Colonizing the Universe – Part 1


          Jake looked through the window and sighed – still 2 hours to go… 3 million light-years away from Earth, his first colonization mission – yet he was not nervous at all, until now, when there’s less than 2 hours until he’ll land on this planet with the rest of the settlers and start colonizing a new planet. Sounded so easy back in the Academy, yet now…
<!--[if He closed his eyes and al the lessons taught in the Academy ran in front of his eyes in a few seconds:
<!--[if 20,943. Humankind has long realised that the Earth was no longer big enough for them. In the year 5000 they had already transformed most of the planets in the solar system to support the human life form and sent settlers to colonize them. That wasn’t enough, and in fact it proved to be a very expensive operation – as having to adapt the planets to our life style was expensive. Year 7000. A new approach was started: rather than adapt the planets, we started staring into the sky to find planets that already support humanoid life forms. In most cases, people who were already living on these planets were just as advanced as the Earth was back in 5000 BC. In most cases, they looked pretty similar to humans – which was understandable, as we were looking for Earth-like planets – so the life forms supported would be pretty similar to humans too. And because of this, in most cases we prefer these planets, because we can use these humanoids to help us build the colonies.
<!--[if is a catch though: because the population of these planets is not that developed, they are normally hostile. So after years of research, we came to the conclusion that the only way to make the initial approach and have them working for us straight away is to pose in some sort of Gods for them – pretty much each planet has some form of religion, so that fits in perfectly. So as a settler in a colonization mission, the moment you descend on a planet, you are a God for those people and need to act accordingly. You have to impose some level of fear and veneration at the same time.
<!--[if that our technology is thousands of years ahead of these specimens, and their instinct straight away would be to consider you some sort of Deity. Most of these specimens do no even have a concept about what a planet is, let alone think that there might be other civilizations in space more advanced than them.

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   So the only way they can accept in their mind that you came flying from the sky and have all this powerful technology – totally incomprehensible to them – is by admitting straight away that you are their God. ” – Jake remember part of the training in the Academy. “So the first thing you do, to confirm and strengthen their thoughts is to show them you are powerful! Gods have been throughout the history of all civilizations merciless, fearless and powerful. So your first task, as you make the initial contact, is to kill some of the locals with your lasers. This will build up straight away the fear of you in the locals and thus guarantee your security, while securing your divine being status. ”
<!--[if Jake sighed to himself. Instinctively, he checked his laser gun. He knew the drill – he knew what is to follow in less than an hour and half now: once in orbit, he will go into his own shuttle and land it in the location pre-defined by the heads of this operation. Each settler in the crew had his own shuttle and each one of them had clear instructions where to land and what would be his/her territory. Typically, they would be landed right in the middle of a small village of some sort and for about 10 years they have to just make sure that the population understands that he or she is their God and prepare them to be able to accept any orders. During the first 2 years, direct contact with the other settlers was prohibited, unless the circumstances dictated it. (Mostly that meant if you fail and the population turns against you, and you need armed backup. ) If after the initial 2 years the settler thinks that the population has now accepted the “God” living with them and there is no risk of them not obeying order, then you have to start introducing the other settlers, one by one – as some sort of God-family members. Once this step is achieved then the next step is to unite all of these tribes and villages into one – which would be much easier to control. Having finally achieved this by the end of the 10 years allocated for that, other settlers take your place, and their mission from there on would be to prepare the population for the actual labour needed to start building the colony.

