Claire Helps Dad Out of Debt Part 2


 After I had finished fucking Claire she rolled off the sofa and went off to bed leaving me sitting there thinking to myself What have I done, raped my own Daughter that's what. But I did enjoy it so what if it was wrong.

In the morning Claire came downstairs dressed for school she grabbed her school bag and walked out the door without saying her usual “bye Dad see you later, love you”. Mind you she's bound to be a bit upset and properly disgusted with me for what I let happen to her and for what I did to her, she will get over it. I never did tell her John and Steve were coming back today never mind it will be a surprise for her no doubt.

At lunchtime I thought I take a look around Claire's room to see what I could find, whilst looking in the wardrobe I found her Girl Guides uniform and I thought to myself to add more fun to this evening proceedings we'll get Claire to do a strip tease for us. The thought of what we are going to do to her gave me an erection which I needed to satisfy so I picked up a pair of Claire dirty school knickers and sniffed the crouch and inhaled the sweet musky scent of her young pussy I then wrapped them around my cock and started to wank, it didn't take me long to shoot my load.

At 3. 00 John and Steve arrived “Hi Dave are you ready for this” asked John “damn right I am” I replied. Whilst we waited for Claire to come home from school we discussed the course of action for the evening and what we were going to do to Claire. I prepared the camcorder putting in a new tape and gave it to John as it was decided I was going to go 'first' with Claire.

At 3. 45 Claire still wasn't home from school and I was wondering where she was by 5. 00 she still wasn't home and I was stating to get worried and thinking she might have run away after last night. When Claire finally walked in 10 minutes later my worry was replaced by delight as I saw Claire was wearing her PE kit consisting of a very short pleated navy blue netball skirt, white polo T shirt, white ankle socks and trainers. Having dumped her school bag on the floor Claire pushed by me “Hi honey I was getting worried about you” I said “don't bother” “but I do worry” “you didn't show it last night.

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   I am going upto my room” snapped Claire and she started to walk upstairs I followed behind.

As Claire entered her room I heard her say “O fucking hell not again”. As I followed her into her room closing the door behind I said “Yes honey” Claire just stood there staring at me “No dad” “Yes honey, but this time I am going first” “NO Dad PLEASE don't” “sit on the edge of the bed” “NO” “we can do this the hard way or the easy way what's it to be?” rather reluctantly Claire sat on the the edge of her bed “there's a good girl, now are you going to be a really good girl and do as you are told?” “yes Dad” came a feeble reply. I stood in front of Clare “Good, now undo my trousers and pull them and the boxers down” “No I don't want to” “DO IT OR ELSE” very slowly Claire started to undo my trousers and pull them and the boxers down freeing my erection. “now be a good little daughter and suck Daddy's cock”. Claire leaned forward and opening her mouth she started to suck my cock into her warm mouth. “There's a good girl now suck it till all the stuff comes out and then swallow it all” looking down watching my own daughter suck my cock it did not take me long to exploded into her mouth and she swallowed the lot. After a few seconds I pushed her back onto the bed causing her short skirt to move up her thighs revealing her tight white knickers.

Climbing onto the bed next to Claire I put my hand up her skirt and started to stroke her pussy over the knickers, after a few minutes I took hold of the waistband and ripped them clean off and threw them onto the floor I was now staring at my own Daughters sweet, young almost bald pussy which I noticed was a bit red, puffy and moist but did not think much about it so I promptly began to kiss and probe with my tongue “Noooo Daddy Please don't” but I just carried on. After a few minutes I took hold of Claire's ankles lifted them upto her chest, lined my cock up with her pussy and slowly at first started to fuck my daughter for a second time “NOOOOOOOOOO Daddy Please NOOOO” but again I ignored her pleases and carried on fucking her tight pussy, I pushed up Claire's T shirt exposing her bra which I ripped open revealing her very small tits which I started to suck on after which it did not take me long to fill her pussy with my come.

I climbed off the bed and took the camcorder from John who had been doing the videoing so far “Your turn now mate” I said to him. I stood there watching and videoing as John stripped off and climbed onto the bed and without wasting any time pulled Claire's legs open and started to tongue her pussy and then fuck her first up the pussy then flipping her over and fucking her arse. My poor Daughter was really crying and screaming by now but I just carried on videoing. When John had finished with Claire 10 minutes later it was Steve's turn and when Steve had finished we made Claire suck our cocks one more time before we took a 10 minute beer break.

“Claire stand up” I said and as Claire stood up I told her to straighten her school uniform.

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   “Right Claire you've been a good girl so far, carry on doing so, now we want you to strip out of your school PE kit slowly but leave your shoes and socks on OK”. Claire started to strip first the T shirt then then skirt and what was left of the bra. She was standing there almost naked this was so very wrong but also so bloody exciting it was unreal. “Now lay on the bed on your back draw your knees up and spread your legs. There's a good girl now start playing with yourself down there, start stroking and fingering your own pussy” I ordered and reluctantly Claire obeyed and for the next 5 minutes I videoed Claire as she pleasured herself to what I think was an orgasm.

