Dad nails daughters friend!


Just last weekend I did something that I thought I'd never do. I had some fantastic sex,with a friend of my daughter. Or should I say,I MADE her have sex with me,plain and simple. It all started off with my daughter having her friend sleep over on Friday night. Now they are both 16yrs old,typical teens,and do the normal teen things. They have been friends for over 12yrs now,and they have grown into nice looking,young ladies.

Now her friend Tanna is 5'2",100lbs,short blonde hair,beautiful face,34c tits(I think),soft tanned skin,and she has one of the best,tight,little asses,I've ever seen. Many times I've seen her in her tight bikini,swimming in our pool,and I always beat off,later that day,just wishing I could fuck that ass. She is always friendly to me,and says I'm still a good looking (older!) guy. I'm 44yrs old,married,with 2 kids,and my sex life isn't really good anymore. Maybe once a month for straight sex,and if I beg,my wife will blow me,and only if she gets a little drunk,or we smoke our sex drug,will she let me fuck her ass(My favorite!) I'm 6'2",185lbs,average looking,but I do have a nice 7" inch cock,that I masturbate with,at least 5 times a week. I love looking at porn,watching pornos,whatever it takes to get off,cause I love to see me cum!

Well, after they woke up around 7am,my daughter and son had to go to their gymnastics class,and my wife asked Tanna if she minded having (me),take her home after awhile. She said that would be fine,but could she sleep just a little longer before she had to get up. My wife said:"Of course,and make sure he feeds you breakfast. "

With that,out the door they went. I got out of bed,with my morning hard on,took a piss,and while holding my cock,I started to imagine Tanna sleeping,and what it would be like to see her hot,naked body.

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   I started stroking my cock,and in seconds,I was rock hard. Man!,I wanted to squirt my load then,but stopped. I went into the living room,turned on TV,and got a soft drink,and sat on the floor,by my couch. I was just wearing my boxers,and t-shirt,when after about 15 minutes,Tanna walked in. Oh my goodness! She was dressed in a slightly,see thru,white teddy,and wearing a thong,type underwear. I about blew my load. You could see her little,white bra,thru it,and her tits were very perky. That ass of hers,was great. So tight,and little,with hard butt cheeks,I loved it.

I said:" Good morning,hot stuff,how are you doing??" She answered:'I'm good,just takes me a while to wake up",as she then layed on the floor,stomach down,showing me that ass I wanted so bad. I asked:'What would you like to eat?"She said"Just cereal,thats all. " I got her a bowl of Trix,she liked that,and began to eat it. Making small talk,we talked about school,her parents,and boys. She said she didn't have a boyfriend yet,but she has thought about it some. I asked her why,and she said:"Just because.

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  . . . . I 'm kinda wanting to have someone to talk to,and. . . . . you know. . . . get close to each other. .

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  . . " I said:"Like hugging and kissing stuff,as I kinda laughed. " She said:"Yeah,and maybe a little more. . . . I don't know yet,but I'm starting to have certain feelings. . . . . you know. . .

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  in places,and I'm not sure what to do with them. " My mind began to think of how I could make her feel so good in those (places!!)

I answered:'Well,thats just normal feelings Tanna,your growing up,and your body is changing,and if I might add,you are really a hot looking girl,I mean that. " Still laying there,she said:"You mean that? You think I'm hot?" I said:"Absolutely!! At 16,your smoking hot!!. She responded:"Nobody has ever told me that before. . . . . that means alot to me. . . thanks. " She turned back to watch TV,when I said:How would you like one of my famous massages,to get you going?" She said:"Sure!! that would be great,where do you want me?"

I answered:"Right where your at,would be fine,just let me get a couple things. " I grabbed some lotion,and without her knowing,some vaseline. .