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   Then other settlers would come and start planning the work, helped by the population. Within about 300 years, the first metropolis would be built and then specialized teams are sent to start civilizing the planet – teach these people what we know and prepare them for the final contact with the millions of humans that will be finally arriving on their planet and settle here forever. While in theory all of these things can be done in under 100 years, experience proved it that it’s better to make this whole process last for about 700 to 1000 years – this normally ensures that the memories of the original cruel settlers who arrived on the planet like Gods and tortured where necessary are long forgotten by then, and also ensures that by then the population has got used with other life forms coming and going as they please on their planet. By the end of these 1000 years, the difference in between the original specimens and the humans is tiny. 200 years later on, it is impossible to differentiate in between them and us – the planet is 100% colonized.
<!--[if sighed again… 1000 years – out of which the initial 10 are normally the most difficult. And he is part of the teams that go in for these first 10 years. Him and 11 others. There are 12 continents on this planet and each one of them is responsible for one. The orders are pretty simple: you have to make these people understand that we are their Gods – and we will stop short of anything to have them follow our orders. It’s pretty much an open license to kill, torture and do anything else that’s necessary to achieve this. The Academy does not condemn any of the methods you chose to use for this, as for the first 100 years, the original population of the planet is only considered to be made out of “specimens” – by this, the Academy is merely accepting the fact that they are life forms, while stripping them of any human rights that in fact they might be entitled to. “Do not feel anything for these specimens at all – no compassion, no love, and no hate!” he remembers his teachers back in the Academy. “Though they might look human, remember that in fact they are not. They do not have feelings themselves more likely – as their societies are not that developed.

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   They only know of instincts and needs. ” Yeah, if only these words would indeed make it that much easier.
<!--[if looked at the time: 1 hour left. He closed his eyes again… Of course, there is another duty each settler has: to spread the human genes among the locals. This means copulation with the female population as much as possible, as a first step to improve the local gene pool. Quite likely, once accepted as a deity, the female population would be honoured by such acts, however, if that is not the case, he is to do anything in his powers to impregnate as many “specimens” as possible.
<!--[if minutes to go!” the voice announced and lights went amber in his chamber. HE got up, checked his stuff and made sure he’s got the essentials: map of the planet, map of his continent, details of the other settlers and their area of coverage, all the needed weaponry for the initial contact, the communication and journaling equipment and so on. It’s all there. He entered his shuttle. “READY!”, he announced in the microphone.
<!--[if minute to go… 30 seconds… 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…GO!” his shuttle left the spaceship… he was now descending onto the planet. One last look at the dashboard to make sure that the landing coordinates were the correct ones. Then prepare for landing: he checked again his laser guns and made sure they’re loaded. Set the communication equipment so that he can hear the others and the ship and they can hear him.

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   This was needed so if he gets killed, the ship can teleport someone else straightaway and the operation is not compromised. Also, it was absolutely necessary to make sure that each settler landed in the correct location – having 2 settlers sent to the same continent normally ended up in population conflicts, as they start realizing that there are 2 Gods who don’t know each other.
He looked again through the window – he could see the landing place already: a small community located on a hill, near a forest. He couldn’t see the people yet, but he knew that they are there, quite likely looking up in the sky at him, not knowing what they are looking at. That thought made him smile. The ground was getting closer and closer… One last look at the dashboard – everything checked.
He walked to the door waiting for that little flash light that tells him that they landed… Every seconds seemed like an eternity, but finally the flash light went on. He armed his guns and press the door button.
There he was – just outside his shuttle, surrounded by all these people who looked at him, their pathetic “weapons” ready, yet not sure whether to attack or run. His training kicked in straight away: he pulled out his lasers and shot straight away 5 males which looked like the strongest from the crowd – which quite likely meant they were heads of the community. As expected, everyone turned around and tried to run. He set off his jetpack and jumped in front of them. They were stunned with fear – definitely they’ve never seen a human flying through the air before!
During their training, they were taught to start speaking English straight away: the locals would not understand it, and that was exactly the point! The Gods speak their own language, don’t they? So he shouted at them, in English:
- STOP!!!! If any of you makes one fucking move, I’ll kill you!
          He looked around and spotted one female in the back who was trying to sneak away from him. He pulled his lasers again and shot her. By now, the message was clear to them: you got nowhere to hide from me, and you will have to do as I say or else! He shouted again:
- STOP!!! No one moves! On your knees!
          Obviously, they did not understand one bit, but no one moved.