"Right young lady get dressed in your Girl Guides uniform for us". So slowly Claire obeyed first went on a pair of new white knickers and bra followed by the blue blouse, medium length blue skirt. “Good, very nice, very nice indeed” I said “OK Steve your turn to go first” “right kneel on the bed” Steve ordered and for the next 10 minutes I video Steve as he pushed up her skirt, pulled down her knickers so that they were bunched around her knees and then pull her arse cheeks apart and start to tongue her arse hole and pussy at first then start to slide his cock up her tight arse then after coming in her arse started to fuck her pussy. We all took turns fucking Claire in her girl guides uniform and when we finished we made her kneel on the floor and suck our cocks clean. When she had finished we stood in front of her as she still knelt on the floor and we started to piss in her face at the same time making her swallow some of it and watched as it soaked her girl guides uniform. When we had finished I said to Claire “we've finished go and take a shower”.

Us three went downstairs and got ourselfs a beer “well that was fun wasn't it” said John “sure was” replied Steve “don't forget to do use a copy of the tape Dave” “no I'll do it tomorrow for you” I said “good” replied Steve  “what about the debt” I asked “don't worry I'll sort it out as long as we can come around once a month and play with Claire all will be sorted” said John “OK thanks” and with that John and Steve left.

I made myself a coffee and fixed some dinner for me and Claire. 30 minutes later she came down “dinners ready honey” “I am not really hunger” “OK try and eat something”. After dinner which Claire didn't eat much she said “I am going to bed now see you in the morning” and went of upstairs leaving me on my own again.

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   A few hours after Claire went to bed I decided to go up to bed as well.

I laying in bed drifting in and out of deep sleep when I felt someone climb onto the bed and start to stroke my cock. I thought I was dreaming when that someone started to suck it as well. When I managed to pull myself together and fully wake up I almost had a heart attack for that someone wanking and sucking my cock was Claire. “Claire darling what are you doing honey” “what you always wanted, just relax and enjoy” so that's what I did for the next 5 minutes while she wanked and sucked me to heaven and back. Then Claire took her knickers of and pulled up her night dress and straddled my face to give me a 69. I was laying there as she lowered her pussy to my face and I started to lick out her juicy pussy savouring the sweet taste whilst she sucked my cock. It did not take us long to come together. When she rolled of me she looked into my eyes and said “did you enjoy that Daddy” all I could say was “yes” “good there's more to come”.

After a few minutes Claire stripped of her night dress off and was totally naked then she straddled my waist and lowered herself down so that I penetrated her tight pussy with my erect cock and slowly she started to fuck me. I reached out and started to stroke her small tits and it did not take us long to come together. When we had finished fucking a second time Claire rolled off me and looked me in the face “Dad can I ask you something” “sure honey anything” “Would you let me do anything to you and I mean anything, would you trust me” “yes honey you can do anything you like and I always trust you” “OK lets go to the bathroom” “fine” so Claire took my hand and led me into the bathroom where she turned and faced me. We kissed and I placed my hand between her thighs and started to stroke and fingered her pussy. Claire pulled away “right Dad lay on the floor please” “why” I asked “Please just trust me” “OK” so I laid on the floor “right Dad what I am going to do to you I hope you enjoy because I did when you did it to me” with that Claire straddled my face so she standing over my head then she squatted down so that her arse and pussy were inches away. I then had a feeling was going to happen and it did.

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   Claire started to piss on my face. Her warm piss was running down my face, into my mouth the taste was bitter at first but I got use to it, this sent me into overdrive and I just started to lick her pussy as she was still pissing I was lapping it up. When she had finished she said “well did you enjoy it” “yes” after that we showered together where I fucked her once again in the shower. After our shower we went to bed together cuddling upto each other talking.

“Dad” “Yes honey” “ever since I was 12 I have always wanted to have sex with you, to give you what you miss from mum but I didn't know how to ask you to fuck me but what happened tonight and last night with the other two men I really enjoyed and played along. I knew you were enjoying it so that's why I took it further with you now and I want to do this more often and I wont tell anybody” “honey thanks this will be our secret, there's one thing I would like to know” “what's that” “have you had sex before because John said you weren't a virgin and tonight I notched you were wet, and puffy” “not with men no” “what do mean by that?”

"Well Dad I ve kept this secret" said Claire "I haven't had sex with a man before last night but with a women she is Miss Hunter our PE teacher she's 26. It started when I was 12, once after netball class she called me into her office and told me to stand in front of her by the desk I still had my netball kit on, the one I was wearing when I got home today when she started to talk about how good I was and what a good body I've got she put her hands on my hips and told me I was an attractive girl she put her hand under my skirt and started to stroke my pussy being only 12 and not having done anything like it before I didn't know what to do but I was enjoying it so I just let her carry on and when she pulled my knickers off and started to finger my pussy I nearly went over the edge. She told me to sit on the edge of the desk which I did then she lifted my legs up over her shoulders and then started to tongue my pussy after a few minutes she told me to undress her and do to her what's she had just done to me so I did and enjoyed it. We now do each other after each PE lesson after school, we fuck each other as well using a strap on dildo that's what we did after school today that's why I was red and puffy. ”

all I could say was “OK if you enjoy it do it” “I've one more surprise for you Dad” “What's that” I asked, Claire picked up a tub of hand cream and started to work it around my cock and when she had finished and my cock was covered in hand cream all Claire said was “fuck me up the arse Dad” so I did. After I had shoot my load into her arse a few minutes later we cuddled upto each other and fell asleep.

A few days later I received a letter in the post from John advising me that I know owe nothing on the mortgage.

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