you want to feel what a nice big hard cock feels like jammed all the way into your hairy pussy!?!"Instead of answering, she just moaned as his hands caressed and his mouth nipped at her, and when he demanded she remove her skirt and panties, she not only took them right off, she casually fingered her slit while staring down at his fully erect dick!!! "You want some of this," he asked while pushing his cock obscenely towards her, "well if you do, turn around an lean over the desk, so Hank can give you his pecker from the rear!!!" With a look of real fear on her face, Hollis Beckman leaned down on the desk with her legs spread wide, exposing an incredibly hairy pussy and big fat ass for his own personal use!!!"Hey, baby," he teased soflty, "how do you think a picture of you and me would look on the cover of your next issue!?!" "Y-you'e making fun of me, aren't you," she gaspd while he rubbed the head of his dick up and down her drooling slit, "t-that isn't the least bit funny!?!" "You mean that your readers wouldn't understand you taking a big cock from the back right in your hot fat cunt," he asked while continuing to torment her!?!" N-no they wouldn't," she moaned, "now please, fuck me, I'm going crazy waiting for it!!!""How do you want it, cunt," he asked evenly while lining his cock up with her gaping hole, "all at once or a little at a time, it's up to you!?!" Her breathing was rapid and shallow, and in a fit of desire she gasped, "God just ram it in me, please just do it, you're acting like a fucking sadist!!!" "Oh really," he replied easily, "a sadist, huh, a sadist hurts people, and I don't hurt people, I just fuck them," and without a bit of warning he lurched his hips forward, driving his spike all the way into her helpless pussy as her eyes nearly popped out of her head and a scream that would have wakened the dead echoed from her lips!!! What she was blithering was patently incoherent, but from what Hank could figure out, she wanted him to stop at once and fuck her harder both at the same time, and while he wasn't a mind reader, it was pretty easy to figure out that she really wanted it hard and fast as she began matching his thrusts by backing her ass hard against him on each stroke!!!Up until now, for Hank it had been only a game, but as his nut sack tightened and her groans grew louder and more insistant, he began ramming in and out of her with a fury that threatend to leave her pussy shredded and bleeding from the vicious onslaught it was sustaining, but much to his surprise, instead of giving in, she begged him to fuck her even harder!!! Both of them were now climbing aboard the orgasm express, and it was nonstop all the way to the end of the line as Hank's pecker flew in and out of Hollis like a trip hammer on an assembly line!!! As his cum gathered at the base of his cock, for leverage Hank grabbed Hollis by her big fat ass, and with one final surge, he drove his cock in and out of her cunt until his pecker stiffened and her pussy convulsed in one brutally satisfying simultaneous orgasm!!! Hank collapsed forward onto her fat butt, and thankfully so too, because if he would have fallen backwards, he surely would have crashed to the floor as his legs hand turned into strings of spaghetti!!! Hollis on the other hand was soaring in a post coital glow that had been missing in her life for oh so many years, and all she could do was coo like a baby as her body luxuriated in the sensation of just having been fucked!!!A few minutes later when they both had calmed down, Hank kissed her on the cheek and said soflty, "I wanna apologize for what I said, I'm very sorry!!!" A wicked smile swept over her face, and with a wink of her eye she replied, "Well, what you said was literally the truth, I am cunt, and I do give head!!!" Then joining in her little joke, Hank replied softly, "And a very good job you do, too!!!"THE END