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  . . . just in case! I came back into the living room,and my cock was tingling. God,I wanted to fuck her!. I layed down beside her,and began to spread lotion up and down those tanned,little legs. Rubbing firm,and all around,she said:"That feels nice,I like that. " As I did this,my cock was getting hard,and I hoped I just didn't squirt my load!. After a few minutes,I began to rub up higher,and around her ass cheeks,just barely touching the inside of her thighs. She didn't say a word,but did spread her legs for me,just a little. I knew she liked it!

I then said:"If you trust me,take off your top,so I don't get any lotion on it,okay?" She said:"No problem,it feels so good what your doing. " Her tight ,little bra exposed,and me just about to let her feel my now rock hard cock on her butt cheeks,this was the moment of truth! I sat down on that great ass,and began to massage her back,and I began sliding up and down on those cheeks,very slowly. Man!! this felt so good!" She didn't say a word! I know she could feel my hard cock as I slid it between those tight,buttcheeks,and I was loving it! I wanted her so bad!

All of a sudden,she said:"Please!!. . .

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  please!!. . . Mr. A. . . ,let me see your cock! Your making me so wet!! My pussy is on fire right now!! She turned over,I stood up,my cock now out of my boxers,rock hard,and throbbing,when she said:"I've never sucked a cock before,can I please suck it??" I said:"Yes. . . . suck me Tanna. . . .

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  suck me good baby. . . make my cock harder!!" She swallowed my cock up like a pro in just minutes. Oh my goodness!! She was giving me the best blowjob,I had ever received in my life! Her top fell off,and seeing those perky tits made me just about come. I knew I couldn't last much longer,when I pulled her young mouth off my cock.

I said:"Wait. . Tanna. . . . let me make you come baby. . .

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  . . I'm going to eat your virgin pussy,like you can't believe. And with that,I pulled off her thong,showing me the best looking young,pussy,I've seen in person! I attacked it like a wild animal! She smelled,and tasted so good,I was in pussy heaven. I licked,sucked,kissed,all of it,which drove her wild. She began screaming:"Oh my god!!. . . Oh my god!!. . . lick me. . . eat my pussy.

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  . . . . make me come Mr. A. . . make me come. . . . I want to come so bad!!. . .

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  I went nuts! She then began grinding her pussy so hard on my face,I could hardly breathe! It was great! Then she let out a blood-curdling scream:"Fuck!!!. . . Fuck!!!!!!!!. . . I'm coming. . . I'm coming. . . . yes. .


  yes. . . As she blew her sweet,young juices all over my face!!I loved it! Her body shaking,and quivering. . she said:"That. . . . was so fucking good. . . I loved coming like that! oh my god!

I then said:""Now its my turn Tanna,and you know what I want,don't you baby???Without a word,she turned over on all fours,stuck that young girls ass up at me,and said:"Fuck my butt Mr. A. .

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  . . fuck my little butt. . . you've been wanting it. . . now here it is,as she shook those tight cheeks for me. I prayed I didn't cum,or have a heart attack!! What a sight! Finally,I'm going to fuck a young girls butt. . YES!!I lube up her pink hole with the vaseline,she liked that. I eased up behind her,my throbbing cock at the entrance to that pink lovehole,and I began to push. HARD!! I pushed harder. .

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  . . . she screamed:"Oh my god!! put it in my butt!!. . yes. . yes!. . fuck me!!!!!!!!!!! I began fucking that tight,butthole like it was the last one I'd ever get. It was so fucking good!! My cock loved it. In just minutes,as I held onto those tight cheeks,I yelled out:"I'm coming Tanna. . . I'm coming baby.

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  . . . . As I unleashed a full,hot load into her virgin butt!!She pushed her ass up and down to get all my come out. . She did!! As I was out of gas,I pulled out of her,layed down,and she said:"I never knew it could feel so good in my butt. . . . that was fantastic!! From now on,you can fuck my ass anytime you want,I mean it!! I looked at her and said:"Don't forget I'm going to fuck your virgin pussy too,and you can always suck me off,okay?" She kissed me and said:"You got it!! "We still have a little time,can I suck you now??' I said:"By all means,suck away!!" My new friend. . isn't life great!!.