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   Good. So they fear him by now. Now they have to understand that he is their God. He shouted again:
- On your knees!
          He went to the closest one and shouted in his face again:
- On your knees!
The poor fellow just looked up at him shivering. He put his hand on his shoulder and pushed him down on his knees and shouted again:
- On your knees!
          Then he moved onto the next one and before he got to shout, the guy went on his knees. Good, so they’re learning fast! He shouted again, looking across the crowd:
- On your knees, all of you!
          And finally they were all kneeling to him. He then took his helmet off, and finally let them see his face. He was now smiling to them – it’s now the time to make them understand that he will not harm them from now on. So he went to the first kneeled guy and put his hand on his had and smiled at him and spoke softly this time:
- It’s ok, son, you’re safe! No one will harm you now, don’t worry…
          He carried on like this with each one of them, noticing with each of his words that they were now getting a bit relaxed. At the end of this session he knew that his first step in this mission was in the right direction, so he pulled out his mike and announced to the ship:
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-         <!--[endif]-->Jake here, area secured. Proceeding on mission. Over.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->-         <!--[endif]-->Alright, Jake, glad to hear that. It looks like every one of you is safe and on track. So we’ll see you guys in 10 years.

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   Good luck! Over and out.
<!--[if So there it is: they are now all alone for the next 10 years. They can communicate with the Academy, but only for journaling reasons. Every day, they have to submit their progress log and information about the locals: what do they eat, what to they drink, do they hunt, what sort of weaponry to they use, what are their habits – anything that can help the next wave of settlers. He can get in touch via radio with the rest of the settlers anytime, but he’s unlikely to see any of them for at least 2 years now… So for now, it’s just him and his people!
<!--[if The rest of the day went without any surprises: they followed him everywhere he went, as he inspected their little village. Every time he turned around and looked at them they knelt and bowed to him. He learnt that they didn’t know of fire, they were feeding entirely on vegetables. They also didn’t have a concept about families – they simply lived together, in order to be able to defend themselves better. Defend from what? That’s what he needed to find out…
          Throughout the next days he started to “talk” to them – he selected a few who seemed more intelligent and they have explained as much as they could, through signs, about the things he asked them – in signs as well.
          He found out that there are some other tribes, about 5 days walking distance towards East, that there are big predators in the forest – judging by their drawings some sort of lions? They were inquisitive, as he expected, about his flying, about his weapons and about his shuttle and about who he was. It was not his place to give them explanations about this, so every time they tried to ask him about this, he just grunted, or started shouted back at them, waiving his guns – and they immediately would throw themselves at his feet making some articulated noises – quite likely begging for mercy. After a few such incidents, they stopped asking at all about this.
          In order to confirm even more to them that he is powerful and he is not going to harm them, he took them to the forest and noticed their fear growing as they were approaching it. He made them wait there until one of the predators they described – indeed, some archaic form of lion – came running and roaring towards them. He shot the animal dead, under their eyes, and then turned to them as if to say: “See, I AM invincible!” He then made them come close and touch the dead animal.

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   He watched them walking slowly and every tensed towards the dead animal and poking him, ready to run at the first move. Finally, when they realised that it was dead, they started dancing and screaming around him. He was their God, he was there to protect them!
Throughout the next weeks he taught them how to make fire – they were afraid of it initially, but in a few weeks they learned to like it and in the end they even tasted some grill made out of a deer-like animal.
5 months into the mission, and Jake was feeling more relaxed now. His people were listening to him, they now trusted him blindly and obeyed him. They understood that he was their protector as much as he was their tyrant. A couple of times there were young specimens that were getting very daring and he had to kill them on the spot, as every second he had to make every single one of them understand that he is untouchable. In another 5 months he thought, he should be ready to make contact with the other inhabitants of the continent. And then in another 5 months the whole continent would have known about him and in a few more months they should be all ready to possibly meet the other settlers and realise that there are quite a few Gods out there, just as fearless, just as merciless and just as powerful. And from there on, each one of them would be free to come and go wherever and whenever they wanted on this planet as they pleased. But that is further down the line…
For now though, he can relax a bit – this little village at least would not cause him any troubles for now. He looked around him – the group of 10 people he normally used to communicate his wishes around the community were scattered around him, while the rest of the village were up to their duties. He laid on the grass, surrounded by his “messengers” – he was gonna get some sleep and relax. As he closed his eyes, he realised that throughout all these initial 5 months he hasn’t thought once about sex, let alone have some. As this thought came to him he felt his cock getting hard.

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   Yes, some sex would be nice! He propped himself on one elbow and looked again around him, and for the first time it occurred to him in a sexual way that these guys were naked around him.
- Hell, it’s time to get myself some pussy – he thought out loud.
          He noticed the puzzled expression on the faces around him.
- Yeah, yeah, you’ll get it in a minute – he smiled to them.
          He started getting naked. The moment his cock was visible to them, they all started bowing to him, and every one from the village gave up their duties to come and prostrate themselves to him.
- That’s it, you all, come and bow to the almighty cock! he laughed.
          All of these naked bodies bowing to his cock got him even hornier. He started walking slowly among them, forcing each one of them to raise their head and look at his cock. He could read in their eyes that it was such an honour for them to see their God in his nakedness. He stopped in front of a pretty girl and slapped his cock onto her face – and they all hurried to go and touch her, bowing to both him and her.
- Damn, girl, he laughed, I think I’ve just blessed you!
          He stopped them in front of a guy and took his hands and put them on his cock and made him wank his cock for a bit. The man was so proud he was chosen to touch him – you could tell from his face and the way he looked at the others. “Good, Jake thought, so now every single one of you would be begging for my cock! Ah, Jake, you’re gonna love living in this village!”
- Ok, so now let’s get me some pussy!
          He looked around and made his choice: a pretty girl, probably about 22 in Earth years, with very large breasts and some nice legs. He pointed to her and then pointed to a space on the right, on the grass.

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   She smiled to all of the people around her and moved as requested, smiling all the time at him, so grateful that she was the chosen one.
          He went on to her and slapped his cock on her face then put her hands on his cock. She knew by now what he wanted – he’s seen him asking the same from the other male. He started wanking him slowly, cupping his balls – damn, she was doing a good job! He pushed her chin up, forcing her to look at him. Her eyes were showing nothing but adoration, as she was working her hands on his hardened cock. She had such a pretty face! He felt perverted, and the feeling was amplified by knowing how much power he had on these people. He stopped her from wanking him, and as she looked up at him puzzled, he held his cock and started pissing right on her face and hair. She didn’t make a move, just sat there, taking his piss on her face, in her mind, no doubt, a sign that the gods favoured her!
          He then grabbed hold of her hair and shoved his cock in her mouth and fucked her face wildly for a few minutes – until he felt he was close to cumming. He then pushed her on her back and shoved his cock deep in her cunt in an instant. The sensation was divine! He started ramming his cock inside her harder and harder – watching her face, as she was trying to hide the pain and smile to him, so pleased that the god is taking her! He felt his sperm nearly exploding – he put one hand in her throat, strangling her, as he started cumming violently inside her, with loud screams of pleasure. As he kept cumming he slapped her face with the other hand screaming at her:
- Ah, yes, I’m cumming in your cunt, you slut! I’m cumming in your cunt!!!!
He laid there, on top of her a few more minutes after he finished cumming, catching his breath. Her face was radiating happiness – she was another Gods-chosen one. Stupid bitch! he thought, and smiled to himself.
          He then stood up and motioned to her to lay there for a bit more. His cock was all cummy now.

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   He went to the nearest female and made her understand by signs that he wanted his cock cleaned up with her mouth. She bowed to him and took him in her mouth with so much pride and cleaned him thoroughly.
          To mark this special event and his choice of the 2 women, he motioned to the “cleaner” to go and lay next to the other one, he just fucked. She did so in an instant. He walked to them and stood above them holding his cock for a few seconds. The pee came out of his cock and he sprayed both of them with it, to their adoration, while talking to them:
- You are such good girls, here, have my piss, you sluts!
          After he finished he looked around and decided there was no longer need for his suit, he can walk around naked like them as long as he keeps his lasers close by. So he motioned everyone to go about their business as he sat next to his kit, thinking how good it is to be a god. “Damn, I’ve just spread the first human seed on this planet – Jake thought. I’m gonna love it here, methinks – hell, I get to build my little army of sluts just as I want them and when I want them! Mmmmmm, it’s good to be king!”